Romance On The Run

Earlier I realized that Valentine's day is this weekend, and while others are hopefully asking their significant others what they want to do for the Holiday (instead of guessing), my fiancĂ©/running partner and I are trying to balance a long run in frigid weather (it's going to be in the low 10s), and a fulfilling pre-long run Valentines day meal, with no alcohol.  But looking back, I started thinking, what has the most romantic running gestures** that Roger has done for me? and I came up with a few.
**Side note: I don't like "normal" romantic gestures, such as red roses, chocolates,
teddy bears or romantic dinners. I'm weird, I know. I don't care.

When He told me that I had excellent running form- I have been running for about 2.5 years, and hated gym all through school, Roger telling me that I had excellent running form made me want to jump on him and kiss him... I didn't, I was sweaty and very stinky.

Enjoying ice cream after a grueling training session in the heat

Coming with me to most of my races- in 2014 I wanted to do as many 5Ks as possible, and I ended up doing 9 total. Roger woke up and came with me to 6 of them, even when it required getting up at 6:00 am in a Holiday, or 5:30 in the Winter. In addition, he took pictures of me at the finish line. He also followed me to many races this year.

Roger having breakfast after a rainy 4th of July 5K

He motivated me to do my first Half Marathon, and trained with me- When we met, Roger told me that he was done with running, and that he would not be doing any races with me. Then in the spring of 2015, after following me to many races, he decided that he was going to start training with me for another Half Marathon. Not only did he train with me, but he kept me accountable for the weekly runs, the weight training and he believed in me. If he would have not done this with me, I would not have believe it possible of myself.

Doing a headstand, just because he can... He likes to show off

This is a silly one, but he told me that I looked good in my running gear-I have body confidence issues... I'm skinny, and have the body of a prepubescent boy, but when I'm in my running gear I feel powerful and strong, and the compliment made me feel stronger!

Smiling before a crisp fall run

He knows when I need a mocha Frappuccino after a hot long run- And he never once says to me "That's not Half Marathon food" *Anymore *.

Coconut frapps... I love coconut frapps !

Happy Valentine's day!

What is the nicest (or most romantic) thing somebody has done for you? Either for a run, or for anything else.