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A Week Of Busy Days May 22-May 29th

I hope everybody had a relaxing and safe holiday! Last week was very busy for me, not a lot of training, but busy non stop either day.

Training :
Tuesday - 2 miles
Wednesday- Zumba, weights

Monday was so busy that I don't remember most of it. My son was supposed to have Field Day, but it was postponed due to the weather forecast calling for rain. I don't remember if it rained.

On Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat, and itchy nose. It made me mad. I didn't want to be sick!

My son had a baseball game that afternoon, we are winding down to the last few games, and it is really cool to see how much the kids have learned in the last two months. 

After the game, I did a quick, and slow 2 miles in the local track. It was very hot!

I made an impromptu quick dinner that I'm calling naked Nachos.... Refried beans, topped with steak, pico de gallo, cheese and avocado. I ate it with chips, it was very good!

On Wednesday, I woke up very congested and kept blowing my nose the entire da…

Greetings from Rehoboth !

Hello Dear Internet friends! I hope you are all enjoying you holiday ! 

I'm doing a destination post today. We are in Rehoboth DE, enjoying the warm weather and the beach. And eating ... Just eating non stop ... 
Our adventures from yesterday included :

Our crepes in the morning... 
And not very good tacos later 

My son sent me a text message telling me he is camping today! I'm very excited for him ! 
I also bought two books... The Alchemist and Where'd You Go Bernadette? ... Because I don't have 6 other books waiting for me! #bookproblems! Then I went to the bookstore and droolled over other books I don't have yet. 
I picked up this super cute bag for my sister 
I love Rehoboth and wish that we could live here !! 
How is your holiday going? Any good eats? Any not so good eats? 

Throw Back Post - 1991

In 1991 I was in 3rd Grade. I remember 3rd grade with a lot of fondness, and with a lot of strange feelings. I was in a strange classroom, and was a little weirdo rebel. I am still not sure how I moved up to 4th grade... it might have been because the teacher couldn't stand to see me anymore.

Do you remember the weird kid in your classroom who dressed like a total weirdo in elementary school? that was me in 3rd grade. My favorite outfit that year was a pair of polka dotted leggings, paired with a pair of plaid shorts and a sweatshirt, worn with my sneakers from *USA*, which automatically made them faster and bouncier! I wore this once a week!

I was bored most of the time, and around my second month in school, I started selling my school supplies. And I bought candy with the money, and of course shared with my older sister to buy her silence.

It took my mom a long while to realize this.... it actually took the teacher a while to notice too. The day he finally noticed I was missing …

Alternate Holiday Weekends SUCK!

I've been divorced for 4 years now. And Alternate holiday weekends still suck!! For any of you who are not divorced, and don't have to memorize a Custody schedule for your child... let me give you a brief explanation. Shared custody of a child means that my son summer holidays get alternated year to year.... last year he was with me for Memorial Day, and Labor Day. This year he goes with his Dad and  I get him for 4th of July.

This was supposed to be my weekend, but instead, my son gets to spend the holiday weekend with his Dad. I'm sad about it, but the only thing I can do about it is deal with it. So I'm planning on running a couple of races to stop torturing myself psychologically, and push myself Physically instead.

Roger and I will be driving out to the beach for the weekend, but not before I can have some more torture. A baseball game was cancelled two weeks ago, and the coaches picked the Friday before the holiday weekend to make it up..... Yes, because nobody el…

Would You Rather?

Good morning Internet Friends! It's Tuesday, and I haven't had a soft pretzel in 2 days.... but today is not looking good.

Today I'm linking-up with PattyErika, and Marcia for the Running Gear and Where to get it link up, and I'm doing something different, because I ramble too much about myself sometimes.

So today, the topic is weather conditions, but I want to ask all of you, which would you rather do in regards to weather conditions, clothing choices, and other things.

1. Would you rather ....

a. Run in the Rain
b. Run in 80+ temperatures?

I would pick the rain.

2. Would you rather....

a. run with friends
b. run with family

Family for me always

3. would you rather ...

a. be underdressed for a run (Think shorts and short sleeves at a cold weather run)
b. Overdressed for a run (long leggings and long sleeves for a warm run)

I would pick overdressed. I hate being cold.

4. Would you rather....

a. wear tight leggings / capris /shorts
b. wear a loose sports bra?

I would 100% pic…

Training Week May 16-May 22

Good morning Sunshine! We have sun again! After two rainy days, we have the sun here again today!

