Currently Reading 1.19.16

I keep getting a feeling that it's almost the end of January, yet, it's only January 19th. It has been a terribly busy and crazy month, but I'm on my 4th book for the year.

The first week back at work I read Olive Kittridge by Elizabeth Strout (2)-
It was an interesting read. I stared out thinking that the main Character Olive Kittridge was a mean old lady, but the more I listen, the more I realized that she was not, she just had certain expectations of people. And I'm honestly tired of people making women out to be mean and cold, just because we have certain expectations and know what we want. The short stories in between kept me confused, but the book was good. I'm considering watching the TV series.

Why I read this book- this was a book I didn't finish for bookclub, and since it has been 4 years and I was still thinking about it, thought it would be a good idea to go back and finish it.

Dept of Speculation by Jenny Offill (3)-
This book was a little haunting. Most of it is the inner dialogue of a woman, who get married, and has kids. It was almost like her darkest thoughts written on a book. Maybe it was because I just finished Jenny Lawson's book, but this one felt like I was still listening to Jenny Lawson, except less funny.

Why I read it- I found it on a Buzzfeed list of best fiction of 2014.

The Paying Guest- by Sarah Waters (4)

I'm still working on this one, it is quite a page turner, once I got past the beginning. ** Warning: Lots of spoilers ahead**

This is the story of a 26 year of *Spinster* and her mother in Post WWI England. Having to take in lodgers to be able to stay in their house. The Lodgers Lillian and Leonard Barber, bring in a different life to the house. Lillian invites Frances to a party and the hook for the book comes in when Frances reveals to Lillian that she is a Lesbian. Lillian at first appears to want nothing to do with Frances after the revelation, but shortly after they both begin an affair.

I was completely hooked, and knowing that their relationship was prohibited at their time. They had no options on their relationship, she is married, they couldn't live together.

I just kept thinking that I couldn't be as brave as they were, and thinking of how we currently live in a "Do what Makes you happy" world, and back then women lived in a "Do what you can to stay alive, to fit the norms, to keep your family happy". We are spoiled.

Why I read this book - it was in the NPR list of Best books of 2014, and they only let me down once. NPR Review here.

What are some books you are reading now? Any books surprise you lately?