Happy Teachers Appreciation week!

I know today is another holiday, but I'm going to have to stop all the fun and drinking right now, because I don't observe that Cinco holiday, and in Mexico, we don't even get off from school for that cinco day!

But I do observe Teachers Appreciation week, and today I want to remember some of the AWESOME teachers in my life! Not many pictures, because some are teachers from my younger Smartphone-less days.

I don't have many fond memories of most of my Elementary School teachers, but if I had to pick two favorites, I would say Maestro Lorezo, and Maestro Alfredo, because both were always nice to me and pushed me to do better than just getting by.

Middle School

A huge shout out to my Geography Teacher (she was only my teacher for 6 month, and for the life of me, I can't remember her name).

Maestro Luis- He was a bit of a creeper first, but he always challenged me to do better at Math and Algebra.

Maestro Quintana- he taught me Chemistry and back in 8th grade, I was really good at Chemistry and wanted a career in it. I used to know the entire Chemicals Chart!

Maestro Roberto- He taught me that Physics was essential to life.... I really wish that I would have kept studying Physics.

High School ( I moved to PA when I was 14 )

Mrs. Bender, My Music Teacher- Mrs. Bender was the most amazing teacher I had in High School. She was so very patient with me my first year in PA. I could barely speak English, and her History of Music class, she would allow me to sit there and read quietly with my dictionary. She never treated me differently than any of the other kids in class, but she knew I had limitations and respected them.

Mrs. Bender introduced me to Les Miserables, West Side Story, Carmen, Le Figaro, Carlos Santana, and Simon and Garfunkel. Most of which I still carry in in MP3 player.

She also shared her recipe for Chocolate peanut butter crumb cake with me, which is the most awesome crumb cake in the world!

I went on to take two years of piano classes with her (in Addition to History of Music), and when I graduated my goodbye to her was the hardest. We both cried, and I'm getting teary eyed thinking about it.

My English teachers were always the most patient, Mr. Braumbach, Mrs. Zook and Mrs. Holmes, Thank you! Without your patience, I would not have learned anything in English class.

Mrs. Eikhold- I refused to attend ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, they would hold me back from Graduating High School. So I took Spanish class, and learned more English there in 2 months than I did in 1 year of ESL.

Mr. Graeff- In 10th Grade, I was allowed to take 11th Grade Algebra. I knew everything they were doing, and Mr. Graeff recognized that, and instead of being frustrated with me for not speaking English, he took the time to teach me beyond what the class was doing.

NOT My Teachers, but eternally grateful for them

Mrs. Gallagher- She was my sisters Teacher, and she helped connect us with the Lion's Club to get glasses.

Ms. Becky- She cared for my son when he was an infant. She is golden to me.

Ms Katie- My son's daycare teacher- She was so sweet, caring and loving to my son, that he started thinking she was his very own Aunt. And refused to share her!

Mrs. Brenner- My son's 1st Grade teacher. He loves her! Before her, he refused to go hiking, refused to run and refused to acknowledge he was Mexican. Now he is asking when we can go Hike the Appalachian Trail, if he can help out Girls On The Run, and asking about learning Spanish. He is going to be in a world of hurt when First Grade is over.


  1. You are lucky you had so many wonderful teachers in your life! Sad to say, while I always respected my teachers, I didn't TRULY appreciate what they did until I was a teacher myself.

    1. Megan, yes! I think I was ! And I also had my share of creepers... So maybe it evened out?

      It takes a lot of patience to be a teacher ! You are my hero!

  2. Omg I do not have patience. I am just good at pretending. :)

  3. What a great post! I love that you had such a great music (history) teacher in PA.

    1. Thank you Raquelita ! She was really awesome! In half she was in my life.


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