Training Week May 16-May 22

Good morning Sunshine! We have sun again! After two rainy days, we have the sun here again today!
Activity this week
Monday- Zumba with Susan and 2 miles sprints/ jog exercises
Thursday - 4 tempo miles
Saturday- Zumba with Denise and Susan
Sunday- Zumba with Denise and Susan and 8 mile easy run
Monday I went to Zumba with Susan. I had felt some pain on my right toe, and decided to try different sneakers. Well, that was awful. I wore Brooks Pure Flow 4, and couldn't move. I had read something before that running sneakers are meant to move forward, and Tennis sneakers are meant to have more circular motion. I switched out to my Ryka sneakers and immediately felt the difference. Note to Self- no new shoes to Zumba.

Tuesday - Does anybody remember me whining about parents not wanting to help out in the concession stand at Baseball? Well, Because of the Coach under scheduling people, I had to help out for the entire shift 5:30-8:30. It was supposed to be 8 parents helping, but it was only 4 of us helping.

But, I now know what a Walking Taco is. It sounds disgusting, but it smells delicious. I didn't have one, but really wanted to. And I might *or might not*, have had accidentally stuck my finger in one.

Per Wendy's Suggestion: The walking Taco- A bag of Doritos, topped with taco ground beef, Salsa, shredded taco cheese, lettuce and sour cream.  

Thursday, After my son's baseball, I did 4 tempo miles in the local paved track. I ran by the school, where they were having the kids run for their Race For Education event the next day.

Running with the moon

On Friday, our office closed at 1:00 pm. It was so exciting, and at the same time very nerve wracking. On the Fridays that I'm at work, I spend the day between doing work and catching up with Blogs, but having less time, I had to focus on getting my work done.

Messages I drew on the kids track at Race for Education

My son's school was having their Race For Education event, which I had also planned to attend. And was glad to know I could go without rushing. I ran around the track with my son and a lot of other kids. I would say that most kids ran at least 4 miles. The kids were amazing at the entire event!

Saturday I was up bright and early for Zumba with Denise and Susan, which they call Masters Zumba, because it's fast paced. And at 1:00 went to Roger's Self Defense Aikido workshop. I didn't participate, only took pictures. Aikido is not my thing.

After we went for coffee and cake.

On Sunday, I slept in for a long time! I woke up at 9:30! It made me sad to miss most of Sunday Morning.

I headed to Zumba again, because right now the Studio has not found a new place to move to. So, right now my zumba days are numbered, and that makes me sad.

After Zumba, we went to Hershey for 8 miles. I forgot my sneakers, and my headphones, so ran in the sneakers that caused one toe nail to fall off. But there were no excuses to be made. This was my longest run without any music or a podcast.

After the run in the rain, needed a towel to stay warm.
Today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post.
** Totals **
Miles 14
Zumba - 3 hours
Weights: 0
Pairs of Snakers : 4 


  1. Where do you do Zumba? Do you have a favorite instructor or will you take from anyone?

  2. I go to Art In Motion Fitness in Lemoyne. They are right next to the Farmers Market, they are great! My favorite instructor there is Denise, but she only does one class per week that works for my schedule. If anybody asks me, Susan and Denise are the best instructors !! I did a few classes at the YMCA, but didn't love it. But if they can't find a place soon, looks like I'll end up at the Y with whomever is doing Zumba.

  3. I think you need to explain about a walking taco! Sounds delicious.

    1. Oops ! Thank you Wendy! Just updated it.

  4. Ana, you are a Zumba machine! Bummed that your Zumba days are numbered, but good for you for making the most of the days you do have left! Sorry to hear you had so many shoe problems but yay for switching out your shoes and feeling the difference! OMG - walking tacos sound AMAZING. I want some now, too! Aikado seems really hard-core and wouldn't be my thing, either. The Race For Education sounds like an amazing event!

    1. Thank you Emily! I do love my
      Zumba... Maybe a bit too
      Much !

      I'm trying to work up the courage to buy a walking taco.

  5. Those walking tacos sound amazing, to be honest!

    I really like Zumba. I need to try to work it into my schedule!

    1. Ali,

      Those walking tacos smelled amazing !!

      I hope you can wiggle Zumba into your schedule !

  6. I love the inspirational chalk messages, that was a cool idea :) And those walking tacos sound delicious!

    1. Chaitali, my son loved seeing his name all over the track, we are going to draw some in a a local trail soon.

  7. Omg girl, you had quite the shoe challenge week! Losing a toe nail sounds painful :(
    I love the Pure Flows but I bet the foot would slide too much for tennis. It is good you can play tennis :) I am too uncoordinated!
    Your walking taco is what I can haystacks lol I use tortilla chips of fritos on the bottom- so good!

    1. Karen, I should clarify that the toe nail was already mostly hanging off. I think it was the marathon that made it all loose.

  8. When my kids were little, if the parents didn't show up for concession duty the team had to forfeit the game. That solved the problem! Losing a toenail sounds awful! So does running without music. Kudos on that run. I've heard of tacos like that but it's called "tacos in a bag". Thanks for linking with us Ana.

    1. Holly, I like your idea !! I'm going to suggest it to the concession stand coordinator ! Thank you for the link up!

  9. Huh, I never realized that difference between running shoes and tennis shoes. It makes complete sense, though. I had also never heard of a walking taco. Not sure if I'm going to give that one a try, but at least I know what it is now! :)

    Sounds like all of the kids did amazing at their run event!!

    1. Meagan, the kids had so much fun, even though it was hot! Kids are amazing !!

  10. Oh your walking taco is my "Taco in a Bag"! We enjoy these all the time while camping! It's so easy and clean up is a breeze which is one reason I like them so much!
    I know what you mean unfortunately, we don't do baseball but we did horse shows and barrel races all the time. I could announce and well I'd sit up there for hours on end without much of a break at all. I got burnt out and that's the main reason I don't like going as much now. In every single sport and organization, no matter what you do, only a handful of people will help out. If someone ever figures out how to get 100% participation, well I'd love to see it that's for sure!


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