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New Race is here!!

Getting ready for another race
The summer went by really quick! It had been my goal to do a ton of 5Ks and maybe more 10Ks, but financially, I wasn’t able to. And physically, I have been training for a half marathon, and that takes most of my energy and time.
I’m running a 10K this Saturday and I’m really excited for it! My last race was the Library Loop, which I loved, and did my best time yet. 25.30. I have searching and searching for another race, but between time, money and being tired, I didn’t find one.
Last week I was feeling really down on myself for not having done a race in 4 weeks, and I realized that I run more for the excitement of the event than for the physical benefits…. I don’t care if it makes weird. But here are my reasons for enjoying race more than training
T shirt and Bib! – I’m a terrible hoarder of those! I have a pile of shirts that I don’t wear, and probably will never wear, but I just love them. Every now and then I just take them out of the closet, line them …

Running 10 miles alone- 8.2.15

I signed up for the Hershey Half Marathon with Roger. We agreed to train together and do the half marathon together. Because of our schedule, we would do some work outs on our own, and even a few runs. But we were always clear that we would do our long Sunday Runs together. And then we got into a fight, and he ditched me for our long Sunday Run. We had gotten into a small argument before, but we still went for the long run together, but not this Sunday. I have run alone many times before, but mostly short runs and I would lie if I said I wasn’t a little nervous and scared. Roger snuck out earlier than me and left for his long run at Hershey…. So, as hurt as I might have been… I packed up my shoes and went for my long run; there was no way to make up this run later on the week. …. Those 9 miles were not going to run themselves.
I set out my clothes, sneakers and food the night before. The one thing I hadn’t decided on was the route I would take. We have done Camp Hill, Hershey, Wildwood…