Going to a Race, is almost like going to a Party

I don't know about you, but I don't go to many parties nowadays. I work full time, I have a 7 year old and I'm training for a marathon. My schedule doesn't especially scream party animal. Aside from my family annual Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, I rarely attend parties. But I do go to races, many in a year. Once I was on the phone with my sister in our weekly "what's up with you?" calls. I had my first half marathon that weekend, and she asked me "how are you doing your hair, What are you wearing? which shoes are you taking?" and this all sounded like plans were being made for a party. Ever since then, the comparisons of going to a party and going to a race have been floating in my head.

With the upcoming Rock and Roll DC Half marathon, I've been running through this questions in my head:

1. What are you going to wear? The process of learning what to wear to a race led me to this awesome tool: What to Wear by Runners World. Answer a few questions about gender, weather, preferred feel and a suggested outfit comes up. That left me wishing there was a tool of that sort for parties.

Ready for the Harrisburg Glow Run. This is one of my favorite running outfits!

Which reminds me... when I was married, my then husband and I were going to his office holiday party. I asked him what the dress could was, and he said "Business casual". Perfect! Khaki pants, comfy shoes and sweater it was. Except, he was wrong. The dress code was formal. Women were wearing dresses and heels, and most men were wearing suits and ties.  I felt like a clown.

2. How am I doing my hair? my hair is currently at an awkward length, in which braiding it is impossible, but letting it down is not an option either. For a party, I  would just blow dry my hair into my normal do and add a small hair clip. For a race, I'm thinking a ponytail, and  will add my sports headband, because my bangs are also in the way of my eyes.

3. Who are you going with? Who will you see there? Roger will be doing the race with me, something which we are both very excited about. I have done a lot of races alone, but it is always more exciting to run with Roger or with one of my siblings. Last year I had the pleasure to run with most of my siblings, and it was pure awesomeness!


4. Who is going to watch the Love Nugget? When I started running, I made the decision to only do races on weekends when my son was with his father. But some pretty awesome races came up on weekends he was with me. I am very blessed to have a supportive family who love my son, so they are always willing to spoil watch him, while I run.

Love Nugget Running behind me at the Penn State Color Run

5. What will there be to eat? Easy, at races there is always half way green bananas, granola bars, water and if you are lucky... like super lucky... coffee! That is the one thing I miss about parties... the cheese tray! I wonder what would it take for races to have cheese trays?

The biggest table of Bananas I've seen at a race- Kat's Angels 5K

What are other preparations you make for a race? Any similar to parties?
What is your next race ? how do you decide on what to wear?