Training Week #5

My legs are in pain right now and I want to go home and keep sleeping.... but adulting is getting on the way... you know, with having to be at work.

So, last week we decided to change up the training days cycle, to adjust for longer runs. It's all complicated because of my custody schedule, and I will not bore anybody with those details, but our training week will now be a Monday to Sunday week.

So Training Week #4 will now have also included the Ice Fest 5K, and 12.5 miles of running.

We had warm temperatures on Sunday and Monday, and this melted a lot of snow from our running trails.

Monday 2.01.16 - Rest. After those exhausting 3 miles the day before!

Tuesday 2.02.16 - A little bit of everything

30 minutes of weights with Roger. Let me say that, I do the exercises he gives me, but I don't know what they are called. I only know they worked because everything is sore the next three days.

1 hour of Zumba with Susan

3 mile tempo run on the treadmill- I was at the YMCA and picked a treadmill close to the TV, and enjoyed Fresh Off The Boat, until The Muppets came on and I had to hurry up and finish my run, because I'm scared of the Muppets.

I was craving some Bunbury, and this song hit the perfect mood on the way to Zumba.

Wednesday 02.13.13

1 hour of Zumba with Denise

Skipped Yoga and weights, to celebrate Roger's birthday

Bad picture of the Birthday boy. He almost never wears dress shirts, so we had to document this event!

Thursday 2.4.16 - Rest

Friday  2.5.16- Long Run

16 miles

This is my longest run to date! Making marathon training more real than ever! I was in pain by mile 14, and wanted to quit then. But I told myself to keep moving, only 2 more miles. Roger still had 2 miles to go when I finished my 16, but I was ready to stay with him until he finished, even if that meant walking the last two miles... but he stopped at 14.5. It was cold, windy and we were both tired and in pain.

I will run so hard... as soon as I get the headphone untangled

Front Street Harrisburg

View of the Susquehanna River and City Island from the Harvey Taylor Bridge

Random Street in Camp Hill, still some snow, but mostly clear

Saturday 2.6.16- Rest

Sunday 2.7.16

6 Pace Miles. While everybody was getting ready for the Superbowl, I ran. Every other house had some type of BBQ, burgers or wings smell. It made me hungry!

Running vest, Italian Soda and cake pop at Cornerstone Café. Roger rudely pointing at the cake pop.


Miles- 25
Zumba - 2 hours
Weights- 30 minutes

I'm glad the snow is melting, but weather forecast is calling for 6 inches of snow tonight. I am starting to miss Spring.

How is Your Training going?

Favorite song this week?

What did you eat for the Super Bowl?