If I Went to Prison

Hello there! How are you today? how is your day going? Today, from the blogger who brought you the post Don't Check the Trunk- things I would be Embarrassed to have somebody find in my stuff, if I was ever investigated for a crime. Well, today I have a What would I miss about my comfy life, if I ever went to Prison.

I recently read Orange Is The New Black, a book about a Piper Kerman's year in prison. There is a TV show, but I haven't watched it and right now, I have no plans to watch it. However, this book got me thinking about what things I would miss if I went to prison, other than, of course, my freedom.

1. I would miss my whole family, but more than anybody I would miss my son. He is my life, he gives me energy to live and motivation to do many, many things I don't want to. I would miss talking to him, holding him, playing with him, even fighting with him.

2. Food- this is another reason why I wouldn't survive more than 2 hours at the Hunger Games, I'm a picky eater. According to OITNB, the food was bland, and fatty. The most they had for veggies was bagged stale salad. I really would lose my mind if I had to miss out on tacos.

3. Coffee- According to OITNB book, the coffee they had available was instant coffee. I would very much miss my fresh brewed coffee in the morning, and my mango black tea lemonade in the afternoon. I'm spoiled, this fact is very well known to me.

4. Comfy Clothes- Ok, I'm going to start with orange does nothing for my complexion, and lose baggy clothes make me feel bad about myself. I'm most comfy in my black work pants and black shirt, and on non work days, I am most comfy on running leggings or capris.

I am reading a strange book that I'm finding very interesting, but don't worry, I won't ask you if you would ever want to come back after death and help your family and loved ones defeat an army of crazy gods.... unless the book gets more interesting.

What would you miss if you ever had to go to Prison?
What book have you read that left you wondering strange things?
How much coffee do you have each day?


  1. I would love to read this book! I watched the show and got hooked, and I've heard great things about the book.

    1. It is a great book, according to the interview the show is loosely based on it. The book was excellent!

  2. My brother spent many years in prison so I have actually thought about this a lot! I would miss my cats SO MUCH. And I would worry that something would happen to them before I got out to see them again. It seriously makes me cry to think about it.

    I read Piper's book. Terry Gross interviewed her on Fresh Air in case you ever want to look that up!

    1. I forgot that about your brother, and I respect you even more to know you went through that, and came out as healthy as you are right now. That's not easy. You haven't been dealt easy cards, and yet you still have a perspective on life that inspires me. Inspires a lot of people, no doubt. You're kind of amazing, Meg. I know you know that, because you're strong and healthy but just in case you felt like you might waver for a second, let me get you. xo

    2. Well dang suzy you are such a good friend. Tank you for that. :)

    3. Oh my god Megan! I didn't know! but I agree with Suzy! I respect that, and your strength! Did you visit him? That must have been difficult for you and your family.

      2 of my uncles have gone to jail, and we used to visit one of them... in Camp Hill. My dad used to hate getting his calls. They had a weird relationship.

      I did listen to the Fresh Air interview, the original and right before I did this post.

    4. Yes I did go visit him a lot! Send him books and printed out my blog to read. ;) He knows more about me than he wants to! He came home (for good I hope!) this past May.

  3. Aaaaaand I think I just fell in love with you. I LOVE THIS POST. What would I miss if I ever went to prison? Well, that's tough. Because I love routine, and prison sex would be so exciting. I don't care a whole lot about food, and I'd welcome the break from all of my family drama. But, I have to say, I'd miss human connection. Touch. Contact. I'd miss the familiarity of Andrew's fingers on my leg as he passes me in the kitchen. I'd miss the way Katie digs her fingers into the back of my neck when she hugs me. I'd miss Callum's morning breath, brought on only by my neglect (he still drinks bottles and I'm terrible at taking care of his teeth). I'd miss the girl at Starbucks who knows how to spell my name with a "y" instead of an "ie." I'd miss me, the way I am here, in freedom, because it took so long to grow me, and I don't want to go backwards.

    1. Aw! thanks! I was starting to think this was a super weird thing to write about, but I would rather imagine crazy post, than something forced.

      You offer a very interesting perspective, I didn't even think about routine or family drama.

      I was surprised to read that in prison, the are not allowed to have physical contact! how crazy is that!

      I think you should have written this post, it's much more eloquent than my post! Thank you for that!

  4. OMG ...food and coffee, yes.

    I would miss sleeping in and making my own schedule.

    I wouldn't mind not having to work or have real responsibilities.


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