Greetings from Rehoboth !

Hello Dear Internet friends! I hope you are all enjoying you holiday ! 

I'm doing a destination post today. We are in Rehoboth DE, enjoying the warm weather and the beach. And eating ... Just eating non stop ... 

Our adventures from yesterday included :

Our crepes in the morning... 

And not very good tacos later 

My son sent me a text message telling me he is camping today! I'm very excited for him ! 

I also bought two books... The Alchemist and Where'd You Go Bernadette? ... Because I don't have 6 other books waiting for me! #bookproblems! Then I went to the bookstore and droolled over other books I don't have yet. 

I picked up this super cute bag for my sister 

I love Rehoboth and wish that we could live here !! 

How is your holiday going? Any good eats? Any not so good eats? 


  1. That bag is awesome! I am glad you are having fun and eating your way through Rehobeth. :) We missed our Memorial Day picnic yesterday because Christmas got sick and we were really worried. Luckily after a very expensive vet visit, he is feeling better. WHEW!!!

    1. Oh no!! Is Christmas ok? What happened ? Those emergency visits to the vet really add up, but it's all so worth it for the furbabies!!

  2. Ooh! I really love that bag! I always feel like I either have an embarrassment of riches and can't get through all the books I have or that I have nothing that I want to read. Isn't that weird?

    My holiday is going well. We went for a really nice hike and then to a brewery yesterday. Today is more about yard work and maybe some sitting on the deck with a book.

    1. Thank you Raquelita ! I hope you had a wonderful hike! And a trip to the brewery sounds like a lot
      Of fun!

      I can't believe this... I just ordered another book!


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