Training Week # 7

Oh my dear legs! Thank you for carrying me 17 miles! I don't say it enough, but here, let's have some oatmeal to celebrate!

Last week was really crazy busy and crazy cold! School closings and sub zero temperatures were all over this week, but spring is getting closer! I can feel it!

Monday February 15
President's day- School was closed, My love nugget and I went to my mom's to celebrate my niece's birthday. Rest day.

Tuesday, February 16 - School was closed because of snow and ice. Love nugget and I enjoyed some rest in the morning. He even helped me answer some work emails.

Love Nugget answering emails to the State Offices... "Mom, how do you spell "Bring me Donuts?"

Make shift Home office

1 hour of zumba with Susan
2.5 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday, February 17
1 hour zumba with Denise
1 hour Yoga with Denise*

* I was scheduled to run 4 miles intervals, but I was tired, and have had a nagging pain in my right leg, possibly a groin pull. Roger was tired too, and would not be meeting me for the intervals either. So it felt right to stay for a much needed hour of Yoga. It was nice and restful.

Thursday, February 18
3 miles Morning run, no pace.

Two weeks ago Roger and I sat down and came up with the schedule for our runs and distances. We schedule 2 morning runs, the first one we did not get up for, we were very tired. But this one we did. Our alarm went off at 5:15 am, we turned off the alarm and fell back to sleep. We got up 30 minutes later, put on our layers and went off, we started running at 5:50 am. I really enjoyed the morning run! we saw the sunrise, and the run made my day go very quick and productive. I am excited to run in the morning again.

Friday, February 19
17 miles long run - this is my longest run EVER! It was amazing. It was very cold when we started running, and around mile 5, I was getting very tired and felt that I was not going to be able to finish it. The weather stayed cold for the rest of the day, and I started to get hungry by mile 10, but got 17 done!

Harvey Taylor Bridge is a 1 Mile long bridge that crosses Susquehanna, I love running it for training!

It's hard to see, but this is a parking lot, full of snow and ice, as tall as a dump truck! it amazed me! I'm used to seeing this full of cars!  

Roger bundled up for our long run. Our City Island Photoshoot stop.

Saturday, February 20

Sunday, February 21
4 miles Intervals, and track exercises.

Track exercises during sunset 

Snow is almost all melted!


Miles - 26.5
Zumba- 2 hours
Yoga- 1 hour

This week I didn't make any time for weights, which I will be increasing this week. Some days I think that if zumba was cut out of my schedule, more miles could get done, but I would be miserable for not having zumba.


  1. WOWOW 17 miles! It's funny how much of your perspective depends on what you're training for. 10 miles was an easy day when I was training for the LA marathon, but now it seems like the most daunting distance. 17 miles? Impossible. CONGRATS ON THE LONG RUN! Really, this is the marathon right here. The race itself is exciting, but all THIS dedicated training is where you prove your mettle.

    1. Thank you ! I'm excited and scared for the marathon, but can only have positive thoughts from
      This point forward.

  2. Congrats on 17 miles! I assume you must live in Central PA too! We had off Monday and then again on Tuesday for snow and ice. It was nice having off but that just means a shorter Easter!

    1. Thank you ! Yes, I live in the Harrisburg Area. I didn't mind the snow that, but I had plans for good Friday, which will likely be a make up day now :~( thank you for stopping by!


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