Hiking / Climbing Glen Onoko Falls

We have had the Glen Onoko falls on our list of places to visit for about 2 years, from when we visited Jim Thorpe PA. This weekend, we packed our stuff and finally visited the steep hill!

After running in the morning with my friend Jodi, I invited her to come along and she agreed to come ! It's always more fun to bring friends along!

On our drive there, our conversation lead us to egg slicers... and how wonderful they are! I used to have one, but dumped it years ago because it got rusty,  Jodi has one and says it's the most awesome kitchen tool! I am now wishing I had an egg slicer!

As soon as we got off the car, we walked over to try to find a map for the trails, but couldn't find any. We walked around trying to find the falls trail, and just followed the crowd.


By the creek there were some people hanging out by the water. This part was beautiful, with the mountains all around.

Once we found the trail, up the hill we went. The trail was small and crowded, there was a family with 4 kids, that were letting their kids hike on their own.... Which I found to be very irresponsible! This was a difficult hike, with slippery trails and steep trails.

The views of the waterfalls were amazing, and this pictures do not do their beauty justice.



Although we climbed a lot and the trails were steep, the scariest part was when we had to cross the 3 feet of a log... I don't know what made it scary, but all three of us took out time going across it and talked about how scary it was.


Another beautiful detail about this hike, was that just when we thought the waterfalls were done, there would be another waterfall. We lost count of how many there were!


We found a different trail back, because there was no way to go safely down this trail again.


We stopped at the train tunnel before heading back for food, we were all hungry, sweaty and tired!

After, we went to lunch at a hipster place in Jim Thorpe, in which TJ was king of all the tables, and sat us at the bar... probably because we looked tired and smelly. Boo, TJ! Boo!

This was a really fun day! Jodi is a good friend and we share the same sarcastic humor, we laughed, talked and hiked our way through the day, and it was amazing!

Do you have an egg slicer ?

What is your favorite Kitchen gadget?

Have you eaten at hipster restaurants?


  1. Oh this looks gorgeous. I LOVE waterfalls. I don't like hiking all that much but I can be convinced to do it if there are waterfalls up there. I don't have an egg slicer but I wish I did! I boiled 3 eggs yesterday so that I could make a Cobb salad for my friend who is coming over today and somehow Callum got his hands on the eggs and took bites out of all 3. Now I have to go buy more eggs today and do it all over again. :/

    1. Waterfalls are those amazing things that one can't stop looking at!!

      Egg slicers are magical!

      Ja ja!! I can imagine Callum eating the eggs! I used to eat the whites only when I was a kid.

  2. The waterfalls are gorgeous! Did you guys ever make it up to Ricket's Glen? We went last year and I guess we were in a drought because the waterfalls were sparse.

    I did have an egg slicer. I don't know if I even still have it. It's a cool gadget for sure but for me I just found it easier to cut eggs with a paring knife.

    1. Yes, we went last year, and the year before! we have to make it up there at least once per year. It's a long drive, but completely worth it!

  3. I drove through Jim Thorpe not too long ago for Ragnar! No idea what an egg slicer is, but I assume since I've been doing just fine without one I'll continue to survive. Also, this hike looks beautiful!

    1. Egg slicers are this magical device that give us even egg slices! and my life is not complete without it!

      This hike is fantastic! you and Mr. Sass would really enjoy it! I hope you make it out there!

  4. I love this hike and I'm glad you got to do it! Did you see people in the areas that were roped off and clearly said don't go there?

    1. Yes!! the youths did not care about the ropes!! We were all "nope, not gonna die for a picture!"


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