Weekly Wrap 12.18.16

Good Morning,

how are you today? How was your weekend? linking up with Holly and Tricia this week.

Work outs
Monday - 3 mile Fartleck
Thursday - 3 mile frozen run and zumba
Friday- Hill training repeats, 3 miles
Sunday - 3 Treadmill miles

It was the week of the 3 miles.

Monday we ran in Camp Hill and ran into the Fire Department and Santa, we also got candy.

We also got pictures with the Christmas Tree and the moon.
Thursday I had the Ugly sweater run with the Fleet Feet Group. It was very cold, but lots of people showed up. The real feel temps that night were of 1°.

Fleet Feet Ugly Sweater Run. Picture from Fleet Feet Facebook page
On Saturday I finished wrapping most of the gifts, then the Grinches  (my brothers ) came over and stole them.... to take them to my parents. This will give us more space in the car for the drive down.
I have another long story for you... Sister #3 always gives everybody the same present, last year it was sunglasses, the year before it was scarves. So Sister #4 wants all of us to do this same ... and has assigned me books to gift everybody.  So Sunday, I went to the bookstore and picked up books.
5 books for gifts, and Craigy Ferg for me.

 We also donated a toy to Toys For Tots... Funny story.... I picked up a Barbie, hoping that my son will not want to keep it for himself to play, I don't oppose to my son playing with Barbie dolls, I do oppose my son wanting to have all the toys in the world. But He said that she was so pretty, that he wanted to add that Barbie to his Christmas list. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜’.

Work is going to be busy this week, but we have a holiday lunch to look forward to! and cookies to bake later this week.

How cold has your week been?
Did you donate to Toys for Tots?
Have you done an ugly sweater run?
How about an ugly sweater party?
Did you see Santa yet?


  1. Barbies FTW! We brought Callum to see Santa in early December. We bought him one of those little balance bikes for toddlers, so we've been brainwashing him to ask Santa for a bike for Christmas, but whenever anyone asks him what he wants, he always answers with "two trains." So now I guess I have to pick up a couple of cheap train toys from the dollar store or something. LOL. Damn kids.

    1. Ja ja !! Kids !! Mine wants an electric car, and a Nintendo thing... Both over $200!

      Does Callum love Thomas right now? My son was all about Thomas at his age.

  2. I can't believe you ran Thursday night. I think it was even colder at night than it was in the morning! You are dedicated. :)

    Who gets Anne Frank? This past weekend I clicked on an article about Anne Frank and it made me want to reread the book. Then I went online to see pics and video from the secret annex. And then I read details about her and Margot's death at the work camp and I dissolved into ugly crying. :(

    1. I wouldn't call myself dedicated... I would call myself bored ! Once we started running, it didn't feel too bad. Going inside felt awful !! It was like jumping into a pot of boiling water!

      I'm giving the book to my brother, you can borrow it on the meantime... They won't get around to it for a while.

      I was ugly crying when I read the nightingale !!

  3. Omg too cute about your son wanting to keep Barbi cus she's pretty!

    I hope your sisters don't read your blog or now they just ruin their surprise gift. I have like 25 of those Anne Frank books, I could have given you one..lol. I use to teach a unit on Anne Frank and it was my absolute favorite!

    Your ugly sweater run sounds fun!

    I also take gifts over to my parents house earlier in the week so I don't have so much to lug around on Christmas morning!

    1. I can't blame him, I loved playing with Barbies when I was little!!

      My sisters don't read my blog, one thinks it's weird I have one and doesn't read it. The others don't have time.

      Man! Really? I found it at the used bookstore, and thought "When else will I find this book for this price?" I ended up putting down another book I wanted to buy to get this one!

      Good idea on taking stuff to your parents!

  4. Ha,that's adorable about your son wanting to keep barbie too :) And that's a cute idea of giving everyone a variation on the same thing.

    1. My sister is the master of giving everybody the same thing! I can never nail it the way she does!

  5. Oh those sister gifts...my youngest sister gets these ideas and gives everyone the same thing. She used to give me and my other sister the exact same gift for years.... Last year it was t-shirts for all the teens. They were really bad... needless to say, she's giving gift cards this year.

  6. I like your all-3-milers week. Giving the same gift makes for much easier shopping, I guess. Maybe I should institute that rule too as I don't like shopping! We're having ugly sweater day all week at work. Merry Christmas Ana and thanks for linking!


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