Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekly Wrap 4.30.17

Happy May!! How was your April? Mine was busy and rushed!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Tuesday- Cardio Funk and 3 easy miles
Wednesday- Zumba with Deb and 5 miles- Sprint intervals
Thursday- 2 miles tempo
Friday- 9 miles long run
Saturday - 2 mile hike

This was busy, and there was no time to add weights to my routine. I will have to make time for it in the next few days. 

Baseball has not been off to a great start, of the last 4 games, 3 have been cancelled. After getting word on the Tuesday cancellation, I headed to Cardio Funk. 

To prepare myself for the days that there might be rain, and a cancelled game, I pack 2 changes of clothes. 1 for Baseball and one for running / zumba. 

This past week has been very warm, abnormally warm for April. 

On Friday during my long run, an older gentleman approached me as I went to finish the last 4 miles of my run. He asked if he could run with me, and I said yes. He talked to me about all his running adventures and training, and when his birthday is. He made the 2 miles up the hill go by really fast! 

On Saturday, after another Baseball game was cancelled, we headed to Caledonia State park for a light hike with my son. He doesn't like hiking... he was complaining when I told him we were going hiking... but we negotiated... he asked for a toy, I said no. He asked for a candy bar, I said yes, he asked for another toy, I said no again. I told him that he could take my water pack, because he loves that water pack... and off we went. 

After, on our way home we stoped for detergent. Roger was in charge of picking up detergent, so he picked the one he liked... the free and clear one... ugh! that detergent makes me feel like I'm sick! It creeps me out that detergent is clear and smells like puke! We got the nice meadow smelling detergent that likely has more chemicals than the free and clear... but it doesn't smell like puke. 

Currently Reading
I haven't posted what I'm reading in a few weeks, that's because I got stuck in a book. Last week I finished The Lilac Girls, and this week I'm making my way through Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. I know this book doesn't have anything on running, but it has been on a few list of great books. Also, spoiler alert, until last Friday, I could not identify a single Bruce Springsteen song... my only defense on that is that I didn't grow up in the USA. 

How was your week?
Do you like to hike? 
What scent is your detergent? 
Do you like the free and clear detergent? 
What is your Favorite Bruce Springsteen song?
What can people bribe you with, to do something you don't want to do?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Friday Five- April Runfessions

Hello! It has been a while since I last Runfessed, but this month, I've gathered a few stories of this runner gone mad from my side of the world.

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness and Marcia for Runfessions.

1. I didn't feel like racing! A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned wanting to do a 5 mile race in Valley Forge. I was super excited for it on the weeks leading up to it, but come sign up day and I couldn't bring myself to sing up for it. I runfess that I had no desire to do this race when it came time to sing up! this is not normal for me. Instead, we enjoyed a 10 mile run that was slow and easy.

2. Challenge Me- 98% of my job is sitting at my desk reviewing files. If I don't make it a point to get up, I can go 3-4 hours without moving from my chair. In January, my Fitbit fell apart, and it felt dumb to keep wearing it, so I took it off. I've been tracking my steps with my Garmin 230, which increases my amount of steps day to day, and I runfess that I don't want to turn off that feature, because I enjoy challenging myself each day to do more steps. My longest streak of meeting my goal right now is 10 days. 

3. I looked it up- Does anybody remember that my ex-husband and his fiancé did the same 10K that Roger and I did? and how I was freaking out about it? Yeah... I barely remember that too. Anyway, I runfess that a few days after the race, I looked up their results.... *insert smug face here*... that's all I'm going to say. (** Feel free to judge me, I already judged myself ** )

4. All I want for Mother's Day is to run- My family and Roger have asked me what I want for Mother's Day, they were not very excited at my mention of running a half marathon, but my sister agreed to keep an eye on my son, and to maybe even run the 5k with him ! I runfess that I want my son to run the 5K, because we could get an extra "token" for running as Mother and Son. But I also don't want to force him to run. 

