Enrique Bunbury- El Camino Mas Largo

Hello internet, and the three others who read my blog when it's not a link up.... Thank you for stopping by ! Today I'm doing two post, because I'm leaving for NYC in a couple of hours to go see Enrique Bunbury in Concert, and wont' be back until Thursday.

I am a huge fan of Enrique Bunbury. I have loved his music for almost 20 years, from when he was in Heroes Del Silencio, to his own stuff. A lot of his music is the soundtrack to my life, so naturally I have all his albums, tons of his DVDs, concert DVDs, and have seen documentaries. When I saw that there would be a Documentary of his Las Concequencias Tour, I planned to watch it. Even though it took a long time to come out!

I was fortunate to get it for Mother's Day and have been watching it this morning, here are a few things that I was blown away by from the Documentary (When I say he, I mean Enrique Bunbury)

The documentary follows him along a 25 city tour in The United States in 2010. Something that he had never done before, but wanted to experience. 
* He did shows in 25 cities in the USA. Which is amazing! Most Spanish / Latin America Singers tour only the *big* cities with big Latin American populations, say LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Huston. And possibly for a Spanish Rock band, this has never been done. Most Rock En EspaƱol Bands only play the big cities, because they don't attract huge crowds.

* He traveled with his partner, and his cat. Their cat died while on tour. That made me cry.

* His Partner Jose Girl became pregnant while on this tour. They are so creepily cute together! I love them!  She does all his photographs for magazines, and his albums.

* At most places he was having a show, he would walk around the city eating at local places, going to local shows. And NOBODY knew who he was. I would have died if I would have walked into him. DIED.

* He got sick a few times during the trip. Once with a terrible cold, another he had severe depression/ anxiety.

This song brings me back a lot of memories, and it almost always makes me cry when he sings it... I'm a song and movie crier.

*Some people were pretty rude to him, at one venue, they wouldn't let him sing the wall, and kept yelling at him that he wasn't allowed to sing the wall, that it was for performers only. He had just played a sold out a show for 500 people in that venue! I couldn't stop screaming at the screen "He is Enrique Bunbury!! Enrique Fucking Bunbury! A pioneer of Spanish Rock!"

* People in Salt Lake City were not allowed in his show because they didn't have proper Identification.- this one made me really angry. They had ID, but the venue chose to not accept it because it was a Mexican ID. I was annoyed that they never said if this concert goes were allowed in or if they were mad that they didn't get in... and I found it annoying too that Bunbury didn't go out and apologize to them himself, since it wasn't his fault!

*When a doctor came to see him to treat his cold, and asked if he was Mexican! Agrh! Not everybody who speaks Spanish is Mexican!

*A Spanish Woman asked if he was Joaquin Sabina... and he was very humble about the whole thing... saying "no, I wish I was as cool as he is".

* His Neighbor in LA called the cops on him when he was hosting a party with his band and his concert crew. He came out and apologized to her.

I have had the exquisite fortune to have seen him live 6 times.
2009- NYC The Fillmore
2010- Irving Plaza
2011 -Terminal 5
2011- The Fillmore (Miami)
2012- Washington DC
2014- The Fillmore Silver Spring

Today I'm going to New York City to go see him again... I'm very excited!

Off to NYC!!


  1. I'm one of your readers who reads even when it's not a linkup. =) I've never heard of Enrique Bunbury until now, but he sounds like an amazing performer! Have a fantastic trip to NYC and enjoy the concert. Can't wait to hear more details and see your pictures!!!

    1. Thank you Emily !! It was a great show !

  2. I've never heard of him either but I hope you have an amazing time! I love going into NYC!

    1. Thank you !! I had s great time in DC!

  3. I've never heard of him either but I hope you have an amazing time! I love going into NYC!


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