Friday Round up- My favorites this week.

My Five favorite things this week


Fastnacht Tuesday - I wanted to have 3 of them, but only had 1.5.

Our Super Breaking Bad Tapas spread (Super because we skipped the Super Bowl and Watched BB instead)


I love my new running tights! They are keeping me warm during this cold temperatures.


2. I am enjoying my trail running shoes, for making running in the snow more bearable. (pictured above)

3. My son recently asked when he could do another race, that is one of my absolute favorite things EVER!

4. Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg Thursday running group- Whenever I go to the meet up, I end up surpassing my own expectations... either my speed, the distance I'm doing that day, or the conditions. Last night I pushed myself to go, knowing that it was cold, there was snow in the ground. I ended up running 5 miles, 2 of those in shoe deep snow, it was AWESOME!

5. I love my Buff! Light, yet it covers up my face and nose while on this windy runs.

Blog Post / Articles

If Married Couples Wrote Honest Valentines by Jim Gaffigan - "How do you spell Jim? JI.... no... Gy... oh no, wait, that is the place I never go to"

Are you Overcomplicating Your Life? by Allie Burdick - I love Allie's blog! it makes me laugh, teaches me stuff and makes me think. And yes, I am overcomplicating my life!

I don't Believe In Guilty Pleasures by Carla Birnberg-  This post makes an excellent point on Guilty Pleasures... "just F***king like" whatever it is! So here, full confession- I love watching Gossip Girl... #noshame

Heart Disease and Women- by @happyfitmama Angela-   Being active and eating right are not the only things we need to do to keep heart disease away! and Heart disease kills more women than breast cancer. Know all the facts!


  1. Better Call Saul is coming baaack Monday, I can hardly wait! You've inspired me to prepare something special to eat while I'm watching! Hmm.... I'm getting a CINNABON!! Yikes, I'm going to have to run a few extra miles for that "pleasure" though.

    1. I hope you enjoyed the Cinnabon and Better Call Saul! I saw an interview with the actor, I'm hoping to catch up with the show sometime this year!


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