Weekly Wrap 5.14.17

Hello! how are you today? How was your week? Mine was busy!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the Weekly Wrap.

Wednesday - 3 easy miles
Friday- 2 miles of track exercises and sprints
Sunday- Delaware Half Marathon

My week was a super eventful week. It went by very quickly, it was as if every moment was completely busy, it was almost perfect for Taper week ! Baseball took a few hours this week, my son played two games. Then I was at a conference for work on Wednesday and Thursday, by the time Friday rolled around, my body was exhausted!

On Wednesday I was at the company dinner for the conference, all the socializing with my co-workers was really tiring! I like the people that I work with, but sometimes answering "So, how is the family?" 30 times, can get to be just emotionally draining. My brain was tired, but a 3 mile run made my whole body feel better.

Thursday was a day of training, work socializing, lots of eating, and lots of listening to sales speeches. I didn't feel like myself after that... I know it sounds like I hate people, but I need to say that 89% of my work is to enter numbers in a computer, and review files. So when I can't hide behind a computer, my social skills need to do most of my work.

Case Management- If you are waiting for the movie version of this, I hear Penelope Cruz will be playing me in the movie.

I accidentally brought a mug home from the conference... oops... Did I mention the conference was at the Hershey Lodge? and there was baskets of chocolate in all the training rooms?

On Friday we were supposed to do light weights and 3 easy miles, but I was really tired and took a nap instead of doing weights. After that, my son and I helped out at school Spring Fair, we were in charge of the glitter tattoos, the activity we have been doing for 3 years. By now, we are the experts!

My son trying to chose where to spend his Fair tickets

On Sunday, Roger and I ran our 3rd Half Marathon of the year, at Wilmington Delaware. I don't know if you remember, but Roger and I had visited Wilmington DE back in the fall last year, but didn't see very many people of activities to do. So we decided to check out the Half Marathon, and see where all the good spots were to visit. We were not disappointed, this Half Marathon was gorgeous! Most of the route was very scenic and took us through some beautiful parts of the city. We loved it! I'll recap it later this week, and share more about the details of the race then.

Currently Reading 
Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer- I can't put down this book!! it blows me away that she had to lived through this horrible sexism, just 50 years ago! 

Awesome Quote of the week- My son has pure wisdom in his head! 

"Mom, Do you know what supper power I inherited from you? Super farts!" I don't know where he comes up with this stuff! 

Did you listen to your mom and treat her super nice? 
Did your kids listen to you and treated you like a Queen?
Are you good at socializing at work ? 
When was the last time you attended a work conference? 
What super power did you inherit from your Mom?


  1. I'd be SO PROUD if any of my kids ever a) called my farts my super power and b) inherited them from me.

    I loved the video of the half on instagram! You looked so strong! Can't wait to read more about it.

    I don't hate people either but I'm not big on being around groups of people for very long... at all.

    1. Ja ja ja!! It was pretty awesome!

      Yes, being in a big group for a long time is so tiring!!

  2. I can't say I am energized by being around people for too long, I am an introvert by nature. I like being with a few people though :) I am not totally anti-social.
    I'd like to read that book!
    That is great you ran another half. Sounds like a nice course :)

    1. The book is excellent Karen, check it out for sure!!

      It was a great race, I was glad I picked that race!

  3. So cool that your conference was at the Hershey Lodge! I'm looking forward to your Delaware race recap!

    1. Yes, Hershey Lodge is a great place for conferences! at the right time of the day, we can even smell the chocolate in the parking lot.

  4. I'm glad you got to run a half marathon on Mother's Day!!!

    So, do you have super farts? I DO!

    1. I wish I could say that I have superfarts, but I have a very strong digestive system... my farts are more like fluffs... or i guess depending on what I eat that day.

  5. Too funny about the socializing. I know what you mean! As a computer programmer I'd much rather email anyone than actually talk to them. It just works better for me!!

    1. Yes, you get me!! I have no problem socializing on the computer, but in person I'm more of a listener and need a break from people.

  6. I'm going to a conference tomorrow on Sports Medicine. My conferences are actually educational--we need to get a certain number of education hours in a year, and normally they're pretty interesting. Still, I don't do well sitting for long periods of time.

    I finished my review of Marathon Woman. I loved it. Are your writing a review? Send me your post link and I'll put it in my post.

    1. I hope you had an awesome conference Wendy!!

      I am working on finishing the book and the review at the same time. What a great book!

  7. I loathe business meetings and lunches. I'd rather stay at my desk and just get the work done. I inherited the ability to throw a good meal together in 20 minutes. My Mom was the queen! I can't wait to hear about the half marathon. Thanks for linking, Ana!

    1. That is an awesome talent to inherit from your mom Holly!! Your mom is a queen for sure!!


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