Throw Back Post- Going to NYC 2005

Hello world! how is everybody doing today? I hope you are having an awesome short week!

My sisters and I are getting ready to go to NYC next week for a concert, and planning it made me nostalgic and thinking about the first time that we went to NYC for a concert.

A brief history, when I was around 12 or 13, I discovered my first Rock en EspaƱol band, La Ley. I loved their music, it helped me through a lot of tough times. I became a huge fan, had all their CDs and dreamed of seeing them in concert.

Fast-forward to June 2005 and they were breaking up, and doing a final tour, and they were coming to NYC. I was working for an Out of School Youth program, and had made friends with other guys that worked in the agency. They were Mexican and also liked La Ley, so when the concert came up, David and Edgar said they wanted to come with me.

Now, this will sound strange to anybody who grew up in USA, but it's totally normal for us, as Mexicans. We had to ask my parents for permission to go. I was 22, and was getting married 2 months later, but my parents said that I couldn't go. It was in NYC, and they had no idea how to get there, or where it was.

So, my sister and I made up a story about having to be away for a training overnight. My parents had no trouble with letting us stay away overnight for work related things. We made up a flyer and all.. we sat down and agreed on all of our details, so that if asked we would be ready to provide answers. My younger sister was the only one who knew what we were doing, and told us later that she barely slept all night being worried about us.  

We had no real idea of how we were going to get there... we were not driving. We knew that. We decided to take the train in, we knew where the train stop was and we also knew the train would drop us off at the center of NYC.

We drove off to wait for the train, and didn't know where to find the parking lot for the train, so we parked on a random apartment building. We weren't sure that the car would be there when we got back, but our priority at the moment was to get on the train and off to NYC.... talk about being young and strange priorities.

The train ride from Downingtown PA was about 3.5 hours. We got to Penn Station by 6:30. We thought about taking a taxi to the concert venue, but we didn't have enough money, so we started to walk it. We figured out that we needed to  follow the numbers of the streets and the avenues, and got there 30 minutes before the show started.

The concert was amazing! I sang until my voice was gone, I cried when they did my favorite song, I danced, I screamed! Beto Cuevas, the lead singer, reached out to the audience and I touched his hand!! It was amazing! ...... Spoiler Alert.... 10 years after that, I got to meet the band for a meet and greet!

The concert had been held at a club, so after the concert we stayed and danced until around 4:00 am. We were going to take a ride back home with David and Edgar. But Edgar's brother was being a pain n the ass drunk. He drank so much at the club that he started fights with random people at the club, when we walked out of the club, he passed out on the middle of the street... really!! passed out drunk! I got mad at David and Egdar and told them I was done with them being total drunks and left them there... drunk on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 11th street. I grabbed my sister who was barely 19, jumped in a cab and asked the driver to take us to Penn Station.

We cleaned up some in the bathrooms at Penn Station, grabbed some coffee and muffins and jumped in a train at 5:30 am back to Downingtown. We were asleep for most of the train back. As the train turned the cornet to the Downingtown station, my sister and I were holding our breath, not knowing if our car would still be at the apartment building.... it was ! It was a huge relief! 

We don't know if my mom ever figured it out... it's been 11 years, and we haven't told her. I'm sure my Dad would laugh at us and say that he didn't care. My Mom would say that she wished we could have been honest with her. I don't know if I will ever tell her.

I'm sorry if you are reading this without pictures, I have some.. but having some difficulty downloading them. I'll add pictures later.. I promise.

Now your Turn...
Did you ever do anything without your parents permission?
Did you enjoy it?
Have you seen your favorite band/ singer in concert?
Have you ever been to NYC?


  1. Oh mannnn the ONE TIME I did something behind my parent's back (when I was a senior in HS) they found out and I got in HUGE amounts of trouble. I met a guy while they were out of town. I swear all I did was make out with him but honestly if he had wanted to take advantage of me, he could of, so I can understand why my parents were pissed off and worried. I had no intention of doing more than making out, but obviously I was too young and naive to know that it was a potentially dangerous situation. Luckily the guy was actually a nice guy and didn't do anything like that. I met up with him again when I was in college for a little "fling" again. We would chat on AIM all the time (remember aol instant messenger!?) and we would share out poetry, etc. So like emotionally we were really close but lived very far away so we only met up a couple times. It's actually really sad, I lost touch with him around in the summer of 2005. Right after that, I met Paul. About 4 years ago, I randomly thought about him so tried to look him up on FB. Well what I found was his obtiuary. :( He died in Sept 2005 and he was only 26. It hit me really hard because I know he killed himself. I mean, I don't KNOW he did because it didn't say that in is obituary, but the whole time I knew him he was very depressed and had attempted before, so I just knew that is what happened. I wrote his parents a letter but they never responded. I have some CDs he made for me. I used to listen to them alllllll the time. It is really sad.

    1. Oh my god! That is really sad! I'm sorry to hear! He sounds like he was a pretty decent guy.

      I remember aim!! It was awesome! We used to have it on whenever we were at the computer labs!

      I still have the mix CDs my hex husband made for me, I'm saving them for my son... And blaming the Michelle Branch song on him !


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