We Are What We Eat... and we ate everything !

This past weekend it was my sister's Birthday, and as we were eating our way through the weekend, I was thinking that whenever I go to my parents, I eat a lot more than normal and this weekend with a long run finished, and my sister's birthday, we used it as an excuse to eat even more! So I thought, we are always doing work out recaps, and this week I will also be doing a weekend food recap on everything eaten this weekend... only because I love food!


Lent Fridays are hard! It is only on lent that I remember how much meat I eat for lunch and dinner!

We went to Sofia's for breakfast. Eggs, toast, home fries, 1 pancake and coffee.

Pre run sips- Macchiato at Cornerstone. I was still

Mid run snack - Hot chocolate and two bites of brownie- I was very cold, and very hungry. So went in and got a small hot chocolate and a brownie at mile 10. It didn't feel possible to keep running without this.

Post Run meal- two more bites of brownie, few more sips of chocolate.

Two slices of tomato and spinach pizza from the Farmer's Market.

At my parents- Still hungry. My Mom offered to make me some chicken tacos, until I reminded her it was Lent Friday, and she declared that she had a Steak Hurache* and had just finished some Chicken tacos.  She made me some cheese quesadillas, which were delicious!

* Huarache is a Mexican dish, which is like a giant taco, but with more veggies.


There is this little restaurant in Jennersville PA called Corner Café, which serves the best and most delicious breakfast I've had in a long time!

I had the eggs, toast, home fries, two slices of French toast and coffee. I was going to take a picture, but it all came when I was starving and we just dug in and ate. I love their toast! it's so thick and fresh. I don't know any other places that has toast this good! #toastgoals

We decided around lunch time that we would have enchiladas, because we love enchiladas!

After a very satisfying meal, we went to the mall to walk around. We got Frappuccinos, because we were sleepy.

Runger is my biggest enemy after long runs, I feel that nothing fills me up! I was craving a soft pretzel, but was 10:00 pm. My mom made me more enchiladas, which were perfect!


I cannot even begin to count how much we ate on Sunday!

We went to McDonalds for breakfast, because my love nugget wanted to pick where we ate, he knows and understand McDs, so that's where we went. I had the McMuffin, half of the hashbrown, OJ and coffee.

After that we wanted to go see my other sister, who lives 15 miles away. We picked her up and went to get crepes at this little awesome place in Kennett Square PA. We also got coffee at the most environmental coffee shop I've been to! They serve their espresso in clay reusable cups! the cups were adorable, maybe that's why I remember them. I also had the nutella crepe, and the espresso. The crepe was soft, sweet, but toasty in the right spots. I took out some of the nutella, but enjoyed the crepe very much!

We have no shame... also we are bottomless pits! Close to my sister's bakery, there is a Mexican snack place, it's called Fritangas. They have a lot of different traditional snacks, like Fruta, frituras, elotes, chicharrones, liquados. ( that is Fruit cups, corn on the cob, smoothies) I got a bag of frituras with verdura **

** Frituras are a cruncy, salty snack. They are similar to Buggles, but not as salty. We eat it with cabbage, pico de gallo, splash of lime and hot sauce of our choice. My favorite it Salsa Valentina.

On our way to my parents we picked up Carnitas ( roasted soft pork meat) and made it for lunch. I was leaving, but took three tacos de carnitas and drove home.

It is a mystery to me how we ate all of this food, especially on Sunday, and more of a mystery is how I was hungry by 7:00 again! Not hungry, but Hangry... like give me food or I'll your head hangry!

Even though I ate a lot, I have to point out that I did not have any coke, drank a lot of water, and the most processed things we had was probably the frapuccino, and the McDonald's breakfast.


  1. oh my goodness, what a weekend!! The food looks phenomenal, and the carnitas, I know, are SO addictive! Even after a few tacos, you just keep picking at the meat (or is that just me?).

    Nothing beats going to mom's and #eatingallthethings. Come Monday, it's back to the real world!

  2. Carnitas are The Best! One of my favorite things to eat since I was little ! But I still find they are are too dry here! In Mexico we used to get a little bag of pickled jalapeños and salsa... My god!! My mouth is watering just thinking of it !!

    If I lived at my moms, I would put on so much weight ! I seem to give myself a free pass on everything I eat when visiting mom!! Back to the Real world sucks... Back to the real world has too much oatmeal and not enough French toast!


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