5. Please don't Plan my schedule! I am typically all about running races with family, and recently my sister started asking me what races I had planned for the fall, I told her my list and she said she wants to do all of them with me. She then commented me to do night races with her in Philadelphia this summer, and I runfess that as much as I love my sister and running with her... I don't want to travel to Philly for night races. Races in Philly involve travel, and more money than races in Central PA. She was not happy when I told her. Ooops!

Bonus runfession: During baseball season, I cannot avoid eating the concession stand hot dogs! I don't eat Hot Dogs any other time of the year! 

I feel better now... This runfessing always takes so many thoughts out of my head! 

What are you doing for Mother's Day? 
Are you ready for the weekend? 
Do you stalk anybody's race results?
What is the Concession stand food that you can't avoid?

Bethany Beach Bunny Palooza 10K

Race Details
Cost: $40
Goodies : Super soft Cotton shirt, post race light snacks, beer and bunny medal.
Weather: 55 F (12.77C ), cloudy and ocean breezy.

What I wore
I told myself to wear a tank top, but my head kept refusing to deal with the light chill. I wore a tanktop, layered with a long sleeve tech shirt, light capri leggings, my running cap and short socks. I regretted the long sleeve before mile 1.

We ran the 5K version of this race in 2015, and since then, I have wanted that Bunny Palooza 10K medal! I was supposed to run this race last year, but came down with the flu the night before and could barely get out of bed on race day.

The race
The course is two loops of the 5K route, and I found it to me mentally challenging. The race is also mostly flat, this time I'm attaching a picture of the elevation, so there are no doubts that I do KNOW what a flat course feels like!

The race was small, about 2o0 for the 10K and 300 for the 5K. The 10K started promptly at 8:30.

Roger took off fast ahead of me, while I questioned my entire outfit as I got warm really quickly.

By the end of the first mile, I was switching my bib to my tank top and trying to not stab my boob with the safety pin.... side note: why is it a safety pin? if there is always the very high chance of hurting one self with it? Can we just call it a "might stab you if used while running pin?" too long? Ok... Let's just call them pointy bib holders.

Can you find me? Can you find Roger?

I ran the first loop and felt completely fine and confident. There was a woman  wearing gray shorts who kept passing me, and then falling behind me. We spent the second loop of the race just pacing each other.

The second loop was emotionally exhausting! My brain kept thinking we were done running, but I kept repeating to myself, one more loop, one more loop, one more loop! Maybe it was seeing the same things twice, maybe I was just tired.

I finally passed Gray Shorts Lady on the last .20 of the race and finished at 53.21. I was so tired, and all I wanted to do was jump on the ocean and drink a margarita.

I waited for Roger by the finish line, and saw this awesome man wearing the best Easter Bunny Costume!

Roger finished a little after 1 hour.


After he cooled off and we stretched, we went to the after party and collected our water, beer and chili.

The race was well organized, well marked and there were plenty of goodies for everybody at the end of the race. Multiple water stops were well staffed.

Can you give me another name for Safety Pins?
Have you raced by a beach?
Have you done any Bunny Themed races?
Any multiple loop races advice?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekly Wrap 4.23.17

Happy Sunday! how was your weekend? mine was busy and rainy, but very accomplished.

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap. 

Baseball for my Love Nugget has started, and this makes our entire schedule revolve around his games and his practices. 

Monday- 3 easy miles and weights
Thursday- Zumba with Cat
Friday- 2.5 miles of hill repeats
Saturday - Zumba with Deb and weights
Sunday- 10 easy miles long run

Monday was rough! The weather was a bit warm and humid, it was an easy 3 miler, and my calves were in pain! I already know that when I don't drink enough water through the day, my calves with hurt during the run. I just keep forgetting to drink more water! 

On Thursday, I typically run with the Fleet Feet group, but was at practice with my son instead. He is learning a lot this time at baseball, and I'm super excited for him to play this season. 

I must not be running enough hills, because on Friday, my legs were not happy with me. They felt so heavy and my calves were angry at me again. We cut it short at 7 repeats, because we couldn't take one more run up the hill. 