Activity this week
Monday- Zumba with Susan and 2 miles sprints/ jog exercises
Thursday - 4 tempo miles
Saturday- Zumba with Denise and Susan
Sunday- Zumba with Denise and Susan and 8 mile easy run

Monday I went to Zumba with Susan. I had felt some pain on my right toe, and decided to try different sneakers. Well, that was awful. I wore Brooks Pure Flow 4, and couldn't move. I had read something before that running sneakers are meant to move forward, and Tennis sneakers are meant to have more circular motion. I switched out to my Ryka sneakers and immediately felt the difference. Note to Self- no new shoes to Zumba.

Tuesday - Does anybody remember me whining about parents not wanting to help out in the concession stand at Baseball? Well, Because of the Coach under scheduling people, I had to help out for the entire shift 5:30-8:30. It was supposed to be 8 parents helping, but it was only 4 …

Throw Back Post- 27 Years Ago

The other day I was thinking of how I'm starting to forget a lot of things... obviously as I'm getting older my brain is making room for a lot more memories. But there is lots of things that I don't want to forget, so I hope to be starting a Throw Back Memory post, so that at least this is down in writing.

Today I'm throwing it back to 1988. I was 5 going into 6 and living with my Grandparents, close to their farm. Their house in a way, was a farm house. Here are my memories of living there.

My Grandfather woke up at 5:30 am, he didn't have an alarm. He woke up to the roosters wake up call. He took the cows to feed out in his farm, or to check his corn, or whatever was in season.

My Grandmother woke up shortly after to make his breakfast. Then around 6:30, she woke me up. We needed to go to El Molino to get our Nixtamal (cooked corn), turned into Masa ( our tortilla dough), and they closed at 7:00am.

She used to make me a shake for breakfast. A cup of milk (She woul…

You know I listen to NPR When...

Today's post is not about running, because I'm more than just skinny running legs!

I don't listen to music in the car, most of the time, I have my local NPR station on. I am doing this post because my son is starting to show signs of my NPR addiction, and I find it very amusing.

So here it is... You know I listen to NPR when ...

... The first 3 preset stations in my radio are 1. WITF- Harrisburg Area NPR, 2. WHYY- Philadelphia NPR and 3. WPSU- Penn State NPR.

... I often quote NPR reports when talking / blogging with people. #noshame

... My son asks "Why is Audie Cornish the only one doing All Things Considered today? Where is Robert Siegel"? - he is 7!

... My son gets upset that he has to miss the rest of this mornings Bengal Tigers report from Morning Edition. School comes before NPR.

... My son asks if he can send some of this money to WITF, because they need it to keep them in the radio.

... My son can name his favorite Morning Edition Anchor... Steve Inskeep.


The Kennett Run 2016- Race Recap- Race Repeater

Kennett Run 2016
Price : $30 (Registered in April)
Goodies: Blue Women's cut tech shirt, and lots of goodies after the race.
Weather- Sunny 60 degrees.

*** Correction ***
This is embarrassing! On Saturday when I looked at the results online, it showed me that I was 2nd in my AG. I didn't stick around for the awards, (my son was hungry, and my niece was sleepy and my mom grumpy, we needed to get going. Maybe next time I won't make crazy claims without the real trophy in my hand.) Well, I went to look at the results again today, to log them into my Race Logs, and it seems the timing agency made a mistake. They separated the Age Groups in 5 year intervals and I was in the 30-34 age group. Once the 35-39 group gets added they bump me all the way to 16th in the 30-39 AG. And I am still 2nd on the 30-34 AG. Oh well, I raced and had a lot of fun in this race. AG placement or not! and it seemed too good to be true anyway. I'm sorry for portraying my race as a AG Placement in my …

Training Week May 9th- May 15

My son has run his first 5K! I am a very proud Momma! and could not stop telling him how happy and proud I was the entire weekend!

This week was a little exhausting, with little sun and chilly temperatures, but we had an awesome week of activity. Today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.

Tuesday - 2 miles tempo run
Wednesday - Zumba with Denise, 3 miles easy run, 20 minutes of weights.
Saturday- Kennett Run 5K

On Tuesday the Baseball game went a little longer than it was supposed to, by about 10 minutes. I was supposed to do a 3 miles tempo run, but by the time I got home I was really tired, and very sleepy. But still put on my stuff and went for my fun, but cut it to 2 miles.

Wednesday was another busy day at work. I planned my afternoon on the plan of doing zumba for 1 hour, run for 3 miles and weights, meaning I had my lunch, a snack and another small meal before leaving work. But a co-worker gave me a soft pretzel right before my second meal,…