You know I listen to NPR When...

Today's post is not about running, because I'm more than just skinny running legs!

I don't listen to music in the car, most of the time, I have my local NPR station on. I am doing this post because my son is starting to show signs of my NPR addiction, and I find it very amusing.

So here it is... You know I listen to NPR when ...

... The first 3 preset stations in my radio are 1. WITF- Harrisburg Area NPR, 2. WHYY- Philadelphia NPR and 3. WPSU- Penn State NPR.

... I often quote NPR reports when talking / blogging with people. #noshame

... My son asks "Why is Audie Cornish the only one doing All Things Considered today? Where is Robert Siegel"? - he is 7!

... My son gets upset that he has to miss the rest of this mornings Bengal Tigers report from Morning Edition. School comes before NPR.

... My son asks if he can send some of this money to WITF, because they need it to keep them in the radio.

... My son can name his favorite Morning Edition Anchor... Steve Inskeep.

... My son is sure that he make an informed decision on Presidential Elections from all the NPR presidential coverage... again, he is 7!  

... We are sustaining WITF Members And

... I  Enjoy my morning coffee out of the WITF Mug !

... I participate in the Morning Edition Book Club, and a few favorite books came from it.  

Now your turn... Do you listen to NPR? Does anybody agree with me that Steve Inskeep sounds dreamy, but admire his brain more? What other shows, radio or TV, do you like that have gotten other family members into?


  1. I LOVE NPR!!! Fresh Air w/ Terry Gross is my fav, but I listen to Morning Edition and All Things Considered too. Mostly in podcast format.

    Fun NPR story for ya... Remember Megan Lello? I am sure you do. I love her voice. I went to my best friend's Halloween party a few years ago. it was pretty small.... 12 people? Well he told me his friend Megan was coming and when I met her I was like... wait... I recognize your voice... And she's like "Do you listen to WITF?" and I said, "OMG ARE YOU MEGAN LELLO??????" And it was her!!! She was so nice and didn't mind me fan girling. :)

    Ana, we have so much in common! The more I read your blog I am like, wow, we are a lot alike!

    1. Megan, I know!! We are ! Watch, one of this days we will
      Bump into each other at Aldis or tjmaxx!

      I remember Megan! I have a similar story for you... Do you remember Scott Gilbert? Well, I was in a book club with his wife, and I had been to their house a couple of
      Times, but this one night he started reading part of the book because he was making fun of the book choose, and I yelled "you sound exactly like ... Wait a second ... You are Scott Gilbert!" It was a moment of
      Fangirling and embarrassment !

      I sometimes read your post, and think to myself, " yeah... I would have done the same" and I don't know how, but I found your post on Weiss, and was blown away that I banned that same store!

  2. I don't listen to NPR but I do read their blog posts/website. They pick some pretty good tunes and that's what I like!

    1. Wendy, if you like their music, check out their Alt Latino podcast, they play some of the music on the regular programming

  3. LOL yay I am glad you banned Weis. They deserve it. They are horrible. Paul got a store card there and I am still pissed at him for that!

    I don't think I would recognize Scott Gilbert's voice! I wonder if they like being recognized? When I used to do a lot of musicals sometimes people would recognize me and I LOVED it, but I am an attention whore. I mean, why else would I have a blog??

    1. Megan, you made laugh! My sister says I'm a virtual attention whore, because of my overuse of Instagram.

      You know, they have to be used to people recognizing them!

      You will
      Have to tell me if you do another play!

  4. Your son sounds like he has an impressive level of knowledge! I don't listen to NPR on the radio but I really enjoy several of their podcasts.

    1. Chaitali,

      My son is very curious, and I'm hair blown away at how much he picks up from NPR!

      I love their podcasts! I was obsessed with Invisibilia !

  5. I used to listen to NPR a lot but since moving here I have such a short commute that I don't usually listen in the car anymore. I do try to make time to listen to some news a couple of mornings a week using the NPR app on my phone, though.

    1. Raquelita, I have the local NPR app, and will listen to their morning news anywhere I go.


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