Weekly Wrap 7.16.17

Hi! how are you today? how was your weekend? I had an amazing week and weekend!

Monday: 5 miles
Thursday: 4.3 miles with Fleet Feet
Friday: Weights and 3 easy miles
Saturday: 8 mile trail run + 2.5 mile hike
Sunday: 8 mile easy run

On Monday I did 5 easy, super easy miles. I was still a little congested from my cold, and let myself walk a lot. After that I went grocery shopping... by the way, does it bother anybody else when the cashiers ask "Do you want everything in a bag? I always want to answer them "no, I intend to carry each and every item individually up to my house! taking 40 trips to bring in groceries is my idea of a workout !"

On Thursday I tried out the Karhu seakers with the Fleet Feet group. I didn't like the shoes, but the company and the run were pretty good. So far, this was my hottest run this summer, 90 F ( 32C ). The sweat and the stench were strong with me !

From Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg FB page

Friday was a busy day at the office, I did not set a single thing on fire! and I got most of my work done too! After work, and weights Roger and I ran in the local park. He ran 2.5 miles non stop, I couldn't keep up and took a walking break at 1.4.

Later on Friday night, I saw that my friend Jodi was going to be doing a run with the Appalachian Running company on Saturday morning on Boiling Springs. I have always been intrigued by those runs, so I put down my beer and started drinking my Nuun, as I planned to join her the next morning.

Saturday Morning, I was up with a trail run in my mind. The run did not disappoint! Because of the trees, it was cooler and the views were spectacular!


After the run, Roger and I had plans to go to Jim Thorpe PA and hike the Glen Onoko falls, and Jodi came along with us.

The hike was quite difficult, but it had amazing views of the falls and the mountains.


After the hike, we went for burgers and beers, because after climbing a mountain, we earned them!

Sunday was supposed to be 10 miles, but my legs and calves were not happy with me. I cut it short and did 8 miles only.

Also, I saw the strangest thing on my sun on Sunday... I was running by the fancy houses in Hershey, and turned to see a couple of trucks that were parked by the curve to see this ...

I guess the Lion is moving out!!

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Life Of P by Yann Martel.

How was your week?

How do you like your bags at the grocery store packed? Light or heavy?

Do you take all the groceries inside in one trip, no matter how many bags?

What has been your hottest run this year ?

Who got super lucky and met Kathrine Swizter at Chicago this weekend?


  1. I had to laugh out loud at the grocery bag comment because that very thing drives me nuts too!!! I stare back at them like are you kidding me? Because I usually have a toddler with me too, so it's even more impossible. Like what do they expect us to do? Stuff the 4L of milk into our pockets?!

    You had such a great running week! Cool about the hike too. I love waterfalls!

    1. Yes!! why do they always ask if we want the gallons in a bag!! the question should be, can we help you carry this to your car?

      This waterfalls were so amazing!

  2. Too funny about that lion. Was it a yard statue?
    Yea, I always want my groceries bagged too. I don't mind having so many plastic bags cuz I have a dog and ya know what those bags are good for!

    1. It looked like it was taxidermy lion... it looked like the family was moving out and that was how they chose to move the lion.

      bags are a must when you have a dog! so of course ! I bring my own bags, so it irritates me more that they even ask if I want everthing in a bag! It's like "Yes, that is why I brought all my 20 bags!"

  3. The lion looked stuff??! Omg, how did one acquire that.
    It really is nice to run on trails and have the shade, but I have not been yet this summer!
    I had a few 90 degrees runs, but i have to go painfully slow...I really don't enjoy it. usually it is in the upper 70's and low 80's in the morning, and I can barely hang on.
    I love hiking :) your spot looked really nice.

    1. Yes, stuffed dead (taxidermy) lion! it was strange!

      90s is rough!!

      The spot where we went is really cool, but also very steep.

  4. You got in a lot of good miles! Were you at the Trindle Rd AT Trailhead? I'm glad you got to hike Glen Onoko! Where did you get burgers and beers?

    1. Yes, we started at Boling springs and went to 641, maybe further. It was a nice morning for a trail run!

      We went to Stow Row Pub for the burgers and beer, it was a very hipster place. The burgers were excellent!

  5. Me! me! I met KSwizz!!

    I don't have issues with cashiers asking me if I need a bag. What I do have issues with is cashiers who struggle with bagging my stuff in my bags that I bring with me. Seriously, are they so inept that they can only use the plastic bags?

  6. This post makes me smile and not just because it tells me that we got to hang out a lot last week!! :)

    I like to bag my own dang groceries because, lets be honest, they have to be done my way lol.. otherwise I find myself wondering why they heck they packed certain things together??

    Hope you have a great week!! (see you tomorrow!!)


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