The Forgotten Handbag

Back in another life, I used to have more than a few handbags. I grew up watching Sex and The City and my need to be cool was bigger than my need to have useful things.

When my son was born, the need for a handbag was lessened, to increase the need for a bag that could carry diapers, three changes of clothes, stuffed toys and piles of fruit snacks. I still carried a handbag to work.

Then I started running, and needing to carry less things, to make room for running items. So, I dropped the handbag, and I haven't carried a handbag in years! I have a small wallet and carry my phone in my pockets.

For my brother's graduation, I dug out my fancy bag. My plan was to wear my comfy shoes all day, and switch to my heels for the graduation ceremony.

The traveling handbag

On our way to graduation we stopped at my brother's house. I suggested that we changed the kids into their fancy outfits, because it would be difficult to have this privacy again.

My son changed himself, and I helped my sister with changing my niece. At this point, I put my handbag down ... because that is the universal sign of "I need all my hands". We packed everybody in the cars and took off to see the Lion.

On my drive to the Nittany Lion, I realized that my handbag had been left at my bother's apartment. Uggghhh!!! Whatever, I had my wallet and my phone, I would get the bag later.

After waiting in line for 1 hour for the lion pictures, it was time for dinner. Brother #1 was going back to Brother's #2 apartment, I asked him to please bring me my bag.

We rushed around getting to dinner, I drove my brother to the Graduation and came back for my pregnant sister, my son and my niece, then drove back to graduation.

After the ceremony, I asked Brother # 1 if he had my bag... he forgot it. It was close to 11 pm and I just wanted to get on the road to go home, so I asked Brother #2 to bring me the handbag when he drove down to my parents on Sunday.

Sunday came, and my brothers, my son, Roger and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, we enjoyed it, and each went their way after the movie...

At 7:45 pm on Sunday, my Brother #1 called and asked me "Are you missing something?" I looked at the dinner table, my son was there with my phone and Roger was there too. So I said "No, nothing that I can remember....." He gave me a second ... "The Handbag!!! " at this point, it wasn't about the handbag or the shoes inside of it. It was about my work keys! The keys I needed to get into the office, into my desk and the file cabinets! Tripple Uuuuggggghhhhh!!

Brother #1 offered to meet me half way between my place and my parents... but it was 7:45, my son was due to be in bed by 8:15. Then he offered to have Brother #2 meet me the next morning. This made the most sense. So I planned to take a couple of hours off from work the next day.

30 minutes later, I got a message that Brother #2 was on his way to my house with my handbag!! The first thing he did when I opened the door was hand me the handbag. Then asked if he could spend the night. He ate half of the food in my fridge before he left.

This bag accidentally traveled to PSU, to Chester County and back home in one weekend.... but never made it to graduation!

Do you have a handbag?
Have you left your handbag anywhere?
What is one thing in your handbag that you would not want to lose?


  1. Oh man, what an adventure! As long as I had my keys and my phone I think I could actually do without my wallet for a couple day.

  2. I was never a hand bag kind of gal because I was always afraid I would leave it somewhere. I have a few wristlets and a few over the shoulder bags but that's it. Now shoes is a different story. Now that is where my Carrie Bradshaw comes out!
    That is so sweet of your brother to drive the bag all the way to your house. How far was the drive?

  3. I never did carry a purse throughout my life, but I started to a few years ago. It's easy enough to carry my wallet and phone, especially when I have pockets, but I have other things, like medicine that I have to have with me at all times now. My runDisney Dooney and Bourke bags have come in handy over the years.

  4. OH MAN!!!! So stressful! I carry around a HUGE purse and it's hangs off my body on an over-the-shoulder strap. I'm always carrying so much stuff so I'd die without it!

  5. Ha, that is definitely a well-traveled handbag! I don't use one during the workweek but I do have a couple that I use on the weekends.


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