Weekly Wrap 12.25.16

Hello! how are you? I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are still off from work today!

Last week was super busy, so busy, that it felt like 2 weeks! Here is a brief view at it

Work outs
Tuesday : Cardio Funk at the Y
Wednesday : Zumba at the Y and 3 treadmill miles
Thursday: 3 tempo miles
Saturday: 4 miles

I tried the Cardio Funk class at the YMCA for the first time on Tuesday. The instructor was a great and very energetic dancer, I liked her a lot! She started the class saying that Cardio Funk was harder than zumba... yeah... no, it wasn't. If Art In Motion Fitness was around, I would tell her to go a Wicked Wednesday with Denise... that was a work out! After that, I went to Target and forgot where I parked my car! I walked around the parking lot for 15 minutes before finding it!

Wednesday at the office, we had our Holiday lunch! All the food was delicious, and I enjoyed obscene amounts of cookies!

On Friday We went to visit Longwood, for our annual family holiday visit. We had a fantastic time looking at the lights, the dancing fountain and the plants.

On the bus ride back to the parking lot, the entire bus started singing Christmas songs ! My son loved the experience and wanted to keep singing on the drive home.

On Christmas Eve, before we got started on making tamales, my brother and I did a 4 mile run. We had a great conversation and the time and distance melted in front of us.

Running by my old High School Cafeteria
We had amazing food, celebrated my sister's birthday and opened up all the Christmas presents!

This week is going to be busy too, I'm at the office today, but out the next two days and back for a few hours on Friday. I'm excited for the short break!

How was your Christmas?
How were the cookies?
How was your Holiday office parties?


  1. Christmas was SOOOO BUSY this year, and it's still going. We have one more family gathering to go to this afternoon and then it's finally all done. I AM EXHAUSTED. But, thankful too. It's probably the most peaceful Christmas we've had in years and that sure counts for a whole lot. I'm glad you had a great Christmas, Ana!

    1. Stay strong !! You are almost there !! Thank you ! It was a great one !

  2. Mmmm tamales! Sign me up for one!

    I had such a great Christmas! It was quiet and full of family, just the way I like it! :)

    I hope the hours pass by quickly for you today at the office!

    1. I just ate the last of my tamales yesterday !! They were amazing !

      I'm glad you had an awesome Christmas !!

  3. That's nice that you were able to have a Christmas eve run with your brother :) It sounds like good catch up time.

  4. The bus errupting into Christmas carols sounds magical! Longwood is the one thing on our Christmas bucket list we didn't do this year. Oh well, maybe next year! I'm glad you have a short work week!

    1. It was purely magical!!

      Longwood will be there next year! and it's also there all year long! you still have time to make it there.

  5. Christmas was awesome and we have had and still do have family in town until Sunday. I'm really ready to just get things back to normal and kick off 2017!


    1. Family in town is the best part of the holidays!!

  6. I am so impressed that you got some good workouts in even with the busy week! I'm glad you had a good holiday!

    1. Thank you Ali! I hope you had an awesome holiday season too!


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