The New Loaded Question - Do You Eat Healthy ?

Groundbreaking Stuff going on here today!! A runner talking about food and eating!! No way!!  How could anybody possibly skip this?

People at work have taken to constantly asking me about eating, exercise and weigh loss. Random questions include, and are not limited to : How many calories is there in a chocolate frosted donut? How long do I have to work out to burn it off? What makes food organic? Is an organic frozen pepperoni pizza good for you? Do you eat bread? What do you know about the Paleo Diet? What's a Whole 30 diet? How can I lose 10 lbs. quickly?  I get asked so many questions, that I have an automatic answer "I am not a certified nutritionist,  I do not have answers for you."

But today, somebody asked me a very intense question... "Do you eat healthy?" Well, for me, that was no easy answer.

I cook most of my dinners, and *try* to stay away from McDonalds. It has been about 6 years since I last set foot in a Taco Bell. But I have a really hard time with avoiding Chick Fil A and the Wegmans pizza shop. Lunch tends to be my biggest meal of the day, and if I'm not doing any work outs, it can be pretty bad.

There are things that I don't like to eat, but the main reason for me is flavor, never a diet... this things can include granola bars, prepackaged cookies, frozen meals... those Lean Cuisine frozen things are something I wouldn't touch, because they have no flavor and they never filled me up (The two times I had one). I could give you a longer list, but again, that is because I am a picky eater, not because I'm on a diet.

Clean Eating seems to be the catch phrase that sounds most promising, but clean eating is a very challenging tasks, because at least for me, clean eating also means local items that haven't traveled the entire world to come to me... which could mean all I can have is the tomatoes my mom grows on her garden. A Friend from work told me that he was starting a Clean Eating diet, but when I told him that he couldn't have a white bread avocado sandwich, he said I was being too picky. I invited him to read the ingredients for his white bread.

I eat what makes me feel good, veggies, salads, fresh meals... and things that will help me with the running and workouts, more veggies, fruits, carbs... Always CARBS!

So, on this world of Fat Free, glutten free, low carb, non dairy, no sugar, oganic, non GMO, low fat, nothing yummy for my tummy... The answer that I gave to the "Do you eat healthy?" Question... It depends on what day it is, BUT I haven't had McDonalds in 2 weeks!

How about you?
Are you tired of runners talking about food?
Do random people ask you how to lose 10 lbs FAST!?
Do you consider yourself a healthy eater?
Anything off limits?


  1. I have had colleagues literally be HORRIFIED to learn that I don't "eat healthy." I love chocolate and cookies and more chocolate...And I hate that they assume, because I run, that I 1) eat super healthy, or 2) can eat that way because I'm naturally thin. They never seem to put together that one reason I can get away with junk food is because I exercise!

    1. Ali, eating healthy takes so much work! And I agree with you, as long as you are burning it off with exercise, it can be balanced.

  2. I would say I eat healthy but that is MY definition of healthy! It works for me. I used to over exercise and be a disordered eater so the fact that I don't count my calories anymore and don't worry about having a piece of cake for dessert is like FREEDOM to me.

    I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE the term "clean eating". When someone tells me they eat clean, I want to tell them to shut up.

    1. Megan, I cannot even begin to imagine having to count calories! And I'm gald that you no longer have to count calories !

      Clean eating is overrated and too much work!

  3. Oh my gosh YES! I actually have started a similar post. I get really frustrated with the whole food thing. Clean eating, gluten free, paleo, raw--whatever, none of it is going to make you run faster. Of course, if you eat McDs all the time, that will slow you down. But we aren't elites. Enjoy a little bit, right?

    I also hate seeing pictures of what people ate. I don't care. Really.

    1. Wendy, that's funny you don't like seeing pictures of what people eat!! I almost posted picture of my dinner!!

      Can't wait for your food post!

  4. I agree with you. I am used to try and it is really effective.

  5. OMG. People ask me all the time how to lose 10 LBs fast. I'm like umm, literally when was the last time I lost 10 LBs? These folks have seen me eat. I'm a bottomless pit. I have no answers for you!!! Or like, IDK, put down the cake & all the booze???

    I try my hardest to eat what makes me feel good. Or at least acknowledge that the McDonalds going into my body will not help me put my best foot forward & that I will need a Tums.

    And healthy eating to me doesn't need to look like healthy eating to anyone else. And I am SO SICK of the phrase "clean eating". UGH.


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