The street where we run hill repeats is conveniently called High Street
Saturday was rainy, and yucky. My son's first baseball game was cancelled. He wasn't happy about the cancellation.... but I was happy that he wasn't forced to play in the rain. 

This is one of the busiest roads around my hood, and there was a man running it, in the RAIN! He is a brave one!
After the cancellation of my son's game, Roger and I  headed to Tokyo Dinner for lunch. It was then that I figured out that my love for avocado rolls is forever! 

Sunday was a perfect day for a marathon, and it was the 1 year anniversary of our first marathon. Congratulations to all the Gettysburg Marathon runners! I was sending all of you good vibes!! 

We ran out easy 10 miles and I struggles with my calves again for the first 2 miles. I really need to stretch more and drink my water. 

During my long run, I had all sorts of crazy thoughts, and I got the craziest of them today. I want to beat my time for the 5K at the Kennett Run this year. The course is different, and this makes me feel it will be easier to beat my time. Right now my best time in the Course is 25.37, so my goal feels attainable. I will be taking a look at my training, my eating and my sleeping and changing as I need to. 

How was your week? 
Did you race this weekend? 
What crazy thoughts do you get during long runs? 
Do you run on busy roads? 
Do you run in the rain? 
What is your next race?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Five 4 21 17

Happy Friday!! Why do we love Friday more than any other day of the week?

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness.

My friend from work and I were talking about motivators to get out of bed in the morning. she says she thinks of reasons to call off, and convinces herself to not call off. When I wake up in the morning, I think of reasons to get up, they are almost always small things...
Top 5 Things to get me out of bed on Weekdays

1. Delicious Body Wash - If I'm going to be in the shower at 6 am, I need to have the best smelling body wash! no bland body wash in my house!

Roger and I smell amazing ... when we are first out of the shower... don't try to smell us at the end of the day.

2. The Softest body lotion- Again, it's all about pampering myself early in the morning. I currently am using Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion... because it's cheaper, it smells amazing and it makes my skin so very soft!

3. Pastries- I suck at arriving on time to work, and I have to motivate myself to leave home earlier to avoid the traffic, buying a pastry is my reward for leaving home with enough time to arrive at work on time.

4. An organized get out plan- My clothes for the week are laid out on Sunday. My bag for work, and my son's lunch, get laid out the night before. Things are not going, if they are not ready the night before... I have forgotten to take my snacks because they were not next to my work bag.

5. Counting the days - There is days that the only thought in my head is "8.5 hours of work, 8.5 hour, 8.5 hours"....

Today I got up on time, but only because I had planned to pick up breakfast for me and my work friend!

What gets you up in the morning?
What body wash do you love?
How is your fantastic Friday going?
HOw many hours of work do you have left today?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Few Things I Forgot To Tell You !

The last few Weekly Wraps, I've been forgetting you tell you things. I feel like my post get too long and I wrap them up as quickly as I can... but I keep remember this awesome, sometimes funny things I wanted to share with you! So, today here it's a random collection of stories.

On the Phone With Yoga Baby
My 2 year old niece and I do yoga together... Well, as close as you can get to Yoga with a 2 year old child. On Sunday Mornings, she randomly calls me and throws her legs over her head and waits for me to do the same. We call that her Yoga Baby Routine, and she only does it with me. So, the Saturday of the Squirrely Tail Twail run, around mile 6, my phone rang while I was running, and it was my niece, ready for her Yoga poses. And of course, I answered it!

First she called me and sang me Let it Go and the song from Zootopia, I listened and sang with her. I passed a man wearing a Hello Kitty hat, while sang Let It Go into the phone, it seemed we had an understanding. Then she facetime me, and did her stretches. I had no option but to stop in the middle of the trail and show her my stretches. She then hung up on me. So I got up and kept running. She called again, but I didn't pick up this time.

