Other Plans and Ideas for 2016

Last Year I didn't make resolutions, and didn't set goals. I knew I wanted to run more, read more, spend more time with my son and fiancé, and spend quality time with my family. All of which I did, and was happy with achieving.

But this year I'm giving myself more goals, and plans... Goals with numbers and dates, plans with a purpose!

I want to run 600 miles this year- I did 400 last year, and wasn't fully committed to all my long runs. But this year I want to take it more seriously.

I will read/listen to 85 books. I have two audiobooks ready to go and 3 books I got for Christmas. My library card will be my most awesome friend!

I will be more present with my son. The iphone will be put away when he is home with me. We will work on his homework and go to bed. No Instagram for me until my son is sleeping and his lunch is packed.

Zumba 2 times a week! Art in Motion Fitness in Lemoyne makes this an easy goal to complete.

Art in Motion Fitness Halloween Party- I was Selena

I will start doing weights again. Will do weights 2 times a week! My goal is to do 3 pull ups by July.

My best friend.... and worst enemy

I will plan my meals better- I suck at cooking.... I hate cooking... it's my feminist side... it refuses to submit to cooking. I'm a good cook, I just enjoy not having to cook more.


So maybe if I give myself a goal- Cook 4 times a week.

Hike 4 new parks- We love Hiking! and have found amazing parks all over PA, this year we want to find more parks! and for sure make it to Ohiopyle State Park!

And as always I want to spend more time with my family!

Things I want to give up in 2016

McDonalds Quarter Pounders- I love those! but they do me no good at all!
Coke- I'm coming closer to giving it up all together, I still crack once a week.
Things I don't need- I've been staring at a pile of clothes for 3 months, and have needed not 1 thing from that pile. Time it goes to Goodwill!


  1. These are great goals! I especially like the fact that you're also removing bad things from your life as well. Good luck!


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