Kennett Run 5K 2017

Race Details
Price : $30
Goodies : Woman's cut tech shirt, and post race party with tons of food and beer.
Weather : 57F ( 13.88 C), cloudy with a light breeze.
This is our annual family race. My sister and I have been running it for years now. Back when we started running it again, my sister Maria would be the one waiting for me to finish at the end, she was really fast without any training.
Each year we park at my sister's bakery and then do the .75 mile walk to the start line. This day was a little breezy and felt a bit chilly, but the walk helps us warm up for the run.
I really don't have much to say about the run itself... the course was changed to take out some of the hills, but there were still some steep hills in the race. After running a half marathon last weekend, the 5K felt short and super sweet, but it still took a lot out of me.
I had hoped to beat my 25.58 Kennett Run time from last year, but I didn't put in enough work to accomplish this goal. I was disappointed in myself, but at the same time, I didn't dwell on it for too long. I ran to the best that my body could and that was enough for me.
Photo by my brother at the finish line
This year my younger sister didn't join us for the race, and this made the whole event a lot more relaxing. She sometimes gets into fights with us for very petty things, and it's difficult to be stressing for the race, while walking on thin ice with her to keep her happy. One year she got mad at both me and Maria at the start line and refused to speak to us ... it was awkward and very frustrating. This year, we did not have to worry about that at all. *I'm a jerk sister!*
Oh! I will tell you that, I took great pride on passing many men at the race, as I passed them, I would say in my head "You just got chicked!" and laugh quietly.
For as much as I complained about the course change, running through Downtown Kennett, although quick, was really pretty. I used to work in Downtown Kennett and love this town, so many memories of adventures always live with me.
The organizers make the race a big event, and local business come out and set up tents and tables. This year, the organizers for the Mushroom Cap Half were out there, signing people up for the Half marathon in November. They were offering a shirt, a glass and a magnet to sign up on the spot...  after checking dates, I signed up for the November half marathon.
We grabbed donuts, iced tea, pizza, pretzels and beer... we just ran a 5K, so we needed to recover!
For the first time, I wasn't hungry for donuts... there was something wrong with me, I'm always hungry for donuts.
This is the only race that I know that offers different color shirts for men, than the do for women. The first year we ran it, the shirts were pink... and although I love pink, it bothered me. This year, they were a cerulean blue for women and a light gold for men. My sister is wearing her race shirt in the picture above, and below is Roger with the Men's shirt.
Do you have a family annual race?
Is there a family member that causes stress in your family? you can tell me, I wont' tell anybody !
Have you signed up for another race, while on the high from a different race?
Do you prefer V neck shirts or scooped neck?
Are you hungry for a donut?



  1. I have a few family members like that but they actually have either bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder (google it!). There's a book that saved my life called "Stop Walking on Eggshells." Message me on Instagram if you want!

    Anyway, great job at the race. I love the photo of you at the finish. You look so strong!

    1. I will google it, thanks Suzy!

      Thank you!

  2. Sounds like there was good post-race spread for the refreshments! I had to laugh at the comments about passing guys in the race, that's awesome :)

    1. I have to find something to keep me focused on races, Thanks !

  3. So I have to ask, does your younger sister read your blog????

    I love that they offer that much post race food! I would say the Harvest race is our family race, but I don't ever remember them offering actual food. They had bananas and granola bars last year but one year they had Dunkin Donuts!

    1. She does not read my blog, and even if she did, we had this conversation with her. She tells us that she doesn't want to be like that, but she still gets mad out of nowhere.

      You need to run in Bird In Hand, they have a community picnic after the half marathon, with tons of food!

  4. I want to know if your younger sister reads your blog too!!!

    1. She does, but again, we have had this conversation with her... when she is not mad. She is trying to not snap at us, but I think sometimes she holds in too many things, and just snaps.

  5. It sounds like a fun race!
    V necks for me! Do I have a family member that causes me stress...LMAO, yes. More than one.
    No one in my family runs, so I do all my races alone, it has only been a few I've known other folks at lol

    1. I can't find myself in V necks! is that weird?

      Maybe one day I will get to run with you, so we can have somebody else we know at races!!


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