I love this phone calls with my niece, before she came along, I would never offer my phone to my son to talk to anybody else, but now this moments are precious for me. It makes me regret not having done it with my son before.

What do you need your GPS watch for anyway?

A few weeks ago, I had this conversation with my brother

Him: Can I borrow your GPS watch?
Me: Yes, of course. Now?
Him: Nah, you can give it to me before you leave.
Me: Before I leave go to where? home?
Him: Yes
Me: uhmmm.... how long do you want to borrow my watch for?
Him: only for the rest of the Semester.
Me: No way! how am I supposed to track my runs?
Him: Wait, you actually use your GPS watch? I thought you only wore it to look cool!
Me: I don't need to GPS watch to look cool! I am cool
Him: So, that's a no on borrowing your watch.
Me: Yes, that is absolutely a No on the watch.

My brother doesn't pay attention to anything I do. When I asked him later how much he planned to run, he said an average of 3 miles per week. Insert Roll eye here!!

Female Competitiveness
A friend at work and I were recently interviewing a candidate for a job in our office. The internal candidate works in our York office, she was a single mom, who spoke Spanish ( I want to say that she is from Puerto Rico, but I'm not 100% sure and don't want to assume). Anyway, my friend asked me if I felt that I would be competing with her... his question surprised me, and made me ask him "Competing for what?" he didn't have a real answer, he just answered that he felt sometimes women can be competitive with each other.

I work with a majority of women, and have for most of my career. I have never felt competitive with another woman, in my head, we each have our jobs, we each have our strengths and our goals. Why do men think we are competing?

How is your day going today?
Did you have a good breakfast?
Has a family member asked to borrow your GPS?
Do you talk to your nieces/ nephews on the phone?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hershey 10K 2017 Recap

Race Details
Registration : $50 ( I missed the $45 cut off)
Goodies: Woman cut short sleeve tech shirt, coupons for Hershey Park, coupons for cookies, recovery lunch bag of goodies.
Weather: sunny, low of 32, light breeze in some spots.

The Hershey 10K was my first "big" race in 2015, so it feels a little extra special. First let me tell you a short back story, somewhat related to the race.

I registered for this race back in February, and had planned to go see Cabaret with my sister in Philadelphia later that day. Not that I need his permission, but I had told Roger all about this in February. Around the middle of March, he found an aikido seminar that he wanted to go to in Erie PA, and I re-arranged my plan to go see Cabaret with my sister another day instead. This ended up being Thursday night. Because of driving to Philly and having to be at work at 8:00 am on Friday Morning, I only slept 4 hours that night.

By the time I went to pick up my bib for the race, I was tired, grouchy and hungry. From the moment I picked up my bib, until the moment I parked my car at the race, my only thoughts were of how tired I felt and how my body didn't want to run 6.2 miles.

What I wore
That morning the temperatures were 34, with light wind and a real feel of 27. So I wore regular leggings, compression socks, a tanktop, lined black top and my running cap. I packed an lighter shirt just in case it felt warmer.

I love how that orange shirt looks on my sister

The Race
The organizers like to start the race by the stadium, which is on a slight uphill and makes it very awkward. They also don't do a starting gun, or horn, people just start to slowly walk to the starting line and go.

While we were waiting to start, a man ran past us and hit my sister on her shoulder. So I went after him, to tell him he needed to apologize to her, I hate when people shove others, but I especially hate when white men do this. My sister stopped me, she doesn't like confrontation. But I shouted that he was a jerk at his direction anyway.

We ran towards the start line and I told my sister to have a good race.

Other years, the 10K sells out 3 weeks before. This time, it didn't. But that didn't make it less crowded. I was too far in the back and was dodging people from the beginning of the race. I have a bad habit of starting at a slower pace than what I know I can do.

I didn't have a goal, considering my exhaustion from the day before, but after finishing mile 1 at 9:11, the thought started to creep into my head that I could run this in under 55 minutes.

