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Books, books, books! I'm falling behind on books, I need to order a huge stack of stuff and lose myself in books until the spring.... Only If marathon training was not getting in the way of this!

Last Week I finished A Short Story of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson (10)- this was a very interesting book! It reminded me of A Brief History of Time, except I didn't have to go back and re read some things three times to have a moderate understanding of it.

One of the things that struck me the most about the book is when he talks about the incredibly lucky chances of being oneself.... counting how many thousands of sperm were fighting to get to the egg, each with different information, but mine was the one who won that race (#WBW to the very first race I won?!) and became who I am.

Other things that struck me about it
* Humans tend to make animals extinct any place they inhabit
* Bacteria has lived in this planet longer than humans
* A lot of scientific findings go unrecognized for years

Really awesome book!

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica (11)- I picked up this book because I saw in a blog, and in a list of books to read "If you liked Gone Girl". I need to make a mental note to not pick up books that promise to be like Gone Girl. I didn't like it. The characters are very one dimensional, even when details are revealed about their lives, they are no more than the first impressions.

The book didn't really have more to the story than what was promised in the short description on the back. A Girl gets kidnapped, there is a reason why, which is revealed, but not shocking, a lot of drama that goes nowhere, people randomly falling in love. Cop rescuing people, Kidnapped girl falling in love with her Kidnapper.... I had to ask myself if I was reading a Nicholas Sparks book or a strange parallel Twilight story.

The book switches back and forth between the past, the present as the story is told from three points of view. The mom, who offers details of the story for the kidnaped woman, the cop, who is investigating the disappearance and trying to find the woman, the kidnapper, who offers the details of kidnapping the girl and snippets of his life. And the very last chapter is the kidnapped woman, who delivers the "shocking" twist at the end.... which I saw coming from the second chapter.

I eye rolled so  hard in some parts that my eyes almost cramped from the extraneous activity. I don't recommend this book. It has no substance, no story, and it was ridiculous.

I also have finished The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (12).

The Paris Wife is a fictionalized story of the Marriage between Ernest Hemingway and Hadley Richardson. This is the second Pre WWII book about women in Europe I read. It is very interesting to read about women's expectations back in those times.

The book was an interesting read. The story stayed even and moved along quickly. My even, I mean there were no huge shockers, other than when Hadley lost 3 years of writing in a train ride.

This book reminded me of the movie Midnight In Paris, since it featured fictionalized parties in Paris of the writes mentioned in the book, and now I want to go watch that movie again.

What books are you reading?
Anything you regretted picking up?


  1. I did not like The Good Girl either. It was so implausible. Did you read The Bullet? That was pretty interesting! Or Bull Mountain? Really good.

    I liked Fates and Furies (saw your comment on VITA), at least I liked the second half.

  2. Thank you for the suggestions! I'm ordering from the library now!

    Yes, I really enjoyed Fates And Furies, the second part. I think stories of actors bore me... I had the same issue with Station Eleven, the book was very interesting, but I would space out during the actor story.

    I found myself nodding a lot to the second part of Fates, and so heartbroken over her story. I love my strong women in books!!


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