Books 3.11.16 - Harry Potter... Again... Always

I have read/ listened to the Harry Potter books more times than I can count anymore.... lost count after 4. I simply LOVE the Harry Potter series and whenever I find myself wanting  Harry Potter fix, a re-read of the series is the only solution. Other people might love the movie and watch the movie several times, but at the risk of angering other Potterheads, I'm ready to admit that the HP movies are not my favorite. I find myself yelling at the TV "that's not how it happened", or "That's not even in the book". I give up, and just walk away.

This week, after a 12 week wait, I'm in The Goblet Of Fire by JK Rowling (14), and questions still come each and every time... so far I have

1. Did anybody (other than Hermione) read Hogwarts, A History, and related to that
2. When will JK Rowling release the Muggle version of such book?
3. Hermione creates SPEW, in order to protect the Elves... but is anybody at all concern about the treatment of other Magical creatures? I mean, the abuse to those dragons at the First Task!! they are tortured, thinking that the champions are coming to get the eggs ? all of the amusement of the wizards? Can we say Dragon abuse?
4. Does Dumbledore ever address Professor Snape's bullying of other students? Every time I hear the part in which Draco insults Harry and Hermione, and then Draco attacks them, giving Hermione huge teeth, Professor Snape's response is that he sees no difference! AGH! I am a fan of Snape, but that bullying of Hermione just gets me! I get that Hermione reminds him of Lily and he feels that he has to be mean to her, to keep up with the act, but it just drive me crazy!
5. Why didn't Moody / Barty Crouch Jr. just take Potter to Voldemort from the beginning of the year, instead of waiting a WHOLE year!!
6. Does anybody else find Mad Eye Moody's magical Eye creepy?
7. I find it very disturbing that Barty Crouch Jr only spent one year in Azkaban, but was all crazy... but Voldemort still called him a dedicated follower.
8. Are all Witches in HP stay home moms? Is there such a thing as Wizard Child Care?

I also finished the following books:

Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham (15)

I was not expecting this to be an awesome book, but remember seeing Craig Ferguson interviewing Lauren Graham on his show, and wanted to read the book since. The book was ok, the main character was overly harsh on herself about everything, yet she refused to see that the actor boyfriend was a total jerk and that the nice guy friend had feelings for her. I get bored listening to books with actors in it, this was not an exception. I was more waiting to hear about her starting on Gilmore Girls, but since it wasn't an autobiography, that never happened.

Little Bee by Chris Cleave (16)

I remember seeing this book in many airports in the last few years, so I finally decided to pick it up. It was a very interesting book, the contrast of the needs for Sarah and Little bee is very interesting. Sarah is trying to figure out her life after her husband committed suicide, and manage an affair, and Little Bee is just trying to stay alive and not get sent back to the country where she could face death. The book was good, but I was expecting more... I don't know. It was so sad to hear how much the little kid was struggling with the death of his father.

I have accepted my sister's request to read How To Be Single, and then we will go see the movie. That's the trick with me, invite me to a race and I'll go, invite me to read a book, and I'll read it. I wasn't originally interested in the book, the description doesn't sound like something that can hold my attention. I hope to be surprised!


  1. Love Harry Potter! So excited for the new one to come out :)

  2. Me too! I am super excited for more Harry Potter!! Thanks for stopping by!


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