Dear Hershey 10K Organizers: Whomever you put in charge of putting out the Kilometers markers for the first half of the race, does not know the difference between Kilometers and miles. The first mile was marked by the 1K flag. Mile 2 was marked with the 2K flag, and so on until mile 4.

I had no pains on anywhere, but at around mile 2, I realized that my definition of almost flat, is not a normal one.... omg... I'm turning into a race organizer... can't properly describe a hilly course! But I know now from this race, that the Hershey 10K has deceptive hills... one doesn't feel you are running up, until one is completely out of breath! 

We ran by the outlets, I was struggling with my heart monitor strap, so by mile 4 (the mismarked Kilomer 4), I decided to stop fusing with it and let it go wherever it wanted!

We went into Hershey Park and ran by the boardwalk. I was feeling good and strong, feeling so confident... until we hit the last Hershey Park Hill.... it's not the worst hill they have, but it's steep enough to slow down.

Sometimes when I am struggling though a race, I find somebody who is way ahead of me, and try to pass them... this became a woman on pink tights, who I finally passed on the downhill on the way out of the park.

The Kilometer markers finally lined up with the right distance, and as I passed the 9K flag, the song Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran. This really irritated me ! I am so tired of this song, and forgot it was on my playlist! I slowed down and took out my phone to skip it and find my finishing song. But this messed up my breathing!

As I climbed the small hill towards the finish line, a side stich slowed me down again! it felt like the side of my abdomen was going to explode! I imagined myself all blown up to pieces on the side of the road, while others went on to finish the race... why does my brain get all crazy during races?..  but I pushed through and started sprinting when I saw the finish line... until some Jerk hole cut right in front of me to get his picture taken by the photographer at the finish line. I yelled at him "Hey, watch it!" maybe followed by some choice curse words! because he made me really angry.

My watch said my finish time was 53.57.

The finish line

I went and got my medal, my water and a recovery lunch bag and went to wait for my sister.

While I was waiting, I saw Meranda, and I went over to congratulate her! She was so nice to accept a hug from this sweaty virtual stranger! I'm going to say it again : Meranda: I'm sorry I didn't offer you my water! It didn't occur to me! sometimes I'm rude!

I also saw Amy (Who I follow on instagram) and went over to congratulate her! I love that we know each other only from instagram, but she didn't run away screaming from me.

My sister finished shortly after, and after she got her medal, recovery bag and water, we left because it was awfully windy and our sweaty clothes were making us feel cold.

We went for breakfast and enjoyed lots of hot coffee!

What I liked
I loved the new shirt ! their old shirt was the one designed especially for muscular men unisex cut that is barely ever flattering on me.
The course
Course support
The new 10K Magnet!

What I didn't like
The medal- it just didn't feel like the old quality of Hershey 10K medal from 2 years ago, and I found the design boring.
No chocolate- for a race in Chocolate town, there is a very distinctive lack of chocolate, other than the characters from the park. Other years, we got some Hershey chocolate in the recovery bag, but this year there was no chocolate in the bag.
The Oatmeal cookie in the recovery bag. I'm ok with oatmeal, but raisins make me question my reason for living.


Remember that boring story I told you at the beginning...No, it's ok. I forgot about it too. Anyway, I had moved my schedule because Roger wanted to go to an Aikido Seminar in Erie PA. Well, he changed his mind about going a week before, so I was tired and rushed for no reason. But we still ended up going to the Flight 93 Memorial later that day.
What do you do when jerks act out a races?
What do you consider a hilly course?
Is there a song that is annoying you right now?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekly Wrap 4.16.17

Happy Monday!! I hope some of you still have today off!

I'm  linking up with Holly and Tricia this week for the weekly wrap.

Last week, my son had his spring break, and I was at work for 2 days. Those 2 days felt more stressful than a whole week, but we survived.

Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: Zumba with Deb and Weights
Saturday: Bunny Palooza 10K
Sunday: 5 miles

On Monday, my son, my niece and I had an all day adventure. We had breakfast, lunch with my brother, we visited my sister's bakery, visited Herr's Potato chip Factory and met my other sister for gelato.


