A day In This Life- The Pain On my Neck

I have been putting off doing the Day In the Life post for a while, so here goes my Monday.

4:45 am – A sharp pain on my neck woke me up, I was sure it was time to be up, so turned to check my watch for the time. After realizing it wasn’t time to crawl out of bed, I tried to go back to sleep, and tried to find a comfortable spot for my neck with no luck.

5:55 am- I slowly crawled out of bed, the pain on my neck sharper than before. I went to check on my Love Nugget and turn off the AC. Roger insists on keeping the AC turned on, because he gets hot at night. It was about 55 degrees outside, so I turned off the AC and got in the shower. I’m going to start telling him to sleep outside, if he refuses to turn the AC off.

We got ready for school and work, Love Nugget ate half of his breakfast, multigrain waffles and greek strawberry yogurt.

7:02 am- We left for work and school. There was a chance I would be arriving to work ON TIME!! Or close enough.

7:10 am-School drop off can go either really good, or become a disaster, it seems lately my love nugget has not been in the mood for being up so early. Today it went well, we adverted the morning meltdown with a vanilla muffin and warm milk.

7:32 am! I was almost on time for work! I will go ahead and count 7:32 as a victory, given how all of last week I was at least 10 minutes late every day! . Ma, look at me, I’m almost on time for work!!

The first part of my morning is almost always a blur, I know I got up and did a bunch of things, but my recollection of them is not very clear by 8:00 am.

8:00 am- I ate my breakfast at my desk. My oatmeal and my greek yogurt. And like Karen, I was starting to think of Lunch.

A couple of weeks ago, my co-worker broke our coffee pot. We are the only ones who use the coffee pot, I bring in the coffee and the filters, but I don’t mind sharing the coffee with him. He is not going to buy a new coffee pot, and neither is the company, so it falls on me to buy another coffee maker. But it wasn’t in my budget this last paycheck, so I brought in my baby coffee maker from home and we made 3 batches of coffee. I might just keep this one here and buy myself a new coffee pot.


The pain in my neck was awful all day long, I went to the bathroom around 11:00 am and stretched my neck, trying to bring some sort of pain relief to my aching neck. But it only got worse.
By 1:00 pm the pain on my neck was starting to make me feel nauseous. I fantasized about putting a warm compress on my neck and feeling the pain relief, but this was not an option.

At 1:15, I was starting to feel grumpy from not eating, so headed to lunch. I went to the Philly Cheesesteak place, because I felt that after being in pain all morning, I deserved a hot gooey cheesesteak! It was delicious!


While at work I was listening to the Fresh Air Interviews of Christopher Eccleston and Samantha Bee. Both were too short. I could listen to Christopher Eccleston talk for a long time. I think I need to watch that season of Doctor Who again. He is awesome. I also finished my audiobook.

I left work at 5:00 and headed home in the cloudy and gray day. I was in so much pain, I wanted to go to bed, lie down, have somebody bring me warm food and let me sleep. But I was picking up my son and making dinner, so I told myself to ignore the pain and keep moving along.

We got home close to 6:00 because traffic on 83 was backed up. I got to making dinner right away; I was going to make Chicken soup and rice, because the day was cold and gray. I changed my clothes and put on a warm hoodie, and asked Roger to turn off the AC! Or that he could go hang out outside.

I put the chicken with seasonings in the pot to cook in the stove, and then realized we were out of cilantro, carrots and long grain rice. So I quickly drove to Karns to pick those items up, or dinner would not be tasty.

My son worked in his homework while I cooked and drove to Karns. He stayed home with Roger. While I was in Karns he sent me a text message asking if he could watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I said yes, because he had already finished his homework, but only for 15 minutes.

I returned and ended up making noodles to go with the chicken. It all turned out delicious!My son refused to touch the noodles… but ate the chicken. The pain on my neck was driving me mad, so I didn’t fight it and just let him eat his chicken.

I know this is a very long day in the life, but trust me, this is how my days are… long !

My son got in the shower by 7:20 and surprisingly was out by 7:40. I washed some dishes and put away some laundry while he was showering. I also packed his lunch, because my goal was to be in bed by 9:00 pm.

I won a Hat from Nuun on Twitter a few weeks ago, and my son totally rocks this hat so hard!!
After Love Nugget talked to his Dad, we got to the second part of his homework, his reading. He read me Diary of A Wimpy Kid for 15 minutes, then I read him for 15 minutes. It’s our deal, he reads to me and I read to him.

I went to finish packing lunches and cleaning the kitchen. There were more dishes in the sink than I remembered, but I don’t like going to be with dishes in the sink, so I got to washing. Then I got distracted when I remembered the trash needed to be taken out. So out I went again.

