VB RnR and BIH Training Weekly Wrap #4 and Runfessions

Good morning dear Internet Friends! how is everybody doing today? Last week was great here, busy, hot and full of fun.

Monday - 2 easy miles
Tuesday - 1 sucky Zumba class and 400 meter sprints x 10.
Wednesday - 5 Easy miles
Saturday - 5 mile bike ride
Sunday - 9 miles long run

I'm double dipping on Link ups today again, because I missed last week Runfessions, and still have things that I need to get off my chest. So today I'm linking up with Holly and Tricia for their Weekly Wrap post and with Marcia for the June Runfessions. 

Monday- I was up bright and early for a quick 2 miler around my hood. I enjoy the feeling of running so early in the morning, it's just so hard to get up at 5:30 am.

There is an Alien coming to my house... oh wait, no it's just me stretching ....
After coming back from work and picking up the Love Nugget, he wanted to play soccer outside. It was blazing hot, but we headed out anyway. I couldn't find my "walking sneakers" so I put on my trail running shoes. By the time we got back inside, my posterior shins were in pain. And I Runfess, that I ignored the pain and went on my way to eat dinner without stretching or icing it.

I went to Zumba, because at last count I had 20 Zumba days at Art In Motion Fitness before they close. I had no idea who would be doing it, but I forced myself to go, because it was too hot to run.

I Runfess (or ZumbaFess?) that I hated it. The instructor was a person I've never seen before. I'm really sorry for my next words, I'm a jerk, and some days I hate myself for thinking this, but the instructor was not in shape, and couldn't dance, and I just don't like to take fitness classes from somebody who is less fit than me... which says a lot... because I don't consider myself super sporty or super fit. But she was doing some really weird moves, and kept doing the whoop whoop screams that some zumba instructors feel they absolutely must do, but come off as annoying and needy. Her music was great, but it was really quiet, I could hear my feet hitting the floor, and I hate that. It's like being in a car singing at the top of your lungs to quiet music, what's the point! I wanted to cry and I wanted to walk out, but I stayed because I didn't want to be a total bumbyHole! So, here it is. I will never go back to Zumba on Tuesdays at Art In Motion, therefore reducing my Zumbat at AIMF to 15 sessions left. ME SAD.

After that I headed out for some much needed loud music and heart pumping activity. ... Sprints.... It was HOT! and I was very sweaty.


On Wednesday Zumba with Denise was so much better than whatever zumba I had done the night before.

I met Roger for 5 easy miles and at Mile 3.5, we ran into a car accident. Last week the Tuesdays On The Run link up had people talking about the Strangest things found in a run, and before Wednesday, the strangest thing for me was a dog on a stroller, but now I can say the strangest thing is a car accident... fresh car accident.

We ran towards Holy Spirit Hospital, and right as I was about to turn around, I saw a car stuck around trees. I thought it was a car parked there, but the trees around looked crushed. I ran back and got Roger, because he had my phone.

Other cars had pulled up, as we were dialing 911. A man at the scene said that the driver stopped when he ran over a road sign, and that he was next to him, trying to get him out of the car, when he flew off and crashed into the trees.

Roger Checking on the driver.

The Driver was safe, no injuries. But Roger said that he was likely very drunk. That added lots of excitement to the day!

By the time we got home, my posterior shins were very tight, and it was hurting when I walked. This time I didn't ignore it. I iced it, rolled it and marked with a A (for Ana) and put it a compression sleeve for recovery...

Friday we headed to our 2nd Friday Summer Road trip . We went to Children's Lake in Boiling Springs PA. It was so beautiful and relaxing! We walked part of the Appalachian Trail, fed the ducks, and the swans. We also bumped into a group of hikers that were doing a hike through the AT. They were from California, and were hiking for 2 more weeks!

Children's Lake
Entrance to The AT by Yellow Breeches creek

We also went to The Carlisle Army War College Museum.

Saturday we headed to Pine  Grove Furnace and did a family bike ride, which ended up being 5.3 miles. I was so proud of my Love Nugget for sticking with the biking, even thought he got tired and walked most of the last mile. He has outgrown his bike already, and we only got it last year.

Safely parked selfie... don't bike and Selfie!

Sunday, later in the afternoon we headed to Camp Hill for our long run. It was very hot, again, but we were not going to put it off. We ran and were drenched in sweat 1 mile in. I Runfess that I wanted to go home and take a nap instead of running in the heat!

