Fastnacht day is HERE!

There is many foods that I wait a year to have... Pozole for Christmas, Tamales for New Years, Pit beef sandwich for Apple Festival in October, Cider Donuts for Corn Maze day also In October. But my favorite is Fastnachs for Fat Tuesday!

What is a Fastnacht? If you don't live in Central Pennsylvania, you might have never heard of them. Well, imagine this... The tastiest, freshest donut you have had, covered in the sugar of your preference... powder, granulated, cinnamon, glaze. Ok, you can find the official definition here.

I went to zumba yesterday, and when I didn't feel like running, I reminded myself that I would be eating 3 fastnachts today.


Is there any food that you only enjoy once a year?
Any traditional food for Fat Tuesday?
Do you observe Lent?


  1. Oooh, great question! We always have a King Cake delivered from Randazzo's for Fat Tuesday. It was so yummy!

    We make tamales at Christmas too but I end up eating them all throughout the holiday season and not just on 1 day. :)

    1. I always pack 10 tamales to take home ... And then I eat them all in one day!! Tamales are the best!

      Next year I will have to
      Try king cake, it looks delicious !


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