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I like to order a ton of books from the library, and because some have holds, they take time arriving, and I have a steady flow of audiobooks coming my way, and rarely am I without a book for longer than 1 week. Well! The blizzard threw a wrench on the flow of books coming my way. Two books were sent back, and I didn't have time to pick them up. I would have thought that since the Library was closed for two days, they would have given an extra day to pick up books.... And I've had to stretch out a couple of books and re order others, still slow week in books! ok, enough with whining!

Still Alice- by Lisa Genova (8)

I started this book in 2010 for a book club, but didn't finish it. It stayed in my mind, so I made the request for it and waited 2 months for it.

The story was uncomplicated, and written beautifully. The author makes the experience of having Early onset Alzheimer's very real, and I felt myself feeling the pain and frustration of the main character at constantly forgetting things that were happening around her, and her struggle with being able to do the things she loved.

The last part of this book had me crying, barely being able to hold in the tears when Alice has no memory of anything that is happening around her.

As every good book does, this one left me with questions

* Could I get Alzheimer's?
* Could anybody in my family get Alzheimer's?
* What would I want my family to do for me if I was to ever have dementia?
* Was the husband selfish for carrying on with his life, even though his wife was really struggling?
* Would I want my partner (Husband/ fiancé) to carry on with his life if I was in the same situation?

On The Road by Jack Keroac (9)

This book has been nagging at me for over a year! It's not especially long, but it is very daunting. I see it there in my nightstand staring at me... This one of the books from the Amazon 100 books To Read In A Lifetime. I finally finished it! The book was very interesting, I can't say that it was difficult to read, I just didn't find a point in the book that grabbed all of my interest. There was nothing that I could relate to in this book, it seemed that this was just the main character going through the country partying and enjoying life.


Next books -
A Short History of Nearly Everthing by Bill Bryson
The Good Girl by Mary Kubica


  1. I've listened to the audiobook of A Short History of Nearly Everything - it's really interesting! I'm currently in the middle of The Nightingale, which I'm really enjoying.

    1. A Brief history was very interesting !! Felt like another version of Stephen Hawkins A Brief History of Time. I will have to check out The Nightngale, since I'm always looking for books, thanks !!

  2. I read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson, and loved it. But mostly because of the topic of itt being his hike on the Appalachian Trail. I just finishe Fast Girl, the story Suzy Favor, Olympian track athlete/Las Vegas escort. It was a very quick read

    1. A Walk In The Woods was hilarious !! The movie was also very good ! We live close to The Appalachian Trail and have checked out as many of the trails as we could. I will also add that book to my list, thank you !


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