Everybody was tired after the busy day!

On Tuesday, I joined the beer runners for a much needed 5 miler and a small beer. (Side Story, I've been craving a beer since the week my sister and I went to see Cabaret)


Work was very stressful for the two days I was there! But on Friday, I got to spend the day with my son stuck in traffic all over Harrisburg. We went to visit the Easter Bunny in Hershey and had lunch at Tokyo Diner, my son's choice, because he wanted to see the cooks making the food in the hibachi grill. He then went with his day for the rest of the holiday and I was an emotional mess.

I was so tired and stressed out, that Roger and I decided on an impromptu trip to Rehoboth DE. I was already doing the 10K in Bethany the next morning, but we decided to drive down and stay close to the beach for the weekend.


On Saturday, We were up early for the 10K, recap for you later this week.

After the 10K, we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and eating.

On Sunday, I did a slow and easy 5 mile on Rehoboth, before we headed back home. It was warmer than I'm used to for April, but overall, a very enjoyable run. It was a nice change from running in Camp Hill and Hershey.


We got back yesterday, and stayed on relaxation mode until I arrived at work. This week it's a 5 day work week, but we have fantastic weather to look forward to.

How was your Easter weekend?
Did you race this weekend?
Do you ever crave alcoholic beverages?
Did you get stuck in traffic on Friday?
What is your favorite Gelatto flavor?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Five 4.14.17

Happy Friday! I'm super late to the party, but better late than never!

I'm joining the Friday 5 Link up with  Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness.

Here are 5 races I have in my radar for the Spring... I haven't registered for them, but I'm training to run them.

1. Delaware Half Marathon on Mothers day- I'm calling this my mother's day gift to myself, and it sounds really cool to run in another state!

2. Kennett Run - Debating on wether to do the 5K or 10K. I have run the 5K for the last 5 years, and had considered upgrading to the 10K, but the race organizers have changed the course. I'm going to make this decision by flipping a coin. But if I do the 5K, I have to beat my 5K time.

3. Chester County Tough Mudder- this is a brand new addition, a co-worker just invited yesterday and I'm checking out details for it.

4. Iron Run Trail Half- Roger loved running the half marathon in February, so we are doing this one mostly for him.

5. Valley Forge 5 Miler- This is a hilly course around Valley Forge National Park, we only recently found it.

How is your Friday going?
Are you off from work?
What races are you thinking about this spring?
Did you visit the Easter Bunny yet?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weekly Wrap 4.9.17

Happy Wednesday! This week it's  my son's spring break, and we are doing random small adventures, that are keeping me from the computer. I'm a little late with my weekly wrap, but here it goes.

Monday- 3 easy miles and weights
Saturday - Hershey 10K
Sunday- 9 easy miles.

On Monday, I met up with my friend Jodi for a short run, and some life talk. We had such a great conversation! I know there is no pictures, but it did happen!

Thursday, I met up my sister in Philadelphia for a show. We went to see Cabaret, it was the first time she saw it, and she thought it was weird... but I loved it! I loved spending time with her, and having a night out in the theater, it makes me feel like a grown up.

Unfortunately, this caused me to lose some sleep. I took the train in to work from Chester County Pa, but felt like I was the Walking Dead after work! My body only wanted to sleep and drink water.

On Saturday, I had the hardest time getting up for the 10K. For the first time ever, I thought "I am not getting up for this race". However, I sucked it up and remembered the commitment to my sister, who was also running the 10K, and told myself that the regret of skipping the race would be something difficult to be over.

Of course, I had such a great time at the 10K with my sister, and got to meet Meranda, who was so sweet to me !

After the race, and lots of food, Roger and I headed to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville Pa. It was very emotional, but well worth the trip.

I go to work for 2 days this week, and I'm excited to have Good Friday off! In Mexico we don't really celebrate Easter, most of our family gatherings happens on Friday and Saturday.

How is your week going?
Anybody else having Spring Break?
Who gets off from work for Good Friday?