Bethany Beach Bunny Palooza 10K

Race Details
Cost: $40
Goodies : Super soft Cotton shirt, post race light snacks, beer and bunny medal.
Weather: 55 F (12.77C ), cloudy and ocean breezy.

What I wore
I told myself to wear a tank top, but my head kept refusing to deal with the light chill. I wore a tanktop, layered with a long sleeve tech shirt, light capri leggings, my running cap and short socks. I regretted the long sleeve before mile 1.

We ran the 5K version of this race in 2015, and since then, I have wanted that Bunny Palooza 10K medal! I was supposed to run this race last year, but came down with the flu the night before and could barely get out of bed on race day.

The race
The course is two loops of the 5K route, and I found it to me mentally challenging. The race is also mostly flat, this time I'm attaching a picture of the elevation, so there are no doubts that I do KNOW what a flat course feels like!

The race was small, about 2o0 for the 10K and 300 for the 5K. The 10K started promptly at 8:30.

Roger took off fast ahead of me, while I questioned my entire outfit as I got warm really quickly.

By the end of the first mile, I was switching my bib to my tank top and trying to not stab my boob with the safety pin.... side note: why is it a safety pin? if there is always the very high chance of hurting one self with it? Can we just call it a "might stab you if used while running pin?" too long? Ok... Let's just call them pointy bib holders.

Can you find me? Can you find Roger?

I ran the first loop and felt completely fine and confident. There was a woman  wearing gray shorts who kept passing me, and then falling behind me. We spent the second loop of the race just pacing each other.

The second loop was emotionally exhausting! My brain kept thinking we were done running, but I kept repeating to myself, one more loop, one more loop, one more loop! Maybe it was seeing the same things twice, maybe I was just tired.

I finally passed Gray Shorts Lady on the last .20 of the race and finished at 53.21. I was so tired, and all I wanted to do was jump on the ocean and drink a margarita.

I waited for Roger by the finish line, and saw this awesome man wearing the best Easter Bunny Costume!

Roger finished a little after 1 hour.


After he cooled off and we stretched, we went to the after party and collected our water, beer and chili.

The race was well organized, well marked and there were plenty of goodies for everybody at the end of the race. Multiple water stops were well staffed.

Can you give me another name for Safety Pins?
Have you raced by a beach?
Have you done any Bunny Themed races?
Any multiple loop races advice?


  1. Good job you two! I love that you run races together!!! Yes I've done two-loop races before and I actually like them. They're easier on me mentally! Weird eh?

    1. Thank you! You are too kind!

      What was easy for you on loop races? This was my first loop race, so I could have just been too tired.

  2. Wait, you stretch after a race? Just kidding. Of course that's the best thing to do but I am always too exhausted afterwards!
    Great job to the two of you. I did a 10K once where it was 2 loops of the 5K and I don't know if I like that. It's good cus you know what to expect on the next loop but then again after the first 5k I want a change of scenery! I've done many beach races and I do like them!

    1. Ja ja ! I stretch while I wait for Roger, because as soon as he finishes, he just wants to go change and get some food. It give me something to do.

      Thank you! Beach races are really exciting! I feel that the anticipation of seeing the ocean is a lot of fun!

  3. I dunno, I like your idea for a new safety pin name! I feel like there must be an easier way to affix bibs to shirts in case we want to change layers, but I'm sure someone would have thought of it by now. In the meantime, I put mine on my leg if I think I might take off layers. Great job Ana and Roger! :)

    1. Thanks! There is a "bib holder" contraption that I have seen, but I haven't invested on one yet... I need to either learn to dress, or put my bib on the Botton layer.

      Does the bib bother you in your leg? I find that my bib bothers me on my chest, so couldn't imagine having it on my leg. How do you manage that?

  4. The bunny on the medal is hilarious and so is the man dressed as a bunny! I love them both!

    Great race to both of you! I love that you two go to races together. Adam never does even 5Ks with me anymore. When I first started running he supported me and did them too, but now he must not love me as much :( Hah! Either that or he really does hate running as much as he says he does. Hmm!

    1. I know! it was really cool to see all the bunny theme stuff ! There was a group of runners who ran wearing full bunny costumes! like the while onsie kind.

      thank you! Roger gets major cases of FOMO and has to have more medals, we also train together, he has sworn that he is done with running several times, but keeps coming back.

      I think Adam still loves you as much! never doubt his love for you ! however, if he says that you can't do races... then him and I will have to talk, because that lack of support is not ok on my book!

  5. Safety pins are called such because they have the little rounded cover that hides the sharp end, whereas normal pins (or straight pins) have no such cover. #wordnerd

    Races were you have to run the course twice ARE mentally tough!! You did a great job and it sounds like you finished strong. I love that you and Roger run races together. When I get back into running races I'm going to drag Matt along for moral support!

    I love the evil-smiling bunny on the medal!

    1. I know !! the bunny is super crazy looking! and I love it!

      Thanks for that clarification Ali! it makes perfect sense. I am just guessing that were were not made for running and using them at the same time!

      Thanks! Roger does not ever want to be left out, and does not want to miss on any medals!


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