Race TShirts- The Good, The Yellow and the Awesome

I found this Link up Post about Race Tshirts, on Marcia's Healthy Slice and it got me interested in writing about my shirts. I'm going to make a full confession, right here and right now... I don't wear all of my race shirts. I have asked myself why I don't, and have come to the conclusions that 1. I don't like wearing clothes that don't make me feel good, 2. I don't like to humble brag and 3. I don't like the colors of the shirts.

The good

My Ninja 10K Shirt- This shirt is a solid red, and because it's from US Road Runners, it doesn't have all the advertisements in the back of the shirt. It's a plain picture of ninja in the front. I believe this is a boy's cut shirt, but I like the fit and fabric, or I like it enough to have worn it twice.

The Yellow

In 2015 I was super excited about signing up for a 10K, and I remembering swearing that I would wear my Hershey 10K shirt ALL THE TIME! That was until I picked it up, discovered it was a mustard yellow, crew neck, boy cut shirt. I wore it once, after the race, because I was cold.

Somebody who has been in charge of ordering race tshirts help me understand this one.... are the bright yellow fluorescent shirts cheaper than, say the other colors? I have 6 bright fluorescent yellow shirts. I wore one for a long run in the dark, that was it.

The Awesome

Kennett Run 2013- I have done the Kennett Run for 6 years (2000, 2001, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), but the first time I got a shirt was in 2013, it's a fiusha pink, women's cut V neck shirt. This fits me perfectly! I have worn this one 3 times. This is the best race shirt I have received.  

I love my Hershey Half Marathon shirt! But I think it's more because of the accomplishment that came with it. The shirt is a tech fabric, boy cut, crew neck... not ideal for boobs. I wore it once.

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  1. Crew neck, UGH...say no more! Lol. I don't wear race shirts for the same reasons. Except for the idea of making a quilt out of them (which I will probably NEVER get around to anyway) I'm not sorry to donate them to Goodwill ASAP. I've kept only 2 shirts: my first Half and my last marathon.

  2. Good job on donating your shirts! You are much stronger than me ! But you do make an excellent point, there is no point on holding on to something I won't use !


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