Would You Rather?

Good morning Internet Friends! It's Tuesday, and I haven't had a soft pretzel in 2 days.... but today is not looking good.

Today I'm linking-up with PattyErika, and Marcia for the Running Gear and Where to get it link up, and I'm doing something different, because I ramble too much about myself sometimes.

So today, the topic is weather conditions, but I want to ask all of you, which would you rather do in regards to weather conditions, clothing choices, and other things.

1. Would you rather ....

a. Run in the Rain
b. Run in 80+ temperatures?

I would pick the rain.

Before my 4th of July run in the Rain last year, I look crazy... there was a costume contest, which I lost.

2. Would you rather....

a. run with friends
b. run with family

Family for me always

Running with my brother last summer

3. would you rather ...

a. be underdressed for a run (Think shorts and short sleeves at a cold weather run)
b. Overdressed for a run (long leggings and long sleeves for a warm run)

I would pick overdressed. I hate being cold.

I was way overdressed for the Hershey Half Marathon, I was very cold...

4. Would you rather....

a. wear tight leggings / capris /shorts
b. wear a loose sports bra?

I would 100% pick tight leggings... boob bounce is no fun.

5. Would you rather .... In case of no music or podcast in a Long race, anything over 10 miles.

a. listen to borrowed music/ podcast.
b. Run with no music/ podcast.

I have picked silence before.

6. would you rather

a. Run on an empty stomach
b. run thirsty

I would run thirsty. I can't run on empty stomach.

7. Would you rather ....

a. Run a race in a place where you can run for free. (where you have done training runs).
b. Run a race in a place you cannot always run (Think amusement park, golf courses, stadiums, others)

I have done both, so I could not pick. A race for me is always fun.

Pick 1, 2, 3 or answer them all.... whichever you are feeling today.


  1. I think I would also run in silence over someone else's music! :) I am sort of picky with music. Oh I am running buddies with one of those Zumba instructor's brothers! I forget her name, but she is one of the instructors at Art in Motion. Never met her but used to run with her bro all the time.

    1. Megan, I'm telling you! We are going to "run" into each other any day now !

  2. 1) Rain
    2) Family or Friends - I love company!
    3) Underdressed, I'm a "cold" runner
    4) Tight
    5) No music, I hardly ever run with music outside, but can't live without it on the treadmill
    6) Empty stomach, I often do anyway. Being too thirsty is torture!
    7) BOTH! I love racing when I know the course from training runs, but I also love doing something new you can't ever do. One of my fav races went through a zoo!

  3. That rain one is hard a one. I'd probably go heat though! Since all my friends are crazy costume runners, I'd have to say friends, and I don't ever run with music, but I think I need to start.

  4. Oooh, I love this questionnaire!

    1) 80+ temperatures
    2) Friends (I don't have any family who run)
    3) Overdressed
    4) Tight
    5) No music
    6) Really tough call, but probably thirsty
    7) Places where you cannot always run

    Some of these were really tough to pick!

  5. Honestly it rained for almost 3 weeks straight so at this point I am so over it!!

  6. I'd rather run in rain, and I'd much rather be underdressed, but not at the same time! haha

  7. I would much rather run in the heat and humidity than in the rain. We've had so much rain here over the past three weeks, and I'm pretty sure that I never want to see rain again.

  8. Love this! I did a Would you Rather a week or two ago, but love the running theme.

    I would always rather run in rain than heat, and would also rather be under dressed than over dressed for the weather. & I'm with you, boob bounce is NO FUN.

    I've only raced with music a few times, so I definitely think I would pick silence over a borrowed playlist. Subpar music would just be torture!

    I may have to steal this from you!


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