Training Week January 17- January 23

Marathon training is kicking my butt! my legs hurt right now, and I barely ran yesterday.

Sunday January 17th

  • 14 Miles, Half Marathon pace. I begrudgingly skipped Sunday Zumba for our super long run. This Is MY LONGEST RUN EVER!

Monday January 18th
  • Rest Day- Martin Luther King day, my son had off school, we donated a few bags of stuff to Goodwill.

Tuesday January 19th
  • Zumba with Susan
  • Hip Hop with Denise
  • 1 mile of sprints, with walks in between

Wednesday January 20th
  • Body Weights with Roger- 3 sets of each, Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press machine, pistol squats, Russian twist and V ups. - I know I complain, but without Roger's training, I would have never gotten better at running.

  • 1 hour of Zumba with Denise

Thursday January 21st
  • Rest day

Friday, January 22nd

We skipped Weights to get groceries for the impending Blizzard.
  • 8 mile easy run- I knew that with the incoming storm, there was a high possibility that we will 1. be staying home all day Saturday, and 2. Our Sunday Long Run would be postponed. About 4 miles into the run, I realized that the local Taco Place was open, and that I was within running distance to it. So I decided to finish my 8 miles close to the MidState Taco and grab some tacos for lunch.

Total Miles - 23

Weight training -1

Zumba - 2 hours

Other - 1 hour

This week I really want to make it to Yoga, my legs are begging for a good and long stretch.

Looking at the amount of snow on the road, looks like our runs will be on the treadmill this entire week.

Thinking about a 5K on Sunday, if I can manage a long run on Saturday.

How was YOUR training week?! Conquered / tried anything new?