Dewey Beach Patrol 10K Race Recap

I had no plans to do this race, only did it because my sister wanted me to do it with her. I drove down to my parents Saturday night, and we left early that morning for the race.

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Race info
Registration fee- $35, we registered the morning of the race.
Goodies- Orange Woman's cut tech shirt. Food after the race.
Race Website

When my alarm went off at 4:15 am, I started questioning everything! why am I up this early? What if I'm not awake enough for the race? Did I eat enough? why didn't we stay at Dewey? Is Dunkin Donuts open yet? Can I stop at Wal-Mart to pick up the New Harry Potter book?

I shook it off, and reminded myself that this was about my sister, it was her race and I was there for emotional support more than anything else.

We headed out at 4:45 am. It was a 2.15 hour drive. We got bagels and coffee. By the way, if you have never blasted Don't Stop Me Now by Queen in the car at 5:00, I highly recommend it. Best way to start your day. Bonus points if you do a hand choreography as if you were auditioning for Glee!

Ok, I'm completely derailed and we haven't even gotten to the race yet!

We arrived, we registered. We lined up for the bathroom... honestly again... why does everybody take what feels like forever in the bathrooms before a race? Pull pants down, pee, poo, pee again, wipe, wipe again, pull pants up, flush and leave. It's not ponder the meaning of life time!

The 5K was starting at the same time as the 10K. The Race Director announced that they knew it was hot and that it would be ok if any of the 10Ks wanted to switch to the 5K, that they understood.

The race started at 8:05. We ran out to the highway, around the neighborhoods, behind a housing complex.

To say that it was hot would be stating the obvious. Sun was glaring, it was humid, temperatures were around 82 with little breeze.

I saw a runner wearing speedos... I wished I was wearing a bikini. I saw a barefoot runner, and was grateful for my sneakers.

My sisters and I have what we call the Maria Rule, named after the sister who created it. "Don't feel bad if you have to leave me behind, run your own race." (Which meant she would not going to feel bad about leaving us behind)

I ran along my sister for about .25, then started passing a lot of people. I ran the first 3 miles, and kept pushing to keep moving, but I was just too hot. I stopped and took off my tanktop and ran in my sports bra. After the turn around, I saw my sister coming, she was running and was running strong.

Around this time, my mp3 player died, smack in the middle of a really good song! I switched to the music on my phone.

At water stops, I was picking up two cups, one to sit, and another to dump on my head. Walking breaks were taken... I wasn't in this for a better 10K Time, I was here for my sister.

Around mile 5.65, my current favorite song came on my phone and that was my cue to run the rest of the race. The song is 3.30 seconds, and I wanted to finish with the song.

I ran, and realized that as hot as it is, when running, I could at least feel the tiny bit of breeze and didn't have time to think about the heat.

I crossed the finish line, the clock said 59.58 last I saw it. I got lots of water.

Post run sweaty selfie... I was really digging my sweaty look

I have a bad habit of wearing my medal as a handbag, instead as in my neck.

My other sister and I waited for Sister #4. She came in strong at 1:15 with the biggest smile on her face! she got her medal and we congratulated her.

We went to the bay side restaurant where the  post race refreshments were.

I went to get my sister some Gatorade, and stopped to check my time. The person at the table told me I got third on my age group and to collect my prize, which was a wine glass. And they baptized me with a new name... Now I go by Willsnier ... this timing agency has a habit of changing my name. Last year I was Aia... you know, because an N looks a lot like an I.

I cover by belly with my shirt, there was not way I was going to stand next to flat six pack for a picture with my giggly parts.

We walked to the beach to soak our feet for a few minutes, and for some pictures.

My  pale "Runner" feet
Sister #3 and Sister #4
Beach Selfie!
We had pizza for our lunch, it was super cheesy and yummy!

Do you question everything when you are up very early for races?
How is your runners tan doing this summer?
Has your name gotten changed in a race?
When running with friends or family members, do you run at their pace? or each woman for their own?


  1. Ha, I loved your 4:15am thoughts included whether you could pick up the HP book at Walmart :) And way to go with that 3rd place age group finish!

    1. ja ja! Thank you Chaitali! I only question the important stuff that early in the morning.

  2. I've never really run a race with friends or family. I've been trying to convince the BF to train for a half with me. He's done a few & finished at a similar pace to me. But, I think he would make me promise we would truly run it together & that I wouldn't leave him, so I think we would need to pick a non-PR course. Haha.

    1. Good luck with picking a race to train for together!

      Training with a Significant other is hard! especially for the men! their egos get bruised real easy! But I'm sure you will manage it just fine.

  3. Way to go on the 3rd place! I love when a race ends at the beach and I can go and soak my feet.

    1. Thank you Heather! Beach Races are amazing! especially when it's hot!

  4. Wow congrats on the placement! I love doing beach races. I've often done VA Beach and Atlantic city races. How far is Dewey Beach from the Harrisburg area?

    1. Thank you Meranda,

      Dewey Beach is 3.5 hours from Harrisburg, not including traffic, and bathroom stops. It's a very cute small beach town!

  5. Fantastic job, Willsnier! You are so fast! When I'm planning to race with someone, we usually talk about our goals and see if they line up to see how long we'll end up running together.


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