Friday Five 5.5.17- Themed Races

Happy Friday! How was your week?

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness. Today's prompt is Themed Races.

I love themed races! I love when race organizers encourage runners to race in costumes. I have participated in a few Fun theme races in my time, and today I want to share with you my rules for choosing a costume for a fun race.

** This are rules that I apply to myself, I do not mean to come across as
judgmental of anybody else's outfits. **

1. It Has to be Comfortable

When I run, sometimes my own soul feels as heavy as a kettle bell, so any costume has to be comfortable, light and stay out of the way of the running. I can't run while carrying something, it messes up my entire balance and my run.

This was a Drenched run, in which my sisters carried a water gun with them for the entire race

This is not a criticism of anybody who has worn a tutu, only my own experience. I once made a tutu for a 4th of July race. I spent 3 hours making the tutu. The day of the race, it was raining and between the extra weight and the extra fabric around my core, I felt very uncomfortable, and threw out the tutu before the firs mile. ( in a garbage can I found along the route, Don't litter, it's not cool)

Can you see my tutu?

2. I have to feel happy wearing it

I don't like white socks. They make me feel weird. Once a whole zumba class was ruined for me, because of the white socks I was wearing.

So, when I do a theme race, I will not wear something that I don't like, or makes my heart sad.

The socks in this picture were making me feel out of place... it was all in my head, but I chose to ignore it.

However, this is the rule that I will break the most often, for the benefit of the costume.

3. Can I make the Costume it myself?

I'm not a crafty person, but I am a cheap thrifty woman Add to this that the things I want to wear to a race are not always available... like say a Chapulin Colorado shirt. (Mexican parody Super Hero and Comedy Icon).
Real Chapulin Colorado on the left.... Ana Chapulin Colorado on the right- you can't barely tell the difference! it's like we were separated at birth!

Some costumes have taken me days to complete. To date, the hardest was the sparkly Selena sports bra, I sewed each sequin by hand, and the pants that went with it. The entire process took me about 20 hours all together, but it is one of my favorite costumes.

When I can't make something, I pay my sister to make it for me. She made me this super awesome cool Mexican skirt that I LOVE!! and a sparkly green skirt (above in the Lucky Charm Picture) That skirt led her to question our entire relationship... she didn't file for a sister divorce, because there is no such thing, but she hated me after making the shinny skirt.

4. What can I use that I already have?

Again, cheap! Two years ago, I stressed myself out for 3 weeks looking for a black sports bra.... something that would be less than $15, but could not find one. Then I realized that I had a black sports bra that was approaching the end of it's life, and it would be perfect to be turned into a sparkly Selena Bra.

For the Rock 'n' Roll Half marathon, I pulled this one out of my closet. The skulls and bones felt very Rock and Roll.

Last year, the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half was two days after Mexican Independence
 day, so I wore my Mexican skirt again.

5. It cannot be offensive

Holiday themed races can sometimes  promote stereotypes of cultures, and I find it infuriating. (** this is why I avoid Cinco de Mayo themed races** )

As my own rule, I will never wear any shamrocks or leprechaun related clothes to a Saint Patrick's race. I'm ok with green, but always feel afraid of overdoing it.

I will NEVER EVER wear any Native American themed clothing to a Thanksgiving themed race. 

A few years ago, I wanted to dress like Mexican comedian La India Maria, who played an indigenous Mexican in many Mexican comedy movies, and is very much loved by those of us who grew up with her movies. But upon some research, I found that some Mexican Indigenous group found her act offensive. So I dropped all my search and went back to the drawing board.

Do you have any rules for what to wear at races?
Do you make your own costumes for themed races?
Who is your Hero? Would you dress like her/him for a Hero race?
What has been your favorite Themed race?



  1. Before I had so many kids I'd wear costumes to races, and I generally ran a lot more races back then too. I was a lot more fun back then!

  2. I love that you are wiling to dress up for a race. You are so much fun! Like you, I like to use things I already have or spend very little because I probably won't wear it again. However, my sister and I have a Pocohantas costume that she wore to a Disney race a few years back and I was thinking about wearing it again for a Turkey Trot this year. Now after reading this post I am wondering if I should reconsider???

    1. I am wondering if it depends? Because Pocohontas was an actual person, it's not like you are dressing as a stereotype. But I could be wrong!

    2. Thank you Meranda, you are too kind!

      If I was you, I would not wear a Pocahontas Costume to a turkey Trott. But that's just what I would do... I have been tempted to go as a Pumpkin Spice Latte to Turkey Trots, it just feels right.

  3. My favorite costume is your Selena bra! You are very cute and I like how you enjoy having fun at races. I listened to a podcast about Selena's death! Freaking tragic.

    1. Thank you!

      Selenas murder was total insanity! you will have to tell me what the podcast it, so I can hear it too. I was obsessed with everything Selena as a teen, and still watch documentaries on her life.

  4. Wow, I can't even imagine putting that much time into a running outfit! And while I'm crafty, I don't sew.

    I have not actually seen any Native American costumes at our Turkey trot. Usually they're already working on Christmas . . .

    1. I can't sew either, but luckily, I learned how to do the needle point stuff.

  5. I agree with these! If I ever raced in a costume it would absolutely have to be comfortable!

    1. Thank you! Comfy is always the best word in any situation!

  6. I love dressing to match the theme of a race, but I has to be comfortable (and practical!) and not offensive. I love your Selena bra!!! Most of my race "costumes" are home-made creations also...I don't want to invest any extra $$$ in that kind of stuff (I'd rather use that money for race registrations or shoes).

    1. I always think that any race can be turned into a themed race!

      Thank you! I am with you, extra money has to go to race registrations!

  7. I really respect that you are careful about not offending people with your costumes. I think it's important to have respect for other cultures and that means avoiding stereotypes with costumes and not misappropriating things, like headdresses.

    I don't often go full out for a costume to race in. I might try to make the color scheme work or find a running shirt with a design that matches the theme, but I rarely go full-out. I wonder how people run in real, intricate costumes!

    1. It is hard to be culturally sensitive! In one hand I see that is so easy to culturally appropriate cool things from other cultures... like hello, I would love to own and wear a beautiful Sari!

      And in the other hand, I have to stop and recognize that I have to be respectful. This is also part of why I don't do color runs anymore, because they have been culturally appropriated from the Holi festival, yet nobody at the Color Run gives credit where it's due.

  8. This seems like a great run. Excellent read. Love your outfit, Ana! :D


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