By now it was 9:15 and my neck and shoulders were killing me slowly with pain. I told myself to finish the dishes and go to bed. I turned put on music on my phone and put on my headphones. I finished packing lunch, washed the dishes, laid out my son’s clothes for the next day, checked my son’s book pack for glasses, books, reading logs, packed my lunch and signed the 4 papers my son’s teacher sent home for my signature.

I very much appreciate my kid’s teacher, but having to sign everything my son does feels a bit excessive. I have so sing his reading log, his agenda, his math homework and his behavior chart. The agenda is basically saying that he has to do math and reading homework. If I don’t send it signed, she sends it back with a giant red circle around the missing signature. It’s like I’m back on second grade, and I am on the bad behavior list.

OMG!! I’m exhausted reliving my day!

It was 10:25 pm when I finally headed to bed. Roger was still watching the Debate, so after I turned off the lights I left him the nightlight on, so he could still change and not have to get ready for bed in the dark.

Only he wasn’t having a good night, and couldn’t find whatever he was looking for in the dark and turned on the light around 10:49 pm. I know because it woke me up. I wanted to strangle him, but something tells me, those are normal feelings for being woken up after 15 minutes of sleep.

I finally fell asleep again at 11:00. And Guess What?? the next day, I forgot that lunch I packed the night before!

So, that was my day! Mondays are always crazy busy at work and at home.

How long is your day?
Do you have to sign everything the teachers sends home? 
When was the last time you had a Philly Cheesesteak? 
Are you hungry for lunch before you finish your breakfast? 
Any Neck pain relief ideas? 


  1. Ibuprofen and coffee in the morning, and then ibuprofen and wine at night. Neck pain is the WORST. That day in the life sounds long! Yeesh. And yes, we have to sign frigging EVERYTHING up here too. I make an assembly line out of it. GAHHHH.

    1. I'm giving ibuprofen a try when I get home for sure!!

      I think what makes my days longer is that I work 9.5 hours / day! :~O

      I do an assembly line and a check list too!

  2. Man, I thought my days were long. I'd be turning off the AC all the time. I hate feeling cold and I get cold quickly.

    1. I hate being cold too! I think it causes me pain!

      I know my post was long... and I didn't even include what I did at work all day!

  3. I am tired just reading all of that! You work so hard, Ana! I am sorry about the pain in your neck. I never had that type of pain. Do you have any idea what caused it? Your lunch looks SO DELISH. I eat breakfast around 7:40 but I am hungry for lunch normally around 10-11. I don't eat until 11:40 though, so depending on how hungry I am, I have a snack. 7:10 is very early for school! Does Love Nugget go to a before school program or is that what time it starts?

    1. I knew this was going to make others tired! But it really is how my day was, not including bits at work.

      I eat my breakfast slowly... like first I have my oatmeal and wait to have my yogurt, then my coffee. Most days, I'm still drinking coffee by 1!

      I slept on my neck wrong. I was worried about my son and his bee sting, so I slept on his bed for half the night, and he kept kicking me, so I fell asleep in a really weird angle.

      Yes, my son goes to the before and after school program. He gets dropped off early and picked up after 5:00 because I work an extra hour from Monday to Thursday, but get every other Friday off. And on those Fridays I pick him up and drop him off, and I help out in this class. On the days I have off, he gets dropped off 2 minutes after the bell, so I feel I make up for dropping him off early.

  4. Oh my I am tired from reading it! LOL I know how it is though, some days just toss all the stuff at you. I hope that neck pain is getting better! That is crazy....maybe you need a new pillow ???
    YOur lunch comment cracked me up because i already ate my lunch today! I didn't even make it until 11:30 today lol
    I love the hat!
    I am same way, I just skim into work usually right on time or two minutes behind lol It is hard since I run in the morning a few times a week.

    1. I think my son needs new pillows! I stayed on his bed and slept funny with my neck all twisted.

      My sister told me that she always eats her lunch early too!

      I am always late for work! If I ever get fired, it will be because I arrive late a lot!

  5. I am exhausted just reading about your day! I'm impressed you made it through all that and still made a homemade dinner with that pain.

    1. Thank you Chaitali! I cook a fresh meal most of the days, except when my son has a sport or activity after school. I could buy a prepped meal, but that's not the way I grew up.. and I really enjoy my food.

  6. Oh man, I am so sorry about that pin in the neck. I've had that before and it's awful!b

    I have to eat lunch t 10:45 am so I am starving by the time I get home from work!

  7. I am really sorry about the neck pain. I've also experienced it before and it is the worst feeling, ever. I am hungry pretty much all the time, LOL. Usually I am thinking about lunch when I am eating breakfast!!! You are a superwoman for everything you do during your day!!!


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