Training Week #6

Hello freezing rain week! I have become a lot more confused with our new training schedule, and snow and ice are not helping!

I've lived in Pennsylvania for almost 20 years, and while I was in College I would walk to and from class, in the rain, snow, wind, sub zero temperatures, I would layer up, as in leggings, pants and three sweaters and a jacket. I don't like complaining about the weather, but this is the first year that I have to be outside for long runs and it's hard to find motivation to go run when the couch has a blanket, there is hot coffee in my cup and outside is windy and the windchill is -5 degrees. It's hard to find enough layers for comfortably running in the cold.

Monday, February 8th

Zumba with Susan

3 miles on treadmill

Tuesday, February 9th


Wednesday February 10th


School had a two hour delay for Love Nugget and we had the chance to sleep in and catch up on some unnecessary TV.

Thursday, February 11th

5 mile run with Fleet Feet Running Group- I forced myself to go on this run. It was cold, a bit windy and there was fresh snow in the ground. The traditional route was covered in snow, and I almost turned around and went back after 1 mile. But found two other members of the group and ran with them. They were super nice to me and allowed me to tag along with them. We finished 5 miles. I was surprised with myself!

Friday, February 12th

30 Min Weight training with Roger
800m * 6  - about 3 miles speed training

Saturday February 13th

Zumba with Denise and Susan- 1 hour
8.5 M Progression run on the treadmill

running in shorts at the Y

Sunday February 14th

Zumba with Susan

1 mile cold run.

Total Miles- 19.5 Miles

Zumba - 3 hours

Weight- 30 minutes

By the end of the week I had a 3 days running streak that had my legs exhausted! I was supposed to run 8.5 miles on Sunday, but I just couldn't get my legs to move... weeks like this make me feel that I will not be able to do the Marathon.

Roger ( my trainer / fiancĂ© / evil run dictator)  told me that we are to increase our miles this week. By next week we need to be closer to 30, and we need to increase weight training to 3 times / week.


  1. That is one tough Trainer/Dictator! My run buddy lets me go home after 2 miles if I want to. :) That's why You're going to kick butt in the marathon!!

    1. He is tough! But that always helps me! I hope you are right! Most days the idea of a marathon is really scary!


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