Marathon Training Week #9

What a crazy busy week! I cannot believe the distances that we covered this week! And I'm starting to get really nervous about the Maratahon, but I need to stop myself and get excited for the upcoming Training Half Marathon!

After feeling somewhat sick, this week was full of new energy!

Monday February 29th

Rest Day

My boy (aka Love Nugget) lost his second tooth! And the tooth fairy left a glittery mess in his room! Also, I read that some Tooth Fairies are much more generous, some give up to $10! This house only gets $1 per tooth.

Tuesday March 1st- Hill Training
.25 mile hill repeat x 6, total : 2 mile ( Hill training is rough, but it helps me so much with speed)
1 hour zumba with Dana :~( - Very slow zumba class, was barely out of breath. I'm sad that this was such a slow class.

Wednesday March 2nd

1 hour of Zumba with Denise
30 minutes Weights with Roger - my abs and arms were sore for 3 days after this one.

Thursday March 3rd - Rest

Friday March 4th- Long Run

18 mile long run- Roger and I had planned for this to be a 19 mile run, but we cut it back 1 mile, because I had been sick the week before. It was a cold and breezy day, so I was glad for 10 less minutes of cold weather, even though I ended up outside waiting for Roger to finish his 17 miles.

Jonathan Eshenaur Memorial Trail, looking at the beast of a hill ahead

The trail where we ran goes past Hershey Medical Center, so we often see the Life Lion getting ready to go somewhere. This day, they were running flying test.

Layering the socks before the long run, I love the Injinji Socks! Last run for my Nike Free Sneakers

Saturday, March 5th

Rest day- spent with my son and my family. I was very hungry the entire day ! And I'm not 100% proud of all my meal choices. We went to this lovely Vietnamese restaurant, and I ate my food, plus anybody's left overs. #noshame

One thing I ate that I was not ashamed of ! Udon noddles with chicken

Sunday March 6th- Progression run

9 Mile semi progression run. I had to do this one alone, Roger had a stomach bug on Friday after our long run, and was still recuperating Sunday. I ran the first 4 miles as progressions, took a short bathroom break and did the other 5 mile progressions. I was very surprised with myself, and how strong I was feeling for the last mile.

Time for new sneakers! Breaking in the Nike Free

The view of the empty road before I started my run

Total Miles - 29 Miles
Zumba - 1.5 (Dana's class only counts for .5, bc I didn't sweat)
Weights - 30 minutes

This week Goals:

* I have to really work hard on increasing my weight training sessions to 3 per week, no more  
* Short and easy runs this week, nothing longer than 6 miles until Saturday.

Next Race- Washington DC Rock and Roll Half Marathon: We finally signed up for the race, at the last possible minute I might add, and making a mental note to myself, don't sign up for a big race before going to bed, or I'll spend the night dreaming of the race.


  1. Looks like it was a great week of training!

    1. Thank you ! It felt good !!

  2. Congrats on the 18 miles! I think all the marathon training you are doing is gonna make your half coming up a breeze!
    P.S I think that tooth fairy that gives $10 is an urban

    1. Thank you ! I'm getting nervous for the half marathon, it will be a big race! But excited too!
      And I hope the tooth fairy thing is just an urban myth! He has a lot of teeth loose !

  3. Congrats on the 18 miles. I have to say that is a lot of miles.

    1. Thank you Nicole! Yes! Lots of miles, but it felt good to run them!

  4. What a great week of training! I too waited until the last minute to sign up for RnRDC. I wonder how many other people also waited until the last possible moment.

    1. Thank you Kathryn! we decided last minute to do it... It was between DC or a local race, and we've been wanting to run in DC for a while. I'm excited !

  5. I have heard crazy things about the inflationary strains Tooth Fairies have been under.

    You had a great week of training. I'm still not quite back into double digits for my long runs, so distances like 18 miles seem daunting to tackle again. You are going to rock your upcoming half!

    1. Thank you Raquelita! I'm excited! Last year 6 miles seemed impossible! It's awesome to see how all the training pays off !

      Good luck in hour training ! Thanks for stopping by !

  6. Great job this past week, especially after coming off a sickness. RNR DC should be a blast, especially if the weather continues to be so nice...fingers crossed!

    1. Thank you Janell!! From what I saw in Intagram, you had a great race!! Great job! Weather could not have been more perfect for the race


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