Few Things I Forgot To Tell You !

The last few Weekly Wraps, I've been forgetting you tell you things. I feel like my post get too long and I wrap them up as quickly as I can... but I keep remember this awesome, sometimes funny things I wanted to share with you! So, today here it's a random collection of stories.

On the Phone With Yoga Baby
My 2 year old niece and I do yoga together... Well, as close as you can get to Yoga with a 2 year old child. On Sunday Mornings, she randomly calls me and throws her legs over her head and waits for me to do the same. We call that her Yoga Baby Routine, and she only does it with me. So, the Saturday of the Squirrely Tail Twail run, around mile 6, my phone rang while I was running, and it was my niece, ready for her Yoga poses. And of course, I answered it!

First she called me and sang me Let it Go and the song from Zootopia, I listened and sang with her. I passed a man wearing a Hello Kitty hat, while sang Let It Go into the phone, it seemed we had an understanding. Then she facetime me, and did her stretches. I had no option but to stop in the middle of the trail and show her my stretches. She then hung up on me. So I got up and kept running. She called again, but I didn't pick up this time.

I love this phone calls with my niece, before she came along, I would never offer my phone to my son to talk to anybody else, but now this moments are precious for me. It makes me regret not having done it with my son before.

What do you need your GPS watch for anyway?

A few weeks ago, I had this conversation with my brother

Him: Can I borrow your GPS watch?
Me: Yes, of course. Now?
Him: Nah, you can give it to me before you leave.
Me: Before I leave go to where? home?
Him: Yes
Me: uhmmm.... how long do you want to borrow my watch for?
Him: only for the rest of the Semester.
Me: No way! how am I supposed to track my runs?
Him: Wait, you actually use your GPS watch? I thought you only wore it to look cool!
Me: I don't need to GPS watch to look cool! I am cool
Him: So, that's a no on borrowing your watch.
Me: Yes, that is absolutely a No on the watch.

My brother doesn't pay attention to anything I do. When I asked him later how much he planned to run, he said an average of 3 miles per week. Insert Roll eye here!!

Female Competitiveness
A friend at work and I were recently interviewing a candidate for a job in our office. The internal candidate works in our York office, she was a single mom, who spoke Spanish ( I want to say that she is from Puerto Rico, but I'm not 100% sure and don't want to assume). Anyway, my friend asked me if I felt that I would be competing with her... his question surprised me, and made me ask him "Competing for what?" he didn't have a real answer, he just answered that he felt sometimes women can be competitive with each other.

I work with a majority of women, and have for most of my career. I have never felt competitive with another woman, in my head, we each have our jobs, we each have our strengths and our goals. Why do men think we are competing?

How is your day going today?
Did you have a good breakfast?
Has a family member asked to borrow your GPS?
Do you talk to your nieces/ nephews on the phone?


  1. Your male coworker's comment is really frustrating and I sense that his view of women comes from thinking movies like Mean Girls are an accurate depiction of the way we behave, not only as teens but also as adults and professionals in the workplace. Ugh.

    No one has ever asked to borrow my GPS! That's so funny that your brother asked to borrow it for a semester so that he can track his 3 miles per week. Hhaha I love that!

    1. It is frustrating! more than anything, I wanted to say that we are not competing for male attention... I just felt that was where the whole conversation was going.

  2. HA HA HA So cute about your niece calling you while you're running! I laughed out loud at how you said you had an understanding with the guy wearing a Hello Kitty hat. You are so funny.

    1. Thank you Suzy! I think a runner singing Let It Go in the middle of the woods should be a perfectly normal sight.. right?

  3. I wouldn't let anyone borrow my GPS running watch as it is like a good friend to me..haha. However, my dad has let me borrow his when my strap broke. I actually still have it!

    1. I don't mind somebody borrowing it, but not for 3 months!

  4. That is so adorable about the calls with your niece! I love that you sang with her on the run :) That is so crazy about the male colleague and the question about women competing with each other. I hate that impression and I have to say that I don't usually find it to be true. We all just do our jobs.

    1. Yes, we often call each other on Sundays. She just sings to me, it's the best thing that can happen to me on Sunday mornings!

      I know! who has the time to be competitive with other amazing women, when we just want to get through the day!

  5. Women are competing and men are just climbing the ladder. Love the double standard! Did he tell you to smile too? HA. I KNEW WHERE THAT YOGA STORY WAS GOING AS SOON AS YOU MENTIONED THE RACE. I thought, she's gonna do yoga in the middle of the race because she always has the best race stories!

    1. Megan you hit this right on the nose! Ambition is ambition...why cast it with a negative stigma with "competing"?

  6. Love this random post. I can totally picture you doing yoga in the middle of the trail.. Only you.. !
    Oh the GPS watch thing killed me. Who would wear it just to be cool?? Well I mean we are cool.. but not because of the watch.
    Some women can be catty and competitive at work, but I agree.. we all have our jobs to do .. just we just do it? I have never been in any job where it was a situation that I felt I needed to compete either though. Pretty weird of your coworker to mention

  7. I'd be miffed if my brother thought I wore a pricey GPS watch for looks only!

    I do think women can be competitive with each other, but I think it depends on the environment. Because there are fewer women in most fields, we have to compete in order to succeed. But I think working together and supporting each other gets a lot more done than competitiveness!


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