Gettysburg Marathon Training Week #11

Last week I skipped my training log, and did a Good Bye to Rita instead, after she passed away unexpectedly. Her passing had an effect on training for Roger, who had been with Rita for 13 years. So this week, trying to bounce back, and recover from the R 'n R DC Half Marathon.

Monday- Rest day.
Tuesday- Blue Man Day
Wednesday - 1 hour of zumba, and 30 minute easy run
Thursday - Rest
Friday- 20 mile long run
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - 6 mile progression run, 3 easy miles and 30 minutes of weights

I hope everybody already knows this, but use this as a cautionary tale... tell your friends that you have a friend, who has a friend who this happened to....The Saturday of the Half Marathon, Roger and I used the portable toilets before starting the race. We waited a long time in line to use them. Race started at 7:30, but there were lots of corrals, leaving every 2 minutes. We were still in line when the first 5 corrals were released. Roger is *always* way cautious about his hygiene, to the point of having a germ phobia that I find disrupting. But this ONE time, he didn't use the hand sanitizer in the portable toilet, and 24 hours later, he had the stomach flu.

In addition to grieving the loss of Rita, he was sick for 3 days!

Monday I was still at little sore from the half marathon, nothing too intense, just light soreness on my quads. Used the day to work on homework with my son, with the always present promise of a balloon fight.

Tuesday was supposed to be my weights and running day, but since I had been a total Runhole to my sister for her birthday, I got us tickets to go see The Blue Man Group at Hershey Theater. I walked around Hershey for about 45 minutes while waiting for my sisters to arrive. It was a cool day, and the only improvement would have been a hot mocha to keep my hands warm.

The show was very entertaining, very different from anything I have been to before, I would definitely go back to it, but get closer seats this time.

After the show, the band and the Blue men were walking around the exit area, taking pictures and interacting with people. My sisters say that I have a random celebrity obsession, because I had to ask to get our picture taken with one of the Blue Men, and I think they are right!


Wednesday was back to Zumba day! I hadn't been back since March 14, it always feels so strange to not go there twice a week!

After, I ran an easy 30 minute run around the park. 3.2 miles total.

I don't know why Sheetz had this billboard right by the .25 mile marker on the running path, but it makes me mad.
Cloudy sunset after the run

Thursday was a rest day. My son didn't have any homework to finish and we had an epic pillow, balloon fight in his room.

Friday long run- The day was a warmer than other runs we had, and sunny but there were 20 MPH winds in the open fields. Wind, and all, the 20 miles got done.

Coming down from Shank Park, the ducks enjoying the warm weather and sun
I have run by this place a lot of time, and this was the first time I saw the sheep!
The path up to Shank Park
Fighting the wind back to the car... at mile 19 of the 20 mile run

After the run, between veggie pad thai, and cheesecake, I finally signed up for the Gettysburg Marathon. I've been training for this Marathon since early December, but agreed with Roger that we wouldn't sign up until we had run 18 miles. I was anxious about this for the rest of the weekend, and still my stomach gets all fluttery thinking about it.

On Saturday Morning my son woke up with a runny nose and a small cough. We made whole grain waffles sticks and enjoyed some cuddling and watching Matilda.

Sunday we woke up to cooler weather than the week before, but after a trip to a bookstore, we were all ready to run our progressions.

We picked up a Harry Potter Wand for my son, and I got a Chelsea Handler book and Catcher In The Rye

Maybe the last time I'm wearing my warm leggings for the season

Miles - 32.2
Zumba - 1 hour
Weights - 30 minutes

Next Race: Bunny Palooza 10K in Bethany Beach

The next two weeks my son has spring break, he is scheduled to be with me for Easter this year and this will throw my training schedule for a wild spin.

Have you ever gotten sick from touching something gross at a race?
Have you signed up for a race that makes you nervous?


  1. Just to alleviate any guilt about skipping the hand sanitizer...most of them don't kill the germs that cause stomach flu. You need soap and water. Trust me on this one!

    Can you believe I"ve never been to Blue Man Group?

  2. Yea, trust Wendy, she's a medical professional!

    Congrats on signing up for the Gettysburg Marathon! I felt like that when I signed up for the Goofy Chaallenge!
    The 10K at bethany beach sounds so fun! I'll definitely be tuning in for that recap!

  3. Yea, trust Wendy, she's a medical professional!

    Congrats on signing up for the Gettysburg Marathon! I felt like that when I signed up for the Goofy Chaallenge!
    The 10K at bethany beach sounds so fun! I'll definitely be tuning in for that recap!

  4. I'd trust Wendy too. :)

    Congrats on making a decision to sign up for the marathon. Its never an easy decision to commit to a goal race.

  5. I am with you, I kind of have a celebrity obsession too. I am glad to hear you signed up for the marathon in Gettysburg. I was tempted to to the half in Hershey. I heard it is a great one to do.

  6. You inspired me and I finally signed up for the race today too! Eek I'm kind of nervous about it but I know I can at least finish and that's all that matters, right? This weekend I'm visiting Dan's family who lives in Carlisle and I'm going to try to get down and run some of the race course. Not many places around Carlisle to get in 16 miles!

  7. I hope your son is feeling better! Balloon fights and pillow fights sound like so much fun!

    I hate to say that the last time I had a horrible stomach flu was the night after the Rock n Roll San Antonio half a few years back. I was violently ill the night after the race, and I'm sure it's because of using the disgusting portajohns during the race.

    Congrats on signing up for your marathon!

  8. Thank you Wendy! This time there were no portable sinks for hand washing, any other suggestions on not catching a stomach bug in a run?

    Blue man group was pretty cool! very different than any other show!

  9. Thank you! We are very excited for Bethany beach! I have always been amazed at those to run the Goofy Challenge, and very jealous!

  10. Thank you Kathryn! I keep telling myself I will survive it. Last year at this time I was very anxious of running a 10K, and I survived it, It motivates me just to see how far I've come!

  11. Thank you Nicole! I say if you see a celebrity and you like their work, ask for a picture! because we all know, if there is no picture, it didn't happen!

    The Hershey Half is really awesome! it seems the whole town comes out to cheer on the runners, and everybody is very supportive. Check it out if you have a chance! we hope to run it again this year!

  12. Way to Go Gretchen! That is so awesome! Yay! we will be running Gettysburg Marathon! That is super exciting!

    yes, We know we can finish it, even if we have to walk some of it! we got this!!

    I'm sad to say that I will not be here this weekend, would have loved to meet you for a run at Gettysburg! I haven't run in Carlisle yet, but if you need to, check out Wildwood Park in Harrisburg. It's a 3 mile loop by a lake with a combination of hills and flat mile. I would suggest Harrisburg too, but if you don't know the area, I would hate to send you to get lost somewhere unfamiliar to you.

  13. Thank you Raquelita! The balloon pillow fight was something we came up with a few weeks ago, it's so simple and he has so much fun! it has become my go to plan.. as in "finish your homework, so we can have more time for a balloon fight". He loves it! it wraps up our days very nicely!

    OUch on getting sick after the San Antonio race! as a runner, I appreciate Portable toilets, but using one after hundreds of people is a very different experience!

  14. I have been trying to make more time for reading! Blue man group is amazingly fun

  15. Thank you Deborah! I'm sorry for taking so long to answer back.

    Blue Men were a great show! I'm glad my sister got us to go!

    I've been slowly stacking up books by my nightstand, and adding two more isnt' helping any.


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