Things I Don't Want to Hear When PMSing

The Other night I was crying all over the place, hearing about the Orlando shootings is heartbreaking. I couldn't control my emotions at work, on the car or anywhere. I almost started crying too when somebody came in to the Zumba studio to pickup some tables... because my Zumba studio is closing at the end of the summer.

I didn't realized that I was PMSin until Roger asked me my most hated question at the end of the day: Ideas for Dinner?

Then I realized that it had been a very emotional and stressful day. I heard things that I don't like to hear when my hormones are controlling my emotions, and I thought of sharing those awful things here in my blog.

Things I don't like to Hear when PMSing

* We are out of scones

* We are also out of chocolate croissants

* I threw out your Honey Walnut cream cheese

* Ideas for dinner?

* Are you making dinner?

* Do you want to have salad for dinner?

* No, I'm not in the mood for Froyo.

* I don't want to Watch Buffy

* We are out of scones (second day in a row)

* We are also out of chocolate croissants (again, second day in a row)

 Who is eating all of the scones and
chocolate croissants in the
Lemoyne/Harrisburg Area before 7:00 am?

*Ana, Can you please look at this report? Andrea** didn't like how you did it. (** some names have been changed to protect the identity of those who make me angry)

* I drank the rest of your wine

* There is no more coffee

* I need to you attend a mandatory Meeting

So, while I go investigate the case of the missing scones and demand that my reports be accepted the way they are (The correct way), I'll leave you with this treasure by Carla Morrison, Dejenme Llorar, *Let me cry*.

Your Turn!! What are things you don't like to hear when PMSing? or just don't like to hear when in a bad mood, tired or mad?


  1. I HATE being asked what's for dinner. Even if I'm not PMSing, even if I'm just tired from a day of work...there's no collaboration in that question! It forces me to be in charge. I'd rather be asked 'Do you have any ideas for dinner?' because that way it's not all on me!

    1. Yes Ali! The dinner one gets me no matter when! I made a deal with my fiancé, never ask what's for dinner, I'll walk out and go get food for myself.

  2. The dinner thing. Every. Dang. Night. PMSing or not. LOL

    FIND THE SCONES! You must!

    1. Patty, still no scones to be found. I need to find a new bakery !

  3. OMG! The dinners question (we plan our dinners before one of goes to the grocery store) is so annoying. My spouse doesn't eat a lot of things, and I sometimes feel like our meal planning is either boring or frustrating or both. I hope you get a scone or a chocolate croissant soon!

    1. Raquelita, picky partners are so difficult! My fiancé only eats meat so many days a week, so his answer is almost always "I can't have that!"

  4. I seriously think we share the same brain because I can relate to every single line you posted here. Someone once said "What do you want to do for dinner?" or similar is the most-commonly asked question in any relationship and I agree 1,000%. I also dislike being asked to attend mandatory meetings or being told someone didn't like my work. It's the worst feeling! And who in their right mind isn't in the mood for froyo??? I could keep going....

    1. Thank you Emily!! Mandatory meeting that have NOTHING to do with my department drive me crazy!!

      The only way to not be in the mood for froyo, is when one is in the mood for real ice cream !


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