Harrisburg Mile 2017

Race Info
Cost: $20 + processing fee
Goodies: cotton shirt, sample toothpaste, outback coupon, Fleet Feet Coupon, sample of Biofreeze.
Weather : Started at 96 F ( 35.5 C), and finished pouring rain and 78 F (25.5 C).
Start Time: Waves of age groups and corporate teams. My group was to start at 7:15 pm.

We signed up for the Harrisburg mile because we wanted to see how we could do this year. Roger had in mind to beat his time, and complete the mile under 8 minutes. I had no goal, as I have not done any speed training since May, and calves were sore from the long run on Sunday.

As we arrived to the race, I saw my son running with his father. He gave us an energetic high 5 and took off flying ! He also made the online edition of the local paper, because he is so handsome!


As we waited for the race to start, Roger kept wishing for the clouds circling us to make an appearance and bring some rain, to cool off the very high temperatures at the race.

When we were warming up, he got his wish. All of the sudden, it turned dark, the wind started and the rain went off.

At first we waited it out by the start line, and started warming up, thinking the rain was just passing by. By 7:10, it hadn't stopped and the organizers made an announcement that the race was delayed, and will resume 20 minutes after the rain stopped.

The wind was picking up, but it helped turn down the temperature by about 20 degrees.
We went to wait by the building, by this point we were soaked. We saw some people starting to run, and we went and asked if we started, if our time would register. The volunteer said yes, but that he wasn't sure if they would honor any age group awards if we started early. We were soaked, and starting to get hungry. The rain didn't look like it would stop any time soon, so we lined up and went.

Thoughts that I was having while running a mile for as fast as I could, in the rain :

* Wow! it feels amazing to run in the rain
* It's only 1 mile, it's only 1 mile, it's only 1 mile, it's only 1 mile
* This feels good, I can keep up with this pace
* Woah! 6:55.. no, can't keep up with THAT pace for the whole mile
* Why are people slowing down, it has only been .25 of a mile!
* Move lady, move, I can't see!
* This is way longer than 1 mile, this feels like 3 miles
* It's only 1 mile, it's only 1 mile, it's only 1 mile
* Where is the midway point, it feels like I've been running forever!
* I can't see anything!!

 *** Did I say I had to run in my glasses? my eye was really irritated that morning, and I didn't want to make it worst by wearing contacts.

* My shoes are starting to feel heavy, definite downside to running in the rain.
* There is the half mile point!
* Wait, it has only been half a mile! UGH!!
* 7:10 pace, I might be able to maintain that, just keep breathing. Just keep breathing.

I took off my glasses for about 20 seconds, because I could not see a single thing with the rain hitting my face.

* Nope, still can't see, but at least the glasses are not bouncing in my face.
* Why is this guy cutting me off, we have the whole street, why is he cutting in front of me!! Move guy, move!!

I put my glasses back on, because I couldn't see anything.

My shoe came untied with .20 to go

* No!! I can't stop to fix my shoe!
* Run, Run, Run! you are almost there!
* Don't step on the lace, just move your feet faster!
* Finish line is almost there!
* 8:00 pace, that's fine, it's almost done!
* Finish line, finish line, finish line
* Don't' step on the loose lace!! DON'T STEP ON THE SHOE LACE!

My Garmin said 7:23, which was a huge surprise! I didn't think my body could do less than 8:30.

I waited for Roger, who was not far behind me. He crossed the finish line at 8:02. Not his plan, but 40 seconds faster than the year before.

After He finished, I tied my shoe and we walked back to the car. My glasses were full of water droplets and I could not see, I took them off and Roger directed me back to the car. My vision is really terrible, if somebody took my glasses and dropped me off in my neighborhood, it would take me a little while to get back home.

The rain was still coming down hard as we walked back to the car, and as soon as we started driving away, the rain stopped, and the sun came out.

The rest of the participants who waited out the rain started about 8:15. While I was disappointed to not have the whole Harrisburg Mile experience, because of the rain, I was glad we didn't wait around. We ran, we left to go eat dinner and were in bed by our normal time. The preliminary results made us look pretty good and fast.

My friend Jodi ran too!

This was a pretty long recap for running 1 mile!!

How fast is your mile?
Have you ran a 1 mile race before?
Have you ran in wind and rain?
Did I make this recap too long?
Do you have crazy thoughts while racing?


  1. Too bad about the weather! I would hate, hate, HATE waiting around. In fact, one reason I don't like the Hbg Mile is because it's at NIGHT and you have to wait around all day! My PR in the mile is from 4 years ago and I ran I 5:41. I was really proud of myself!

    1. Yes! waiting is not the fun part of this race!

      YOu could qualify for the elite with that time !! you are awesome!! that is one time to be proud of!

  2. I read every second and loved it all! I am amazed at the weather. I can't imagine having weather that drastic where it drops 20 degrees from the heat to rain and wind. I wish I was there so I could experience something like that! Our weather patterns are quite dull here. But anyway, nice job on the run, and Roger and your son too! I love it!

    1. It was a very interesting change, that is what made the night more memorable!

      We have been having a very stormy summer, where it goes from sunny to storms! it seems to be the trend this year!

  3. I love it!! That was a busy mile LOL but it is so different when you are trying to push all out.
    You are sooooo speedy! and congrats to Roger he ran a very strong mile :)
    Your son is very handsome :)

    1. Thank you Karen!!

      The mile is intense, because you are putting everything out in 1 mile!

  4. I like running in the rain when it's warm out too. This was fun to read congrats on the great time

  5. Ha, I loved this recap, not too long at all! In fact, I had similar thoughts during my mile race, "this seems longer than a mile"!

    I've never ran a race where we were corraled by age groups. I wonder what that would have been like?

  6. That sounds about right. What a wild night. I was actually happier to NOT run with the huge group. I felt so much more in control of my pace that way. Have a great week Ana!!


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