The day before the Hershey 10K

Late post- written Friday 410.15., edited and posted Monday 4.13.15
The day before the run

The day is almost here! All the preparation, including the food, the runs, the mental notes… all for tomorrow. I signed up for the 10K on February, I decided I was doing the run in January. All came from a conversation I had with my ex-husband two years ago. He told me that there was a run that went through Hershey Park, and the time I was intrigued, but didn’t research it. Last year I remembered and looked d it up and it had passed. Early this year, with the resolution to do more runs, I found the Hershey run, and got a little scared at finding out it was a 10K. I did several 5Ks last year, so I thought I was ready for a 10K.
Training started in January, small short runs, 1 mile, then 1.5. Worked to 2 miles, then after I registered, I went full on training, increasing my mileage each week. My best run was 5.75 miles, and I felt good after it. My last run was 5.15, and it was a hard run. I had run a 5K the day before, and driven back from Rehoboth beach, I was tired and my shins were tired and sore.

I haven’t run since, thinking that my legs needed all the rest they could use before the big run. And now I’m afraid that my shin will be in too much pain to run a good race on Saturday. Scared, is the one word that comes to mind when thinking of the Hershey 10K,
I also decided that my eating would have to change, this was no 3.1 mile runs anymore, this was over 5 miles in one day. Last year I gave up coke, which at the time was a very big event for me, but I have managed to cut most of it from my diet.
I know my body can be described as skinny by most standards, but I love food! my favorite food has been burgers since I was young, love bread, donuts, and rice! I once proposed marriage to a baker who gave me a loaf of bread. For this run, I gave up burgers and donuts, knowing that those were heavy foods, that were full of fats and sugars.
So, off to pick up my bib and shirt, hoping the shirt will be something I can wear!