I'm The Weird One

This post has been spinning around in my head for a while... typically when people start statements with "I'm the type of person that", it makes me think that is the type of person who they want to be, but are not. For example, a dear friend of mine says things like "I'm the type of person who is very private about my personal life... but I'm going to share this with you... " and by the end of the day, that private moment he shared with me is common knowledge for everybody at the office.

Well, I'm the type of person who wants to be normal, but then I find myself itching to get out of the high heel shoes and the pretty dress and walk around barefoot on the sidewalk.... which I do not recommend you do in NYC, those sidewalks are filthy... or Atlantic City NJ.

I'm the weird one who plans and schedules everything in my spontenous family, the weird one who wears black every day at work, the weird one who carries a bottle inside a hydration pack, because the drinking tube tastes disgusting to me, the weird one who buys girls shorts at at Walmart, and refuses to pay more than $35 for a pair of sneakers, I'm the weird one of my family who doesn't talk much or has many friends....

And I have gotten used to being the weird one, I stopped trying to force myself to be normal, it got to be too much work. I embrace it and love my weirdness.

I have stopped announcing my weirdness, there is no need to apologize for the person I am. Instead of saying "Yes, I'm weird because I wear black all the the time", my statement will be "I wear black because it makes my heart happy", nobody can argue with what makes your heart happy.

Oh well, I'm too tired to think much further on what a normal would be like for me, and right now my mom is telling me to stop being weird and get some sleep.

Go out there and embrace the weird, or the normal, whichever makes your heart happy!

Tell me one thing you do that you think it's weird!

how about a "normal" thing you do?

both are relative, but I love to see different perspectives.


  1. Oh, I'm totally weird! But as I get older, I'm becoming more and more comfy with it. And ALSO as I get older, I notice more and more people who are weird too, even if it's not immediately and outwardly obvious. People who everyone think are normal will admit things to me that are super weird because they know I'll accept them no matter what, which is an honour for me, and also helps me feel more comfy with who I am because I know that there really is no normal.

  2. That's one of the great things I've gotten comfortable with as I've gotten older. I don't care anymore about trying to be who I think I should be or who other people think I should be and I'm just happy embracing myself :)

  3. Everyone is weird in their own way which actually doesn't make any of us weird at all (unless of course you really do have a weird fetish). But really, I think it's all what makes each of us unique.

  4. I agree with Meranda, we are all weird in our own unique ways! Hmmm I thought it was weird how much I liked true crime, but then I went to CrimeCon and realized there are a lot of people like me! Okay, one weird thing I do is I count pages between my fingers when I read. It's really hard to explain but I will show you next time we're together!


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