We are going to Pittsburg.... wait, never mind.... We are going to Rehoboth!

Aaah! I'm tired, a good 'I had a great weekend' tired. I did a little of so many different things, and enjoyed a weekend out, after being cooped up because of snow last weekend.

Friday night- Roger declared that he wanted to celebrate his Birthday and drive to Pittsburg for the day, to do some hiking and wanted to ride the Dusquesne Incline. Pittsburg is about 3.5 hours from Harrisburg, so I agreed and we planned to leave at 6:30 am.

Saturday morning- Roger woke me up at 7:00 and told me that he wanted to drive to Rehoboth instead and hike at Cape Henlopen in Delaware. I got up and went, even though Rehoboth is still 3.5 hours from Harrisburg, and we were already 1 hour behind.

Got on the road and picked up a large coffee for the road trip.

The road as we were driving to Delaware
As we drove closer to Rehoboth, there was a lot less snow than in our area. There was no sight of the snow or ice in Rehoboth, and Roger suggested that we spend the week there when there is a blizzard coming.

We arrived at Cape Henlopen around 12:30pm and walked on the beach, which was mostly empty, because it was cold, windy and the end of January! It was beautiful! This was my first time ever visiting the beach in a winter month, where the weather is cold. I visited South Beach with Roger in 2013, but Florida is so warm that it doesn't count as having a winter.

Roger looking at the giant flock of seagulls in the ocean

Shells in the sand

We then hiked the area nearby, around the lake. We hiked for 1 hour, the park was really nice, I have a hard time getting into a hike when all the trees are bare... BUT, the area was so much different from hiking in Pennsylvania, and we got to see a huge flock of seagulls and two deer.

After the hike, we drove to Rehoboth and grabbed lunch at a small Thai Restaurant. It was delicious!

Roger's Mango Salad

My side salad

Tofu something... can't remember

My Chicken and veggies Pad Thai, perfect portion
We walked around Rehoboth after lunch, and visited our favorite coffee shop to get some espresso. I ordered a macchiato, and the barista told me that they only had *real* macchiato, which is a *small espresso with a dollop of steam milk*. I rolled my eyes and said "Yes, I know, thanks! give me a double please, and add a chocolate chip muffin for stressing me out".

We Love Rehoboth, and we have to visit our favorite spots whenever we are there. So we went to the book store BrowseAbout Books. Where I moved the copy of Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson to the Staff Picks section. I then made a giant stack of books I wanted to buy, but put them all back, because my bank account didn't agree with the size of the stack. I'm also not allowed to go into bookstores with Roger, because I make too many book suggestions.

I found this in one of the shops, will need to remember it if the PTO(A) ever asks for anything.

We drove back, and had the strangest YouTube roulette game ever... we played country music! Roger and I each picked a country song, and we both sang, *very loudly* to Amaze by Lone Star and Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. I am not big on Country music, I didn't grow up here, I can do my Mexican Country Music, no problem... Can sing Banda Mobil, Vicente Fernandez, Los Tigres del Norte, but I surprised myself, by knowing more than 10 country songs! We shall never speak of this moment again!

How was YOUR weekend? What is your favorite country song?


  1. The beach, and the Thai look amazing! I love going back to places that have special meaning to me. Some people only always want to go somewhere new.

    OK, I went through a country music phase in the late 90's. I looove Garth, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Randy Jackson and my favorite George Strait...so many others! I loved wearing my cowboy boots even more. :)

  2. I love going back to places that I love! I am more stressed about going to new places, not knowing where to park, where to eat, what to do!

    My brother loves listening to country music, I will check out some of the names you enjoy, and have a list ready for our next Youtube roulette game! Thanks!

    And I love wearing my cowboys boots too!


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