Weekly Wrap 12.11.16

Good Morning,

how are you today? I hope you had an awesome week.

I was thinking of not doing a Weekly Wrap, because last week was both exhausting AND unproductive. Really, by Wednesday, I wanted to crawl in bed and stay there the rest of the week!

This week linking up with Holly and Tricia.

On Tuesday I had planned to meet my friend Melissa at a Cardio Funk at the Y, I had promised her a while back that I would be joining her there, but many other things kept getting on the way. But on my way there after work, the rain slowed down everybody and traffic was madness. I didn't make it to the class! I was mad. I did weights at home instead.

On Wednesday, I was meeting Roger for hill training, I even left work early, then this happened...

This was my second blown tire in a month! I was already having a bad day, when I found out that my sister's and Mom's Christmas presents had been sent to the wrong address, and the flat tire sent me in a downward spiral of misery. After changing the tire, and driving it to the mechanic, I went home and we had margaritas. Roger made us some delicious blackberry margaritas, he is an excellent drink mixer.

When so many annoying things are happening to me, I start to wonder what am I doing to others? part of me knows that is not how life works, but other part of be believes that bad things happen to those who are awful to others. So I started to be extra nice to others around me.

On Thursday, we were on our way to pick up sandwiches for dinner, and saw that Santa was out meeting kids in the neighborhood! So we got out for a picture.

On Friday, I helped out at my son's Holiday shop and helped kids put their family gifts in shinny bags. It was great!


On Saturday, we stayed at my parents and helped decorating the Christmas tree. I was so tired of being cooped up inside, and started to feel really angry at everything. So, before going to bed, I mapped out a quick short 5 mile run around my parents and lay my clothes out to run early the next morning.

Sunday Morning, I was getting ready to head out, and my brother asked if he could come with me, but that he only wanted to do 3 miles. I agreed and we went running. I felt so much better after the short run!! All the stress of the week, the blow tire, the shipping mistakes, the stress all felt more bearable after the run.

By the way, My entire family says that if I shaved my head, I would look like this brother. He is a twin, but Sister #3 says that I look more like him than his twin. He sent me a Snapchat of him with the "Red Ridding hood" filter, and he looks like me!

My brother... looking like me.

One last story... my Ex husbands Girlfriend gave my son an Elf, looks like a toy Elf. I was annoyed, but didn't think more of it after Thursday. My son left the Elf at our house, so it wouldn't get left behind at my parents. When we got back on Sunday, the elf was not in the place we had left it on Thursday. We looked for it everywhere, and finally found it behind the couch. Roger has no idea how it got there, he didn't move it or touch it the whole weekend. We put the elf inside the book pack, and ate dinner. 30 minutes later, I grabbed the book pack and went to take my son to his Dad's. When we got to our meeting place, the elf was not inside the book pack! I was getting mad! I checked my car, nothing. Checked all our living room, nothing. Checked the steps, the kitchen, my son's bedroom... nothing. That elf has not been seen since last night around 6:30pm.

At this point, my only hope is that the elf IS inside the book pack, but between the darkness, the cold and the anxiety of not finding the elf in the first try, I missed him. There is no other explanation. I am also scared that the elf is possessed and is at this very moment strangling Roger at his desk. Let me go text him to make sure he is alive.

How was your week?
Where do you think that Possessed Elf is?
Do I need to offer to buy a replacement?
Or, can I just ignored that the whole thing happened and deny the existence of the Elf?
Do you thin my brother looks like me?
Did you go visit Santa Yet?
Did you wrap your gifts ?


  1. I hate weeks like that! I went through a tire thing a few months ago, it gets old. I hate coming out to a flat.
    haha, that is what they always say that karma "pays" you back, but i am not sure I buy into that. I don't really mess with anyone and bad stuff happens more than it should, maybe I don't need to be so nice now that I think about it lol I sure hope this week goes a bit smoother for ya :)
    Your brother could be your twin.

    1. Tire problems are exhausting! I didn't realize it was low, until about 2 miles from work!

      I think I wish for somebody to have a flat tire, so that's what I get for wishing bad to others. I typically do not wish bad to others, because I do believe it comes back. So, that's what I get.

  2. Hmm, I think maybe Roger is playing some holiday tricks on you with this whole Elf thing..lol.

    I know the little annoyances of this week seem stressful but in the large scheme of things a blown tire and shipping a gift to the wrong place is not the end of the world. Really there are worse things that could happen. I know little things like that are enough to set anyone off during the holidays but just keep your head held high and say "nothings gonna bother me this week cus I have my health, a home, and a great family (and friends) :). I find solace in little things like that so the annoying things don't seem so bad...lol. I hope you have. A better week. Oh, and you are so lucky to have many brothers and sisters! What a blessing!

    1. I seriously did ask him flat out if he hid the Elf! he can be tricky, he said he didn't. I have to believe him.

      Thank you Meranda! I needed to hear that!

  3. I definitely think you & your brother look alike. You could really test the theory by using one of those face swap filters or whatever. I think they're on Snapchat? My brother & I are the same. And when I chopped all my hair off a few years back the resemblance was UNCANNY. Except when we go out to each & people assume we're dating or married, which is weird.

    I would not say a damn word about the possessed Elf & if you're asked about it, DENY. Or just say it's hiding around the house somewhere. MOSTLY true. Just not sure where.

    1. We did a face swap and we were eerily similar! Again, he looks more like me than to his twin!

      I love your idea! I'm going to give up looking for it and say it was in the bag last I saw it and that's that.

  4. Omg, I have no doubt if Andrew's ex ever gave us an elf, she'd have it rigged to murder us all in our sleep.

    You and your bro are totally twinners! I love how positive you are when things go to hell in a handbasket. And blackberry margaritas? YES PLEASE. Blackberries are my favourite food!

    1. I was sure it had a secret microphone or something that would communicate what we were doing back to them... I am suspicions to that level.

      If you mean that I Tell myself to go home and have margaritas, then yes! I'm positive I will be having margaritas!

  5. LOL the elf story is so creepy! I hope you find it. Dolls and elves... creepy. Sorry your week started off stressful. :( I have *never* had a flat tire and I really hope I never do!

    1. I hope you never have a flat! it is very annoying!

      We are not about the Creepy elves at my house, so it was annoying to have one force on us.

  6. Yes everything always feels much better after a run-have a great week

    1. Making a note of that! a run fixes a lot of things.

  7. I couldn't run yesterday but I XC skied in the fresh snow and that helped me a lot!

  8. I am so glad you changed your mind about doing a weekly wrap post, ya know we don't always have great weeks. Knowing that others struggle just makes you more personable to us instead of just an on the surface blog. But I do have to say blackberry margarita would make any bad week better right! I'm not sure about the bad things happen to those who arn't nice to others but adopting an extra nice attitude will only come back to you two folds I think! Wait, are yall twins ?

  9. LOL about the possessed elf. That made me laugh. The thing is kind of creepy.....

  10. My husband calls it "life balancing out". The blackberry margarita sounds very interesting. I bet it helped restore that balance. ;) Those elves look creepy to me. My kids were too old when they came on the scene. I'm not sure I could sleep in the house knowing one was lurking. LOL. Thanks for linking, Ana! PS...Yes, I can see the resemblance.


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