By the Creek at mile 8

Last week I was complaining that people often ask me how to lose 10 Pounds quick, and I finally have an answer for them! How to Lose 10 Pounds QUICK ! Vote to leave the European Union, and you might lose more than 10 Pounds! .... (Crickets chirping .....) .....Too soon?

Totals :
Miles - 19
Zumba - 1.5 ( I can't possibly count Tuesday for a whole Zumba )
Weights- 0 :~(
Injuries - Posterior Shin Splints  


  1. Especially when it comes to a workout like Zumba or Yoga, I like my instructor to be able to do the moves perfectly! That's the entire point of them being the instructor! I don't always mind if they're not perfectly fit or have muscles of steel, but if they can't do the moves, how am I supposed to?!

    1. Ali, you make an excellent point! If they can't do the moves, how am I to lean ? You said it perfectly !

  2. I wish your shins a speedy recovery! That is terrible about the Zumba instructor that was less fit than you. I agree on the weird whoop whoop screams - nobody needs those. I'm glad Zumba the next day with Denise was much better. That car accident looks really scary! It's a good thing folks were there to help out! LOL at the losing 10 pounds quick joke, that is hilarious!

    1. Thank you Emily! My shins hurt a bit yesterday, but feeling much better today.

      Do your Zumba instructors do the whoop whoops ? A lot of whoopwhoopers here in Pa.

  3. I have not taken Zumba for a few years now, but they were all woooop woopers lol Some folks were a lot harder to follow than others. As soon I would get the routine going really good, the instructors would move or change schedules!
    You creek area and run path looked really pretty. I would love to hike the AT, but I hate to sleep in the woods lol If i ever get to retire, that will be something i try to do and plan sections, so I can get to cabins or hotels, just one of those bucket lists things.
    keep those compression socks on :) Hopefully you will loosened up this week!

    1. Thank you Karen! The AT has so many beautiful trails here in pa. We do sections at a time, because we can't stand the idea of overnight camping either.

      Have you done sections of the At?

  4. When I took Zumba, I only liked taking from one specific instructor because in my opinion, she was the absolute best that was able to challenge me! I would never, ever go to an instructor other than her. There, that is ME being a jerk!!! :)

    I have been such a homebody lately I feel like I have wasted my last two weeks of summer. I need to take a page from your book and go out and do stuff!

    I hope your shins feel better soon!

    1. Megan, I feel like I need to challenge your Zumba instructor with my Zumba instructor. Denise and Susan are pretty kick butt !!

      Have you done any local hiking yet? Are you going to swatata state park this summer ? We keep
      Saying we want to go back.

  5. Wow, its crazy that you saw that car accident on your run!
    I hope your shins feel better quickly!

    1. Thank you Lisa!

      It was all sorts of scary! I think we missed the car by seconds, because we normally turn around right where the crash happened.

  6. Scary about that accident! That guy is lucky he didn't hit anyone. One time I was out for a run and found a cyclist lying in the road, a victim of a hit and run. Turns out the driver of the car was our newspaper delivery man (a maniac). Luckily, the cyclist was just full of road rash, no broken bones. That really shook me up!

    1. Wendy, oh no ! That sound terrifying!! I bet that was really scary.

  7. I haven't taken a Zumba class for a couple of years now, but I remember the classes being really intense. I'd always leave class quite sweaty. But at least they're a lot of fun and don't always feel like a "workout."

    1. Kathryn, That is my favorite thing about Zumba, it's a giant party!

  8. I have never taken a Zumba class so know nothing about this fake "whoop whooping". Sounds freaky. I'm glad the driver didn't hit anyone. That's so scary. I bet hiking on the Appalachian Trail is a wonderful and beautiful experience. Maybe one day. Thanks for linking with us Ana!

  9. Too bad about the Zumba class. I'd struggle (or want to walk out) with an instructor like that as well. What a scary accident. I've witnessed 2 in the past 3 weeks and I'm praying they aren't going to happen in 3's.

  10. Hey double dipping is great! You did need to get some things off your chest. I know you feel better and I think we've been in that place before with the instructor/class. Maybe they'll get a different teacher...
    Oh man you did have excitement on your run. So glad everyone was ok. If he was drunk... shame on him!


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