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The Forgotten Handbag

Back in another life, I used to have more than a few handbags. I grew up watching Sex and The City and my need to be cool was bigger than my need to have useful things.

When my son was born, the need for a handbag was lessened, to increase the need for a bag that could carry diapers, three changes of clothes, stuffed toys and piles of fruit snacks. I still carried a handbag to work.

Then I started running, and needing to carry less things, to make room for running items. So, I dropped the handbag, and I haven't carried a handbag in years! I have a small wallet and carry my phone in my pockets.

For my brother's graduation, I dug out my fancy bag. My plan was to wear my comfy shoes all day, and switch to my heels for the graduation ceremony.

On our way to graduation we stopped at my brother's house. I suggested that we changed the kids into their fancy outfits, because it would be difficult to have this privacy again.

My son changed himself, and I helped my sister with chang…

Weekly Wrap 5. 28.17

Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! 

Before I say anything else, Thank you to those who gave their lives for this County! 

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Wednesday- Weights and Zumba at the Y
Friday- 3 easy miles 
Saturday- 5 tempo miles
Sunday- 2 mile hike

We are in the homestretch for Second grade! my son has three days left of School, which are 1 day picnic, one regular day and one half day, then he will be on to the summer break! I am so proud of my boy! 

On Tuesday I woke up with a weird pain on the side of my right foot, I have no idea where it came from... my last run had been Sunday and I had no problems with it at all! As the day went, the pain got more intense. I could barely walk when we arrived at baseball. So skipped my run and went home and rolled my foot on a tennis ball. 

Wednesday, I headed to Zumba, figured I would take it easy on the foot. Then did light weights. My entire body was so tired after,…

May Runfessions

Happy Friday!! We are off today and enjoying a little bit of rest! yay for holidays!!

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness and Marcia for Runfessions.

1 Overconfidence doesn't win the race! I runfess that, I went to the Kennett Run overconfident. In April I gave myself a goal that I didn't think was overly ambitious, but then I didn't put in the work to get it done. I still enjoyed the run, as much as one can enjoy running as fast as one can for 3.1 miles! There is always next year.

2. Going Commando- I runfess that I went last weekend without underwear! During the Delaware Half marathon, my undies kept giving me a wedgie, I hate wedgies! By accident, I didn't pack any underwear when leaving for the Kennett run! All my running shorts have those light liners, so I just went without the underwear! I changed my shorts about 5 times total that weekend, so it wasn't completely gross... that area stinks after running during…

My ESL Teacher

This August, it will be 20 years that I moved to the United States. When I first moved here, I only knew a few phrases in English, those being 1. My name is Ana, 2. I don't speak English and 3. May I go to the bathroom?

We got scheduled for an ESL class as soon as we started school. ESL stands for English as a Second Language. My ESL teacher was Mrs. Miller, a Filipino woman who was studying to get her Doctorate in a university near by. She spoke limited Spanish, but her goal was to teach us more about American Culture and assimilating to the school

Mrs. Miller was more than a teacher to us, she was an advocate for those of us who didn't speak English in my school. When I first met her, she looked at my grades from my school in Mexico and had me switched from Geometry to Algebra, because I had very high grades in Algebra in Mexico.... (side story, I could have taught Algebra class, I knew everything that was being taught in class, only had to learn the English part)

Mrs. Miller h…

Kennett Run 5K 2017

Race Details
Price : $30
Goodies : Woman's cut tech shirt, and post race party with tons of food and beer.
Weather : 57F ( 13.88 C), cloudy with a light breeze.

This is our annual family race. My sister and I have been running it for years now. Back when we started running it again, my sister Maria would be the one waiting for me to finish at the end, she was really fast without any training.

Each year we park at my sister's bakery and then do the .75 mile walk to the start line. This day was a little breezy and felt a bit chilly, but the walk helps us warm up for the run.

I really don't have much to say about the run itself... the course was changed to take out some of the hills, but there were still some steep hills in the race. After running a half marathon last weekend, the 5K felt short and super sweet, but it still took a lot out of me.

I had hoped to beat my 25.58 Kennett Run time from last year, but I didn't put in enough work to accomplish this goal. I was disap…

Weekly Wrap 5.21.17

Happy Monday!! Holiday weekend is around the corner... I can almost smell the pool chlorine and the fireworks!!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the Weekly Wrap.

Thursday: Zumba at the Y
Saturday: Kennett Run 5K
Sunday: Zumba with Susan and 5 miles easy run

This week was lazy, and recovery from the Half Marathon. I had hoped to get in at least one speed training, but it was so hot on Wednesday and Thursday, that I skipped the speed. I regret it a little... but only a little.

Thursday we had a scorching hot baseball game, I kept forcing my son to drink water at his baseball game. Everybody was there to see him play my sister, and his grandparents, He felt like a rock star!

On Saturday we were at Kennett Square PA , for our annual family run. My sister Maria and I have been doing this race, this will be our 8th year running it (6th consecutive). This year the route was changed around to start in the Anson B Nixon park, and go trough Downtown Kennett Square.

I bo…

Friday Five 5.19.17

Happy Friday!!

How are you today? how was your week?

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness. Today's theme is fashion, but I have no fashion sense. I wear black 95% of my life, and that makes me happy.

Today I'm brining you 5 Random things that held me together this week.

1. Crosswalk Musical- I loved Beauty and The Beast, and I laughed so hard at this remake from James Corden's Lale Late Show.

2. Lip-synch Battle- I have gotten completely caught up and lost watching this show on YouTube, and this is my most recent favorite.

3. The Kennett Run- This is our annual family run! I made an insane decision back in April to beat my Kennett 5K run time this year. I haven't raced a 5K since December, and getting pretty nervous now. Time to beat is 25:58, but with the new course, I am not sure how to count it as.

4. Marathon Woman by Kathrin Switzer - I have been reading this book any chance I get, because it is so great! I have re…

Delaware Running Festival - Half Marathon 2017

Before I get on the details of the race, I dedicated this race to Dawn, a woman from another agency my office worked with. She passed away last week, after a battle with Cancer. I met Dawn in 2006, when she came to audit my files for another program, although we made mistakes and our files were not always perfect, Dawn was always kind and worked with us on corrections. Dawn, your bright smile and kind spirit will be very much missed here.

Race Details
Cost: $95 ( I registered late)
Goodies: long sleeve woman's cut tech shirt, running hat, post race beer, snacks and medal.
Weather Conditions : Sunny start of the race 45F (7.22 C), 55F ( 12.77) at the end of the race.

I do not remember how I found this race... but knew that a Mother's day race sounded like something awesome to do. My sister agreed to watch my son, and I signed up. The registration process was super simple and was done on my phone, while in line for coffee<- True Story.

Bib pick up was on Saturday, and confusin…

Weekly Wrap 5.14.17

Hello! how are you today? How was your week? Mine was busy!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the Weekly Wrap.

Wednesday - 3 easy miles
Friday- 2 miles of track exercises and sprints
Sunday- Delaware Half Marathon

My week was a super eventful week. It went by very quickly, it was as if every moment was completely busy, it was almost perfect for Taper week ! Baseball took a few hours this week, my son played two games. Then I was at a conference for work on Wednesday and Thursday, by the time Friday rolled around, my body was exhausted!

On Wednesday I was at the company dinner for the conference, all the socializing with my co-workers was really tiring! I like the people that I work with, but sometimes answering "So, how is the family?" 30 times, can get to be just emotionally draining. My brain was tired, but a 3 mile run made my whole body feel better.

Thursday was a day of training, work socializing, lots of eating, and lots of listening to sales spe…