Weekly Wrap: VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #10

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Thank you  Holly and Tricia for hosting the Weekly Wrap post! Linking up with these lovely ladies today.

Monday: Zumba with Susan, and 2 miles of track exercises and sprints.
Birthday Miles : 3.4 miles
Friday: 2 easy miles and weights
Saturday: Zumba with Denise and Susan and 5 tempo miles
Sunday: 10 Miles Progression Long Run
Miles : 24
Zumba : 2
Weights: 1
I turned 34! and celebrated by going to the Back to School night and Meet the teacher night at school! and by running 3.4 miles.

The president of the PTO said the funniest things I've heard "Come and help us out in events, we won't look at you like weirdos".... it's funny, because they always look at me like I have 3 heads and 5 hands when I'm there to help, they all just stare and look confused.

Thank you to my dear co-workers for my cake. I'm sorry that I don't like butter cream or chocolate, this guys rock!

Sweaty 3.4 miles

On Saturday to continue the birthday celebrations, we drove to Philly for a change of scene. I had half of a glass of Sangria and for dessert we had ice cream, the day turned out to be beautiful!


Sunday was my last training long run, as Virginia Beach Rock 'n Roll half is next Sunday. I made it a progression run that wasn't as progressive as I would have wanted. Picking hills for the middle of the distance was not my best idea. But I was happy with my pace. After that half glass of Sangria the day before, I was thirstier than in any other training runs.

The View at the end of my long run

Late Sunday night, I saw in Twitter that beloved Mexican singer, and song composer Juan Gabriel passed away Sunday Morning. It is very sad, he has written over 1,800 songs, and his songs have been performed by EVERYBODY in the Latin music scene. I grew up listening to all of his songs, and watching his concerts on TV. Thank you JuanGa for the memories!

I leave you with this song, one of his best. Somebody once broke up with me with this song. Aside from the breakup, it's a great song.

So, here I come Virginia Beach! ready for this Half Marathon!

How was your weekend?
Member of the PTO?
What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Favorite Sangria? Red or White?
What artist did you grow up listening to?
Anybody broken up with you in a song? or is that only Mexican melodrama?


  1. Happy birthday and good luck with your race !
    My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

    1. Thank you Karen! Coffee flavor ice cream is delicious! Starbucks used to have a caramel macchiato ice cream that I loved!

  2. I read it as Sangria and Ice Cream, like a Root Beer Float - the ice cream in the Sangria. Depending on the flavor, that could be yummy! Good luck next week!!

    1. That would be interesting! but I think it would go better with some water ice or sherbet... like a sangria sherbet! We need to market this!

  3. Happy birthday! And I'm impressed you ran all those miles after zumba. Way to go :) I pretty much like all sangria but if I have a choice, I tend to go with white.

    1. Thank you Chaitali! I like white apple cider sangria! cant' wait for the fall to have some!

  4. I thought of you when I saw Juan Gabriel passed away. I hadn't heard of him but I know you love Latin music...

    1. Aww ! thanks Wendy! that is very sweet of you!

  5. Aw I am so sorry Juan Gabriel passed away. :(

    Happy Birthday!!! 3.4 miles is perfect for 34. :)

    Red sangria fo sho!

    1. Thank you Megan!

      Maybe one day I'll do 35 miles for 35 years? Maybe i'll make it a week project.

      Red sangria is so delicious!

  6. I like the 3.4 miles :) perfect!
    I love red sangria but it will suck my energy! One drink and all i can do is run easy the next day lol
    I hope you have a great race in VA beach! Our weather has been crappy, so it may be a sweaty race but it has been sweaty all of training right lol actually the beach is almost 3 hours from me, maybe the breeze will feel good there I have no idea lol I think I will be in MD for the weekend.
    Music is very powerful to me.

    1. Thank you Karen! I have prepared for sweaty and hot... maybe that's why I didn't make it a point to complain too much about the heat!

      3 hours? VA is a big state! It's going to be a 5 hour drive for us from PA.

      How fun! where are you going to in MD?

    2. My FIL lives in Dundalk lol not too exciting!
      The traffic between here and the each is usually pretty tough. It can take about 2 and half hours on a good day :) but that weekend is usually busy.

    3. It looks like we will be driving by each other on the highway!

      Dundalk doesn't look too bad, it's looks like there is a lot of water around it!

  7. Happy birthday!! I love that you celebrated with 3.4 miles...how perfect!

    That sangria looks SO refreshing! YUM!

    1. Thank you Ali!

      The sangria was great! a bit strong, but good!

  8. Ha when I turned 45 there was no way I was doing 4.5 miles so I took my birthday d/m/y and added it all and it can to like 106 and I did 1.06, Funny how we do that! Sounds like you had a great week! I never did the PTO after my daughter got out of elementary. I must have looked like that too! Good luck in VB I hope it is a great race and cooler!!

    1. Tricia, I know that Karen did something similar.. that was my back up plan, 1.12 miles if I was too tired, but I pushed for the 3.4

      Thank you! I'm excited for the Race!

  9. I helped at my kids school when they were little (years ago). I room sat a few times while the teachers had a meeting or luncheon. It was so stressful! LOL. Congrats on your last long run before your half. You'll do great! You had a nice view at the end too. Thanks for linking, Ana!


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